Monday, February 27, 2006

MultiCul populations field MultiCul candidates?

In the major four cities of The Netherlands which are all demographically close to 50 percent non-white population the established political parties are all trying to field strong non-white candidates. Also a host of new small ethnic and multicultural parties have sprung up. The try to become a force in local politics following the lead of the Fortuynist path perhaps.

Yesterday city hall The Hague had a conference where the candidates and the new parties presented themselves. The ethnic candidates tried to sell themselves to their public. However the event was solely attended by those professionally interested in politics. The ethnics were all ..... shopping in the main shopping areas.

A thought: perhaps this illustrates the motivation of the immigrants to come here. In order to improve themselves materially. Not in order to contribute to society. Or perhaps the political ideology and system do not agree with them?

Dutch Loony Tunes around Cartoons

In all the commotion around the cartoons in the Netherlands there has been some debate around the right to offend. Suprisingly the discussion hardly ever went so far as to take into account what the results of discarding the right to offend would entail.

Muslims and people of the Christian tradition pointed out that offending points of view should not be voiced publicly because it was unneccesary, disrespectful of other people's views and it could be harmful to relations between different groups. In these cases self-censorship was the way to go, if forbidding it by law was impossible.

First, let me state that self-censorship does not really exist. It's like positive discrimination. Positive discrimination is discriminating negatively at the same time, it just refers to the other group. You cannot do one without the other. 'Self-censorship' only exists if one feels one should not anger others because of the repurcusions it might have. If I wanted to mock someone publicly, but I don't, it's probably because of fear of what might happen if I do. Otherwise, what is the point of restraining myself?
I do not generally discredit muslims, christians, people with red hair or women who wear leggings. Why is that? Because I fear the wrath of muslims, christians, redheads or women who ... ? Or is it because I feel a muslim or a christian or a redhead or ... is no less a human than I am?
If I feel the need to make a point I make it. That is it. Self-censorship cannot be self-induced.

In all the discussions I followed in the press and on TV, everytime people like Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Geert Wilders and journalists with guts were asked why they felt the need to defend the right to offend they were attacked as being without morals, claimed 'unsocial' and far worse. The accusers as so often claimed the moral highground which of course is the end of any discussion. What amazed me was that nobody explained that defending the right to offend is not the same as calling for people to offend.

Futhermore, defenders of free speech failed to point out that if you lose the ability to offend, freedom of speech is lost right then and there. It's not some gradual slope, with a bit less freedom of speech if you're not allowed to offend. I'm not saying this will feel so for everyone. Everybody who has similar opinions as the current general public, will not feel any loss of freedom at all. But people on either side of spectrum will. Freedom of speech does not exist if it is not for all. You should never add Marcus Bakker's qualifications to it: all is all there is to it.

The stupid thing about offending is that there is no working definition for a judge to ascertain how to rule. To be offended is in the eye of the beholder. It's not something someone else, not even a judge, can assess (1). As such this should not ever be something which one could be sentenced for. If I become a muslim tomorrow, then from tomorrow onwards I could hold what someone says about Muhammed as an offence, although until today I wouldn't be offended. This makes it a neat trick for anyone to use it for their own purposes. If a rule of law becomes a stick to hit someone, instead of protecting them, you know something is amiss.

Outlawing the possibility to offend others is ridiculous and leads us to madness.

  1. There is a difference with slander. If I discredit someone, this can be shown, for example if I say someone is a pedofile, but there is no proof of such, and it results in people taking matters in one's own hands.
  2. Something else: Last friday a dutch entrepeneur launched a website where he sells T-shirts with one of the Muhammed cartoons on it, with the text: "I hate violence". Strange enough the website is unavailable for hours now, giving an server error that the page is forbidden. Is it censored?

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Violence in Amsterdam during cartoon demonstration

This afternoon at 13:00 hours there was a demonstration (Dutch) to support Freedom of Speech (FOS) in Denmark and in general. The demonstration was a reaction to the violent demonstration by Muslims 2 weeks ago. There were several dozen demonstrators. In reaction several extreme Leftist Antifascists turned up for a counter-demonstration. There were fights between FOS demonstrators and anti-fascists. The police arrested one person. Several of the demonstrators who got into the fight wore White Power collars.

The FOS-demonstrators had permission for their demonstration, the anti-fascists not. Winston Churchill has said in 1946 that Fascism, when it comes back will call itself anti-fascism. Breaking-up opponent's political meetings is a method used by the German National Socialists to intimidate their opponents. Nobody disturbed the violent demonstration of the anti-cartoon Muslims. Not the police. Not the anti-fascists. But the peaceful FOS demonstration WAS disturbed.

So who are the ones using fascist methods here?

Snouck's media watch: blatant anti Fortuynist slant of Dutch newspaper

Today an article in the major Dutch newspaper "De Volkskrant". The example is from Rotterdam, where Liveable Rotterdam has organisational strength, a presense in the coalition running the city and a strong local candidate: Marko Pastors, a pupil of Pim Fortuyn. The headline says: "Rotterdammers not very fond of Marko Pastors". Okay. That is bad news. Rotterdam is one of the very few hopes for the Fortuynist movement. Marko Pastors is a strong candidate, who has shown to be a good and innovative administrator, one also with well-considered opinions on Islam and not afraid to voice those opinions.

The article shows the results of polls: Marko Pastors is VERY popular amongst voters on his own party and other right wing voters. He is not popular and not trusted by 80 percent of Left wing voters though. Well, there is a surprise. What is the thinking here? Are leftist voters the only one's who count?

There is strong polarisation between Labour and Livable Rotterdam. All parties suffer from this polarisation apart from ..... Labour and Livable Rotterdam. Wait a minute. Labour has been running Rotterdam since time immemorial. Liveable Rotterdam is just a 5 years old. And Livable Rotterdam is now cornering all the other parties in Rotterdam, apart from Labour, whose voters deserted to Liveable Rotterdam on a massive scale in 2002. So Livable Rotterdam is holding on to the voters who went over in 2002 and now also making inroads on the Right flank of the electorate. Great news.

The article goes on. It turns out that Rotterdam voters are very hostile to the building of mosques (62 percent) and strongly in favour to sending back Black criminals to the Dutch Caribbean (80 percent). These are typical Liveable Rotterdam issues! The majority of Leftist voters also support these points!

The article says that with this electoral position, Marko Pastors has an fantastic springboard to National politics. What? But the headline said that Rotterdammers are NOT fond of Marko Pastors. Now they conclude the opposite and say it is a great springboard.

Now people who are just scanning the headlines would never know that. I wonder why those journalists (Philip van Praag, Hans Wansink) wrote a headline which is blatantly contradicting the body of their article.

They would not have an agenda, would they?

Turkey bows for Denmark

Turkey is jeopardising its chances to become an EU-member by demanding an apology from the Danish goverment over the publication of the Moh-toons in Jyllands-posten. Namik Tan, official spokesman of Abdullah Gül, foreign minister of Turkey demanded an apology from the Danes.

"The spokesman of the Liberal ruling party, Jens Rohde, condemns the statement, saying that this will only make it more difficult for Turkey to act as a mediator and it will not be helpful if they want to be accepted into the EU.

"The Danish government can under no circumstances apologize for the actions of a private newspaper," Jens Rohde is quoted as saying to Ritzau.

"This doesn’t exactly make them more qualified to be mediators - nor does it help them qualify to be members of the EU, to be frank," Jens Rohde says of the Turkish statement."

The Turks are now denying (Turkish) that they asked for an apology.

This makes something obvious. Turkey is run by the Prosperity Party, the most religious party in power in the history of the Kemalist republic. This government came to power in 2002. If this very religious party does not demand apologies for the cartoons, for fear of losing something then the status of the Mohammed Cartoons in Islam is less offending than many Muslims spokesmen have insisted it is. It also shows that standing up to Muslims make pays.

Why do the Danes stand up to the Muslims and other goverments do not? An important factor is the very strict and limiting Danish immigration policy. Fewer Muslims are entering Denmark. So standing up to the Muslims is less of a risk for Rasmussen than for Blair whose country is still being flooded by Muslim immigrants. So it shows, that just strongly limiting immigration, increases the political freedom of Western peoples.

Between a rock and a hard place

Those who oppose Islam's apperant assault often uncritically embrace Western values and practises. But why is a religion from a failing demographic group, 1.3 billion strong able to pose such a challenge? Should we not look at the questionable ideological background of of a part of the West, both on the Left and the Right and see that our culture has incorporated some serious flaws, blinding us and making us vunerable to enemies so weak as Islam?

Crushing Islam is not really the answer to our problems. We have to look at our beliefs and behaviour and sort them. Those memes that have not stood the test of time, must be discarded. There is no survival without increasing learning and increasing learning is increasing our suffering.

If you can afford it you might stay stupid though.....

Read the article.

Western Hotel

Many of the, supposedly Al-Queda linked, inmates at Guantanamo used to live in the UK and were acquintances of the 07-07 bombers. Many influential people in the West argue that the children such people have, should automatically have the citizenship of the country they are born in.

Basically such countries with such laws are hotels, not societies.

Friday, February 24, 2006

More "Hofstad" group suspects released by Amsterdam Court

The Amsterdam Court of Justice let another suspect in the "Hofstad" terror case (Dutch)go.

The Amsterdam Court of Justice is expected to speak out its verdicts on the suspects of the "Hofstad" terrorist cell, inspired and led by Mohammed Bouyeri, Theo van Gogh´s assassin. Half of the group of young Moroccan and assorted Middle Eastern men arrested in the course of the "Hofstad" anti-terror case have been let go by the Amsterdam Court, mostly because the time they would have to serve if convicted would be equal to the time they have spend in administrative detention thus far.

Zakaria T. is defended by Britta Boehler, a Leftist German laywer whose specialty is defending terrorist. She was the laywer and protector of Ocalan, the leader of the PKK, a Communist Kurdish terror group from Turkey. On her request the Court declared Zakaria T. free. He had been charged with a five year sentence. Officers of the Prosecution K. Plooy and A. van Dam also let Achmed H. go. Achmed H. was the group´s IT and communications expert.

Zakaria T. was arrested in November 2004, a few days after the murder of Theo van Gogh, during a terrorist sweep by the Dutch police, in which many people were rounded up and arrested razzia style.

The prosecution stated that Zakaria T. and Achmed H. are not part of the core of the group, but that they served as a intermediate facilitating layer of the terror cell.

Zakaria T. spent some time in a Pakistani trainings camp for Mujahedeen with "Hofstad group core member" Jason W. Jason W is the son of a Black US soldier and a Dutch mother.

Zakeria T. is born in The Netherlands, but has grown up in Morrocco. He told the Court that he is not a devout Muslim and no terrorist. "I disagree with Mohammed Bouyeri´s thoughts and I want to lead a normal life".

Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Bush Conspiracy

Charles Martel:
I hate conspiracy theories - but is not beyond the bounds of reason that Dubya is playing the "bring it on" card?

A terrorist attack via the ports would be a perfect excuse for Dubya to seriously ramp up the war on Islam , cough, ahem, i mean the war on "terror".

And if the attack can be traced back to the Iranians - well, there you have it.

Well, if that was the intention of Bush, I would think that he and his co-conspirators would want to be in control of the terrorist infiltration in order to keep an eye on it. If there is an terrorist attack on the USA and in the investigation it is found that it indeed came through an UAE-controlled port then Dubya will be blamed. MORE

Ripple of Fear

About 6 years ago I spoke to an Egyptian guy who was serving me in Falafel joint. He spoke English with me. I asked him were he came from and he said he had been living in Denmark for 7 years and before that in Egypt. He told me he moved from Denmark He said that the Danes were getting really hostile towards Middle Easterners and that he moved to The Netherlands to be in a more friendly and relaxed environment. I smiled a hooded smile and thought: “you will have to move to ANOTHER country in a few years” because it was already obvious to me that the Dutch were getting disenchanted with the presence of large amounts of non-westerners in The Netherlands, but that Government and the media were keeping it under the rug. Two years later we got the Fortuyn phenomenon upsetting the Multiculturalist applecart.

After Fortuyn made clear that large amounts of people were upset about the way things were moving in The Netherlands there were a lot of people hoping that things would return to the way it was before 2002. That is why Fortuyn was murdered. Some people think the problem is not that the presence of different nations in one political system that causes friction, but the people who voice the nationalist point of view. So muzzle them or kill them and the problem is gone. Premier Balkenende is representative of such people. Although he was a major beneficiary of the political upheaval caused by Pim Fortuyn he gives little indication that it would be a good idea to stop immigration of Non-Western people. Balkenende thinks that the problem will disappear if people will just be nice to each other and in order for that to happen, he tells people to be nice to each other a lot.

However, the presence of Non-Westerners is now so big that problems keep cropping up left and right. One shockwave has not subsided before another one forms on the horizon. As a result more and more Dutch people are becoming aware of the threat of Multiculturalism, usually in the form of a fear of Islam. Esther at "Islam in Europe" has given a number of posts of the widening rift between the Dutch and Muslims. Keeping track of the growing hostility and estrangement between both communities.

Today I read her post on the reaction of the Dutch public on the Danish cartoon crisis and I remembered that Egyptian and he wondered were he lives now. He seemed a genuinely nice fellow, a person who just wants to get on with life really.

Guy Fawke's Bill?

In the United Kingdom a new Bill is now before Parliament which will explosively undermine the traditional powers of the British Parliament to debate, approve or disapprove legislation prepared by the Cabinet in its function to create, change or annul laws governing British subjects and those under the souvereignity of the British Crown.

The Bill is called the: "Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill"

In the United Kingdom it is so that laws are not codified periodically as under the
Continental Napoleonic Codes (of Legislation). This means that all legislation that has been passed in the past is still in effect, if it can be found, that is. In order to get rid of superfluous Laws, Ministers of the Crown can draft Orders to amend or annull these laws. The Orders will then receive the full Parliamentary treatment of appreciation, debate, amendment and vote after which the new laws will supersede the old ones.

The new "Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill" will give Ministers of the Crown the option to disregard the full Parliamentary route to legislation, instead choosing to seek the consultation of those groups that the Minister deems representative of society affected by the legislation concerned, if Parliament affirms this. It will be at the discretion of the Minister to decide whether the law is merely a revision of existing Legislation or Regulation.

"(1) A Minister of the Crown may by order make provision for either or both of the following purposes
(a) reforming legislation;

(b) implementing recommendations of any one or more of the United Kingdom Commissions, with or without changes."

Blair and the Labour Party are running massive amounts of Legislation through the Legislative process. So much in fact that Parliament is seen as a bottleneck. In order to overcome the bottleneck a bypass must be created in order to get it all pushed through before the time of Blair and his band of Brothers is up. It is already bad that so many laws are created at all, indicative of the Utopian mindset of Blair and his supporters. The creation of a new process of Legislation to bypass Parliamentary checks and balances is extremism. It is extremism because it puts all power in the hands of a few people, who will be able to do their work without outside interference by a counterforce that balances their power.

Existing Legislation are not just laws that passed by proper Parliamentary approval, or very old laws that have been found agreeable with the fabric of British Life and Tradition. But also the rules and ordinances written and issued by the many regulatory bodies that have sprung up as a part of the State. These organisations issue rules that have general application for individuals and groups of people, bind them and therefore have the same working as Laws, although they are not so officially and have a lower status in Courts if they are found contravening proper legislation:

"(b)any Order in Council, order, rules, regulations, scheme, warrant, byelaw or other subordinate instrument made under a public general Act or local Act,"

But whether or not an Order, amending, annulling or scrapping Legislation can be passed without Parliamentary scrutiny is still in the power of Parliament. So Parliament retains the power to be bypassed or not. So it would seem there is no problem.

However, the framing of the "Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill" is a written admission by the Government that it is passing so much Legislation, that it is so activistic in its law making, that the capacity of Parliament falls short of ensuring that proposed legislation is properly vetted. If this capacity is then insufficient, due to the amount of Legislation pushed through the Parliamentary filter, how can Parliament then find the capacity to judge whether an Ministerial Order can indeed be rubber stamped for the Quick and Dirty bypass?

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Danish Imams expelled

It has not yet been confirmed, but there is some news from Denmark:

"The Muslim Imams who traveled around the Middle East spreading lies about Denmark are now risking being expelled from Denmark.

Several political parties have suggested that those of the Imams without Danish citizenship should be expelled."

Jews and Nazis

The Jewish community in France feels itself under assault. There have been attacks by North- and West-African youths againsts Jews and Jewish targets for quite a while in France. Right now there has been an abduction and torture killing of a young French Jew. The Jewish community demands protection. The government promises protection by the mouth of Vice-President Villepin, but every one knows that the French State has become spineless and impotent.

Meanwhile Austria further demolishes free speech by sentencing David Irving to three years in jail. Irving is a British historian and has sought to minimize both the mass killings, specifically of Jews, by the forces of the National-Socialist Police State as well the responsibility of the highest ranking officials of that State, such as Hitler and Himmler.

Meanwhile, in another part of the universe, the cartoon Jihad is still smoldering.

What else? Oh entertainment. To entertain us, the Turkish film industry has produced a film called ’Kurtlar Vadisi’ of "Valley of the Wolves". It is a big hit with the Turks both in the Motherland and amongst the Turkish diaspora in The Netherlands and Germany. The film is about US Special Forces barging into Turkey from Iraq, killing children at a Turkish wedding. Killing more Turks at a Turkish Special Forces Training Facility. Making of with the bodies of Turkish soldiers. One of the mates of the dissapeared Turkish commando goes on his own investigation in true Hollywood style and uncovers a plot run by a Jewish-American doctor, selling body parts collected by US troops in the Middle-East for cash.

Did I say this film is a big hit with Turks in Europe?

I will also venture that Samuel Huntington was more on target with "Clash of Civilisations" than Francis Fukuyama with "The end of History".

Guarding the gates

In the days of walled cities, the citizens of cities made sure that the guardians of the gates were the trustworthiests they could find. Not anymore. In a flippin’ fit of Multicultural mania SCOTUS, President Bush of the United States has decided to approve the sale of London based Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Co. to a United Arab Emirate state owned firm, Dubai Ports World. Peninsular manages the ports of New York, New Jersey, Baltimore, New Orleans, Miami and Philadelphia. And GWB stated that he would veto any bill Congress might approve to block the agreement. This raises the level of potential infiltration by the Islamic terrorists world by several levels at once.

Wise men and Chicks

This video proves it again, the wise men came from the East. And first they ask ALL the right questions. I am just not so sure about the answer though. Enjoy this 15 minute video. (Hat tip, Steve Sailer).

The Mexico - Yankee War

Laurence Auster writes an article on the war against the US waged by Mexico. Mexico exports its population northwards with an imperialistic goal. The US elites refuses to deal with the reality of the Mexican war on their nation, just as the European elite refuses to deal witht the reality of the Islamic invasion.

Writes Laurence Auster:
we must recognize that the Mexicans are not coming here merely as individuals seeking economic opportunities, but as a nation, expressing their national identity and collective will. Even more important, we must revive our own largely forgotten and forbidden sense that we ourselves are a nation, not just a bunch of consumers and bearers of individual rights, and have the right to defend our nation as a nation.
Because we Westerners are taught to view ourselves as consumers, we do not wake up when our collective right are damaged, because we do not understand the common weal or the res publica.

Read the whole article.

The long war for Aceh

In the late 19th century the Dutch started taking over the governments (Sultanates)of the Indonesian Archipelago, home to the biggest concentration of Muslims in the world. In the course of that take over the Dutch battled with the local Raden, the Indonesian noblemen. This proved to be easy. On the Westernmost part of Indonesia however, in the Sultanate of Aceh on the Island of Sumatera the resistance to Dutch rule actually intensified after the Dutch took over the Kraton, the seat of the Sultan and a Jihad was waged on the Dutch by the whole population of Aceh.

In a war that was to last for almost 30 years the Dutch finally found out what made Jihad tick and how to defeat it. This was done by Snouck Hurgronje, a scholar of Islam and General van Heutz. MORE

A cog in an ally's war machine

The first post on the World of Warre blog is about the attempts of the British Special Operations Executive in the Second World War to create a link with the fledgling resistance in occupied Europe, particularly with the Dutch resistance.

It is never a good idea to be a cog in your ally's war machine MORE

World of Warre

I decided to start a new blog on which to post war related items. The blog's name is World of Warre, after the olde English word for War.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Vice-Premier calls for tax revolt

Dutch Vice Premier Zalm called upon Dutch citizens in municipalities that raised the property tax to refuse to pay the tax.

Until about 15 years ago Dutch property taxes were very low, almost nominal. Municipalities were mostly funded by subsidies granted by the central government and by selling permits to businesses.

In the 1990ies this changed and municipalities more and more were expected to fund themselves. This caused them to increase property taxes. Because property taxes had always been very low and more or less the same in the whole country this means that Dutch tax payers are more and more starting to pay attention to their local taxes. Irregularities are becoming an issue.

Last week VP Zalm of the liberal-conservative VVD not only raised the issue, stating that in 62 Dutch municipalities the increases are bigger than permitted by the provincial government. It is off course already a bit strange that this is monitored by the provincial government, which is co-ordinated by the national bureaucracy.

The VP also indicated that tax payers living in municipalities affected by tax hikes should not pay the raised rates. This caused a bit of a stir. The VP, also Minister of Finance, was calling for local tax revolts.

It then turned out that Zalm had based himself on inaccurate data, had not thoroughly checked his facts and shot from the hip at the first opportunity in a televised news program. No doubt thinking of the local elections coming up early next month. It turned out that only a few municipalities had raised the property tax over the limit set by the national state. Zalm had to retract and apologize, which he did.

Interestingly the debate never questioned the rules. Why is the provincial and national government meddling in the affairs of the municipalities? Why do the municipalities raise the taxes?

Obviously, if one municipality has elections, and the voters want the local services raised, taxes have to be raised as well. For instance, Snouck’s party, a local party in a village, wants to improve the local swimming pool and the library. In order to finance the plans and balance the budget, the property tax will be raised by 10 percent. The local population is happy and votes for Snouck’s party. But once Snouck becomes the leader of the biggest municipal fraction it turns out that the plan cannot be executed, because the central government does not allow the property tax to be raised. What is the point of having a municipal council and elections if the way it will be run is narrowly prescribed and the municipality lives mostly from subsidies which are granted by the central government and funnelled to the municipality through a provincial authority? Is the whole set-up even supposed to be transparent? Or is it designed to take as much power and influence from democratically elected officials and to give it to a combination of the political parties in cahoots with the bureaucratic grey eminences whispering from the corridors of power?

The political system has been set-up in such a way that only people who are willing to invest a significant part of their lives and come from the right back grounds will run it, with minimum interference from the public. And the media quickly run from one orchestrated scandal to another, carefully avoiding to raise any questions that might upset the status quo. In the long run, cynism is on the rise and the population increasingly chooses not to vote. I get that it is like that all over the Western world, not just in The Netherlands.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Vote

The campaign for the communal elections in 2006 is getting underway. The political parties have started bombarding the public with proposals to woo voters. Early last week we already saw a proposal from Fortuynist Liveable Rotterdam to prevent unproductive populations to be born, by compulsory abortion and contraception.

Later last week the Green GroenLinks party launched a proposal (Dutch) to include those foreigners in the National Franchise who are:

born in The Netherlands and over 18 years of age
living in The Netherlands for a minimum of 5 years and over 18 years of age.

The people under this definition have the right to become Dutch citizens. They just fail to apply for it. Femke Halsema who presented the proposal said that the law is meant for people who forget to file for citizenship and those who do not file for citizenship because of a conflict of loyalty.

Basically Ms. Halsema is looking to give those people the vote that specifically have NO LOYALTY to the rest of the nation.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Dutch Internet Cartoonist Censored

Geregorius Nekschot, a Dutch Internet Cartoonist, is censored for making Anti-Islamic cartoons. The cartoonist who is featured on Van Gogh's website makes almost constantly cartoons about Islam and Muslims.

Yesterday several of his cartoons were banned by the Muslim discrimination report desk on the Mercatorplein in Amsterdam-West, which I featured on my blog on 23 November 2005.

The message of the censorship, signed by a Mr. Enver Varisli, can be seen here (English):
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,
Mr. E. Varisili writes to
Our investigation shows that your company hosts The aformentioned website shows depictions which in our opinion constitute defamation, insults discrimination and that promote hatred which are possibly punishable by law under article 137 c,d, e of the Criminal Code. We request removal or blocking of the depictions before Monday 13 February 2006 at 12:00.

The abovementioned 6 url's which are added under numbers 1 to 6 are then added.

Signed: Mr E. Varisili, Back Office employee of the Mercator Discrimination Report Desk.

Good work in Iraqi Kurdistan

Islamophobic (I am getting a tad miffed by that name) pointed me towards a blog of an American Journalist, Michael J. Totten. The man has been travelling around in the North of Iraq, Kurdistan, reporting on developments there, such as the security situation and economic development.

Check it at

Things seem to be going good in the North!

Turkish Journalist stoned for not wearing head scarf

The hostility between the Turkish secular elite and the Muslim majority are extreme, as illustrated by an article on

"Aliye Cetinkaya, a journalist from the Turkish daily Sabah newspaper, who was reporting on the recent protests over the offensive caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed, was stoned in Konya for reasons demonstrators said were provocative – as she did not cover her head."

Fortuynist Gaffe?

The Alderman for Public Health of Rotterdam, Fortuynist Ms. Marrianne van den Anker was interviewed by the Rotterdams Dagblad, concerning Public Health problems amongst Rotterdam youth. The problems had been revealed by a Public Health Monitor amongst 10.000 Rotterdam youngsters. Ms. van den Anker reviewed (Dutch) some possible responses by the Department of Public Health of Rotterdam. There are problems of addiction, HIV-infection, abuse, sexual abuse and violence against children, children being left to fend for themselves at a very young age and children of parents who are retarded, who are not treated as human beings by their parents.

To counter these problems Ms. van den Anker was in favour of compulsory anti-conception and forced abortions on pregnant women who could not take care of their children. Ms. van den Anker specifically singled out Antillean (Caribbean Black) women who are addicted, HIV-infected and have several children, without knowing who the fathers are and children of retarded parents.

There is no doubt that the problems shown by the Rotterdam Health Monitor are very real. They have been ignored for a long time and been allowed to accumulate. A cousin of mine who works in Rotterdam as a special educational and care worker for teenage boys who drop out of school and turn to crime told me that IQ-tests reveal the extreme low IQ-scores of the youths concerned, with his charges score as low as 49 IQ points. These IQ-tests had been forbidden by the socialist borough, but have been reintroduced after the entry of the right-wing coalition in 2002.

The message of Ms. van den Anker is causing waves in the Dutch media and politics. There are comparisons to Nazi-Germany. In this case the comparisons seem to be spot on for once. It is just one of the many examples showing that the right-wing movement in The Netherlands is not a Conservative movement and that the socialist instincts have a hard time dieing out.

Having said that I really have no clue what should happen to counter the problems shown up by the Rotterdam Health monitor.

South African Black Labour Union Confirms Zimbabwe's Economic Collapse

Cosatu, the Council of South African Trade Unions, confirmed the breakdown of the Zimbabwean Economy:

"The economic and social collapse which we predicted is now a reality. Unemployment, hunger, mass emigration and now the electricity crisis all point to a catastrophe."

Good thing that Mugabe send the bloodsucking Whites packing. Other Black nationalists got rid of the bloodsucking Whites and Indians too, with similar results.

I wonder if this news will ever filter through to diversity and sensitivity courses.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Video of violent Protests in Antwerp

Video of violence occurring during anti-cartoon demonstrations in Antwerp. More chaos in Paris, where the Muslims march under black banners (the war color of Islam).

There were also demonstrations in Antwerp, promoted by the Greens and Socialists to automatically grant citizenship to asylum seekers after three years. The very short period after which economic and family reunification migrants are naturalised under Belgian law should therefore be extended to political migrants.

This is a distortion of democracy. Basically the political cartel is disbanding the people and electing a new people. Instead of the people electing their representative government. It is a general pattern that migrants overwhelmingly vote for the so-called Leftist party, who grant privileges to non-white ethnics. The so-called rightwing parties defend radical, color blind equality before the law, rather the primacy of tradition and the European ethnics.

So in fact the Left and the Right have switched places.

The Right promotes the sort of program that would be promoted by the Left before 1968.

The Left promotes ethnic, religious and cultural previlege, but not for the original inhabitants but for the newcomers. Who are a captive voter base in combination with other state dependent groups such as civil servants and receivers of pensions and welfare.

The predictable result is a slow descent into chaos, such as seen in the Antwerp and Paris demonstration video this weekend.

Spriritual Armour of the West

Hitchens makes an incredibly valid point - if the "West" doesnt even have a sense of what it is, in terms of nationalism or religion, and is so overtaken with political correctness, then it is no wonder that Muslims reject that and turned to more radical Islam.

Yes, I made this point before by quoting extensively from the book of Judges. Religion and Nationalism are like the Armour protecting a Knight from the weapons of its enemies. Without Nationalism of Religion people are totally exposed to the assaults of other groups with a stronger sense of internal cohesion. Westerners have become so individualistic that they can not protect other Westerners anymore. That would be racist!

Galloway used that lack of Armour cleverly when he compared mocking Islam to Anti-semitism or hostility to Blacks. It is so telling that hostility to whites does not exist in his universe.

I completely agreed with Hitchens (please point me to a url, Islamophobic) when he stated how Christians like himself are constantly exposed to mockery of their beliefs by the progressives and Multiculturalists and are supposed to put up to with it, but Multiculturalist Galloway only protects his captive voter base Muslims. The problem is that the whole way the public is taught to think and feel is rigged in such a way that it is almost impossible to explain to people what is going on. Thank God reality is now diverging from Multiculturalist ideology in such an obvious way that people are finally starting to think for themselves!

That interviewer woman was not in control of the debate or the subject under discussion. Galloway was. He is a sly demagogue and an opportunist to boot. He is betting on the wrong horse, however.

One cannot blame the Muslims for not wanting to be a part of Western culture, in the state it is in now. I know I do not want to be. They think: "If you guys want to commit collective suicide, go ahead. The Lord is delivering us the spoils". That is what I would think as well if I was in their shoes.

What a time to be alive! What a spectacular sunset!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Interesting visual Commentary on Danish Cartoon crisis (Hat tip, Esther).

I do not think it is a problem that news media anywhere show anti-Jewish cartoons or anti-Mohammed cartoons or Anti-White cartoons. However I do wonder why Middle Eastern editors feel the need to publish so many of them? Is it perhaps because it strikes a chord with their audience?

In an interesting development, some Israeli artist have initiated a Anti-semitic cartoon competions for Jews, stating that nobody is more capable of caricaturing Jews as Jews. Tsk-tsk, such a superiority complex these Jews.....

“We’ll show the world we can do the best, sharpest, most offensive Jew hating cartoons ever published!” said Sandy “No Iranian will beat us on our home turf!”

Join the carnage at:

In the comments:

"I know that employment is low in Israel, but does not justify your new venture. This will be my last time visiting your site, and assure you, that this business will not succeed. the next time you start a new venture, please try to focus on what good will your product deliver to anyone. in your case it only makes me sad to see Israelis like you turn against an entire nation to make an extra buck. You are a LOOSER!"

The organizer's response: "A Whole Extra Buck? Where?! Where?!"

Carnival in Oldenzaal

The Carnival organisation "Grote Twentsche Carnavalsoptocht" of the Eastern Dutch town of Oldenzaal will not permit (Dutch) any references to the Danish Mohammed Cartoon crisis. The fear is that it will damage relations between the local Dutch and the immigrant community.

Carnival was always a celebration of political incorrect satire, when societies absurdities could be commented. It seems that this medium is being muzzled voluntarily.

I am sure the local council of the Carnival Association got a "social call" from the police chief and mayor, perhaps also from the Minister of Internal Affairs. I wonder what will happen in the South which is fully Catholic and where Carnival is huge. Can they enforce a Mohammed Cartoon Ban on all Carnival Associations?

Portugal - Yemen - Hofstad triangle

In Portugal an Islamist was arrested yesterday:

"He was one of three men detained in Portugal over the past week who are wanted in the Netherlands in connection with a shooting late last year at a Rotterdam nightclub which left three people dead and another three seriously injured."

According to the Portugese police the suspect had received training in a Yemen Islamist boot camp.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Nukes and Nations

Islamophobic wrote:
unfortunately, Hady's country (Egypt) will be nothing but radioactive green glass when we in the west have done our neccessary business. We will do it with a heavy heart, but in the wake of the nuking of Paris and London in 2009, it will be done. And Islam will be gone forever.

One hears this more and more. There seems to be an eagerness for things to get worse in order to have an excuse to use the ultimate weapon against an enemy that can not defend itself.

Retaliation against Egypt will not be justified after Nuclear weapons have been used against Paris and London. The enemy that uses the weapons is Al-Qa'da. That is not the same as Egypt. Al-Qa'da is a network with an estimated 50,000 to 70,000 members spread over the whole world. Attacking Egypt and destroying it, including the archive in the soil of 6,000 years of human civilisation, including 80 million men, women and children will not destroy Islam. Islam is widely dispersed and it will survive on all the continents were it is now present.

The attacker whether it is France, the UK or the USA will have morally destroyed itself and will sink away in guilt and self-hatred, losing its will to exist. The current self-hatred of the cultural elite will spread even further and wider, a horrible and depressive perspective. No, even in case of a Nuclear attack by Muslim terrorists Western leaders must do the utmost to avoid a Nuclear response.

The way to destroy Al-Qa'da has not been figured out yet. Perhaps it is even impossible. Like the internet which is a network that has been designed to survive a Nuclear attack by dispersal, decentralisation and duplication Al-Qa'da offers no target for a Nuclear attack and is the perfect force in the Nuclear age. Both Western and Islamic city based societies are targets for Nuclear weapons, but a network is not.
Nuclear weapons will prolifirate whether we want it or not. Technology trickles down. Originally Nuclear weapons were only available to the USA. Then the Soviet Union obtained the Bomb. Then it was France and the UK. Later China, Israel, India and Pakistan obtained the bomb. Nowadays Nuclear technology has become so cheap and ubiquitous that small countries like The Netherlands, Denmark, Greece and Ireland could built them if they wanted to. Bigger countries like Turkey and Iran can as well. When more and more commercial firms and independent technologists (contractors)will be able to built Nuclear bombs states will lose their monopoly over Nuclear weapons. The weapon will fall in the hands of ideological and criminal networks such as Al-Qa'da and they will be able to use the weapon. States cannot use it, because they have territoria and populations that are vunerable to retaliation but networks a nigh impossible to target by atom splitting firepower. This means that states are doomed as socio-political units. States will not be able to guarantee the security of its citizens. Territorial States will become irrelevant unable to persuede citizens to pay taxes and obey laws and be replaced by social units that are not targets for Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Osama Bin Laden's Al-Qa'da organisation is a Transnational Insurgent Network (TIN) or a coalition of several of those networks that span the globe, but are particularly strong were states are already weak and there is a big Islamic population. They are strong in Indonesia, in parts of Africa, in Afghanistan, the Autonomous Tribal Areas in Pakistan and their strength has grown in Iraq after the collaps of the rule of Saddam Hussain. They have a presence in Europe amongst the refugee and guestworker populations and are tiny in the United States.

"sees the future very clearly: the balance of power will change; the international system built-up by the West since the Treaty of Westphalia will collapse; and a new international system will rise under the leadership of a mighty Islamic state."

So the strategy of Al-Qa'da is the overthrow of the type of order that was first established by the peace of Westphalia in Muenster in 1648 when the religious wars that had been plagueing Europe were ended. The warring Catholic and Protestant churches were replaced by a territorial order were the local Prince, King or Stadtholder would determine the religion of a social political unit.

Out of the Peace of Westphalia grew a new order of tolerant, secular states in which religion of citizens mattered less and less, until secularism became almost a religious value for Westerners. What counted was the state to which one belonged and the state was defined by a territorium and by a bureacracy.

Multiculturalism is the ultimate development of souvereing territorial states, citizens of Multicultural states are supposed to be completely defined by the laws and territorium of the state and not by any kind of heritage, class, kinship, race or religion.

Al-Qa'da has stated it wants to overthrow this system of Souvereign states. The basic strategy is to be able to withstand any punishment that its opponent tries to inflict on it, by going on to recruit new terrorists all the time, to replace those who are lost by natural attrition and activities of the US and it allies.

Because of its weak armaments and low level of military proficiency it is not able to face conventional armies in the field, but it is able to survive and place pin pricks to show that it is alive. Also it must carry out renewed attacks in the West in order to convince the Western public that their governments are not able to protect them.

"Al-Qa’da’s principal ideologist anticipates no major obstacles in the way of the organization to achieving its strategic aims: breaking the existing world order, uprooting Western dominance in the world and bringing the Muslim world to its natural position as the world’s leading power"

If Al-Qa'da or a successor organisation obtains WMDs they will be successful I think. In the long run technology will make WMD available to TIN's so if Al-Qa'da fails another Transnational Insurgent Network will do it. Right now neither Al-Qa'da is making much headway. The US are just killing the lowest rungs of the network with fresh and green recruits. The cadre of Al-Qa'da is not touched and keeps on recruiting and fundraising.

On the other hand is the spirit of the Western public increasing. The original populations of the West are getting more and more unhappy with the terrorists and increasingly hostile to Islam. So it seems that Al-Qa'da is creating a new enemy: the Western public.

"i dearly hope that the above scenario (Nuking the Middle East) never happens, and that we just flood the middle east with christianity, macdonalds pop music and other stuff - i dearly hope that the revolution will come from within."

I too hope that a Western nation will never be so unwise as to obliterate reasonably innocent civilian populations. In order to build and sustain our societies, we need to be moral and work to develop ourselves spiritually and in character. Although I fall short of having such a great moral character, due to my temper and general nastiness I still retain the hope I will become mild and mellow with age.

Hoping for a revolution within Islam is not a good idea. The West must disconnect itself from the Islamic world and other centres of disorder and promote peace, order and spirituality amongst it constituent tribes. God dammit!

The breakdown of the state should be no cause of concern to true conservatives. The Conservative creed rests on family (kin), religion and tradition to shape society. The State on the other hand is the false God of the Left. Seeing it discredited and dismantled should give us cause to great satisfaction and happiness. The Left and Islam in the West are now allies trying to bring the established order down. But they are false allies for they have no common cause. The Right will be the great benificiary of this upheaval, but before it is so there shall be upheaval and great confusion.

Bilal L. convicted for making plans

Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Bilal L., a friend of Mohammed Bouyeri, the murderer of Theo van Gogh, was convicted to a 3 year prison sentence for making plans. Bilal had been convicted to 10 months in prison for making threats against right-wing Anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders. During his prison term he had been trying win recruits for Jihad under the inmates of his prison.

The latest conviction of Bilal was possible under new legislation introduced in 2004 under which terrorist intentions and not just terrorist acts are made punishable under the law. Bilal is the first to be convicted under this legislation. This law of course applies to all people in the Netherlands and means that all people can be tried and convicted for their intentions, once these intentions are proven.

Tyranny anyone?

It is Written

JMaria (on Freedom of Speech),

"Ah, I know, there are Tribunals where differences can be settled!
So everybody has to be a hero and restrain himself of loosing self-control. But of course it cannot be asked anyone to restrain his "free speech" even if that could lead to quarrels.

Interesting theories, it seems to me another Western fetish. "

Westerners seem to have a pious faith in theories in defending the abstractest ideals. The more lofty their idealism, the closer to God they fancy themselves.

This is not mirrorred by the Asians, who are highly intelligent and have developed a enviable level of society and civilisation. I found a paper that traces expression or origin of the difference of the concreteness and pragmatism of China, Korea and Japan to the idealism and abstraction of the West in the writing systems. It is a long read. One for the die-hards.

Monday, February 13, 2006

British Obtuseness

The Telegraph, a British publication, takes me as an example of the "European Tribal Right" (my hearts bursts with pride) and quotes:

"To take a random sample,a Dutch blogger, Snouck, argues the Egyptian discovery renders all subsequent Muslim protests bogus. He writes: "That is it. Let's not pay more attention to this affair. Only to refer to it to point out that the presense of Muslims is totally irreconcilable with our societies. They just do not belong here. Kick Muslims OUT of Europe."

His commentary:

Well, apparently it would seem they are, especially when that Muslim newspaper was publishing them to condemn them. To be flippant, I am allowed to mock my family, others are not. To be less flippant, human beings react to context.

This is obtuse. We have seen this from the BBC too. There are explanations why the Cartoons are offensive to Muslims, stating that Islam and Muslims are depicted in a derogatory manner. But this is not the cause of the anger. The Muslims allege sacrilege and blasfemy. And they want to impose their beliefs on the Danes and on the other Westerners. We have to jump through their theological hoops.

In the Christian tradition, which is the tradition of the West it is understood that God has to be approached with fear and trembling. But the Prophets and Apostels are just human beings, they can be depicted and ridiculed.

Perhaps to some Muslims the prophet Mohammed must be held to a different standard. Well, that is their standard and not our standard. If they want us to respect their standard they should not approach us with violence and threats of violence as is happening in Europe and the Middle East. That is not the way we do things here and it is unacceptable. Especially in the light of the other violence against non-Muslims through crime and terrorism. There is a disturbing pattern there that gets sinister meaning when it is underscored by the threats to destroy and kill.

The Telegraph writer continues:
"It is interesting that not every depiction of the Prophet Mohammed appears to be banned by Islam - and it was the blogosphere that taught me that fact. It is important that politicians and clerics used the cartoon row for their own ends. But does that all mean that not one moderate, reasonable Muslim was offended by the cartoons' publication in Europe? I cannot believe that."

Actions speak louder than words. The crime rates and the rapes and harassment of women showed me a long time ago that there is an substantial element amongst the Muslims that is hostile to the West and sees violence against unbelievers as legitimate. Politicians such as Geert Wilders and Ayaan are under death threat because of it. Theo van Gogh got killed 500 meters from this house, for insulting an imported creed.

Telegraph concludes:
"I do not care about what fanatical Muslims think, I am never going win them over. But, I do have a glum confidence that this whole cartoon row has made at least some moderate, educated, integrated European Muslims feel deliberately offended, and under siege. There are no simple ways out of this one, and the Left and the Right cannot wish this crisis away."

I agree. But who got us into this mess? Was it not a Multicultural Left's idea that we are all equal and will get along once we get to know each other? And their insistence that anyone who disagreed at least - o horror - a racist?

This Telegraph writer is very nice, a Liberal. The problem with Liberals is they can not take sides in a fight, not even their own side. We are in a fight. We Dutch and Danes have to stand by our own kind and we have to stand together in Europe that is betrayed and sold out by the elites. I have a certain grudging respect for those Muslims who stand up for Holiness and who are willing to fight and sacrifice for it.

But the Leftists/Liberals? I waste not even my piss on them.

Co-existing with the Muslims? We are indeed quickly losing common ground with them, because of their lack of respect for us and also it is true that we Westerners do not really respect them and understand any concept of sacrality anymore. This is our loss and will be to our detriment.

Iraqi Sniper rifle with video scope

I found some pictures of an Israeli sniper rifle with a video camera intergrated into the scope. It can be the kind of weapon Juba is using. Scroll down to the SECOND picture from the top. The link to the Rafael Armaments website does not supply further info as far as I can tell.

An Osiraq style attack

Snouck - What are your views about pulling off an Osirak ?

(IK refers to the 1981 attack by 12 Israeli F-16 Fighters on the Osiraq nuclear power plant near Bagdad. The plant was used by the Iraqi's to built nuclear weapons. The attack destroyed the nuclear core of the reactor with stunning accuracy, just before it was going to be used to burn uranium).

Very difficult. I understand that the Iranians are hiding their facility deep underground and that presently there are not weapons able to penetrate so deeply, neither conventional (bunker busters) nor nuclear weapons. So disabling the Iranian nuclear program would require a military occupation of areas in Iran to search for the facilities and to destroy them. It would be difficult and risky to pull off, especially if the facilities would not be found quickly. Facilities hidden in urban areas would be most difficult to dismantle, due to the difficulty of fighting in urban terrain.

Umma and the Socialist International

"the concept of "Umma" is very very similar to the "internationalism" of the communists: "workers of the world unite" and all that stuff."

Good remark. Socialism and Islam are basically isomorph or congruent in most of their ideology/theology to Christianiy. They is like all Sauron's minions in the Lord of the Rings dark and inferior copies of the real thing. Spiritually they are tools of the Enemy. The copy of the Ents are the Trolls, the Orcs are copied Elfs and the Southern and Eastern human allies of Sauron are the counterweights of the Wester and Northern humans. There is much in the Ring that reflects on the conflict between Western Christianity and Islam, I think. Laurence Auster on View from the Right has more of this.

Christianity, Communism and Islam are or proselitising faiths, recognising no race, border or territory. Islam and Communism are very agressive in their ideology were Chrisitanity seems to have a pacifist streak although it is just cynicism about the use of violence caused by the constant defeat of the Jews by mighty empires (Selucids and Romans).

When the non-Christian Jews rose in revolt in 70 and 135 after Christ the send emissaries to the Christian Churches who were predominantly Jewish and asked them to join them. The Christians refused and later took over the Roman empire seemingly peacefully while the Jews were expelled from Palestine.

By that time the non-Jews started to become predominant in the Church which was bound to happen to a detribalised ideology once it is succesful.

Basically one can see something similar getting underway in the US. The US has adopted a ideology of proseletising universal democracy. Any reference to the Anglo-Saxon roots of the nation have become unpronounceable. Invade the world - invite the world. The ideology of the US is too secular and materialistic to survive after the underpinning of military and economic power is stripped from it. And universal democracy is a contradictory ideology, any democracy, any nation, must have an ethnic core, otherwise it will not endure.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Policy of the leader of Holland

Prime Minister Balkenende has made some rather lame remarks about Hirsi Ayaan Ali.

Ayaan was quoted to say that she wished that Prime Minister Balkenende had as much guts as Danish Prime Minister Rasmussen. The Danish Prime Minister supports the right of Danish newspapers to publish cartoons.

The Dutch Prime Minister has also said that he supports the freedom to publish offensive cartoons. But the Dutch Prime Minister often waffles on the issue of freedom of Speech. During the commemoration of the murder of Theo van Gogh Balkenende stressed the importance of Freedom of Speech. But of the four speakers invited one was a woman who had interviewed locals for a documentary at the time of the murder. She insisted that people should tone down and not speaking their minds "for the sake of her children".

Why was she selected to speak at the commemoration of Theo van Gogh, who was as "knight of free speech"? To turn and twist the occassion of van Gogh's martyrdom and to obscure freedom of speech. Freedom of speech yes, but not if it endangers the life of the children. This was one of the occassions were Balkenende did not speak out unequivocally on behalf of the the right to speak and write freely.

Therefore Ayaan is right to put Balkenende's devotion to freedom of speech in brackets.

The Dutch press came out in several articles to pour oil on the fire. Noting the hesitancy of Balkenende to speak out and the carefulness with which he speaks, it is obvious that Balkenende does not want to clash with Hirsi Ayaan. Ayaan has the fire of the African sun and Balkenende the charisma of a digital travel clock with pneumonia, so it is clear that he does not relish the prospect of a confrontation. More seriously, a confrontation might inflame society's festering, immigration related sores and Balkenende and many other political figures in the political cartel want a cure. The doctor's prescription is lots of peace and quiet, rest and recuperance.

As a aperitif of Multicultural dining this weekend Danish Flags were abused at demonstrations in Maastricht and Amsterdam. When Maastricht passers by laughed at the Muslim demonstrators there were some ugly scenes. The Middle Easterners do not like being laughed at.

Anyway the media like to prick and slash at festering political sores, hoping that a debate between Hirsi Ayaan and Balkenende will create some waves. In my eyes they misrepresented the words of Balkenende stating that he had "bashed" Ayaan's utterances on his attitude. The news was picked up by Expatica however, the English news portal. And little Green Footballs Watch picked it up from Expatica, quoting:
"The Prime Minister also said “we don’t have much use” for Hirsi Ali’s contribution."

Balkenende says that his policy is striving to de-escalate the situation". He also said that the number of Muslims will continue to grow in The Netherlands, as they will in the rest of Europe. There is no will to stop the inflow and Balkenende is supporting and furthering the process that will bring Turkey into the EU.

These two strivings are conflicting. Either the number of Muslims will diminish or the level of conflict will rise. It is that simple.

Friday, February 10, 2006

Loyalty to Host or Umma

On about the Muslim Nation. Followers of Islam all belong to the same Nation and must give support to other members of Islam. So if Muslims live amongst other non-Muslim communities fellow Muslims abroad are ordered by their religion to come to their support if there rights are perceived to be damaged. This makes Muslims a doubtful asset to the host community. This is illustrated by the Danish cartoon case:

Al-Naqqash: "I say, before you even ask, that the Arab countries... Any cleric with knowledge of Islam must guide the Jihad of Islam in the right direction. He must say: We declare Jihad against the U.S., England, and their allies occupying Islamic lands, and in this proper method. When the nation's clerics are silent, sitting on their backsides, and talking only about how Islam is a religion of love, they give the youth of the nation the liberty to act freely and respond in their own methods.


"Is the U.S. the enemy of Arabs, of Muslims, and of humanity? Yes or no? Are we are at war with the U.S. – yes or no? Blood is being spilled. Lands are occupied. An Israeli enemy is occupying our lands, taking our holy places, and the fundamental goal of US policy in the Middle East is to maintain Israel's superiority."

Host: "If there is a real clash between Muslim communities in Europe, the US, and other countries, on the one hand, and the societies, on the other..."

Al-Naqqash: "What is the duty of every Muslim in the world? Whether in New York, Cairo, Beirut, or anywhere else? Did God draw these geographic borders for us, or did he tell us we are one nation?"

Host: "One nation."

It is true some of the grievances of Muslims against Western nations are not without foundation. But that does not make it so that we must increase the number of future enemies living amongst us. One of the greatest callings of statemanship is to forestall preventable evil. The policy of letting in large amounts of members of other ethnic groups and cultures are causing the citizenship of our societies to be diluted by people with hostile intention. People who will take away our rights and ursurp our polities. They are already for a long time encroaching the right to safety and prosperity of the blue collar workers in the urban areas. They are now starting to have impact on the middle classes. Expect opposition to Multiculturalism and Mass immigration to harden and intensify.

Sleeping with the enemy

"You have no idea how much hurt, anguish and disgust this obnoxious phrase has caused to Muslim men, women and children," the letters reads (from the Manchester Central Mosque).

More Mohammed cartoons? Don't worry chaps. It is a sex doll called Mustapha.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

The new Communists

A good piece by Paul Craig Roberts about the ongoing campaign of the Bush government and their propaganda machine to create havoc in the Middle East by threatening to invade Iran, while growing increasingly authoritarian at home as evidence by the Patriot Act and the war propaganda on TV. The US Forces have great difficulty to defeat the insurgency by the 5 million Sunni Muslim minority already. Why invade Iran with its 70 million inhabitants, 35 million of which are Persians and another 20 million are Azerbaidjanis with good relations with the Persian ethnics, so finding local allies will not be so easy.

The stated intention of Iran to acquire Nuclear weapons is used as a motive. However, Israeli Professor of Military history Martin van Creveld already foresaw in 2003 that invading Afghanistan and Iraq would cause the whole region, Syria, Turkey and even Greece to develop nuclear weapons, if not in defense against the USA, than in defense against its nuclear armed neighbours. That is because Nuclear weapons are the perfect deterrent against the US Armed forces. So the predicament that Bush finds himself in, an Iran working on its own Nuclear weapons, is caused by the VERY strategy of invasion that the US has been using so far.

There is no indication that the Sunni insurgency or Al-Queda in Iraq is being overcome by the US Army. The US Army is fighting the wrong kind of enemy in the wrong kind of battlefield. The enemy is a weak, lightly armed invisible force with good intelligence and reasonable or good understanding of local culture and the battle field is a cluttered, dirty city scape that defies the use of observation enhancing instruments, such as radar, infrared, night sights that is the strength of an army armed by a modern light industry production base.

Finally there is really little hope for victory even if the US had the right kind of military force and was fighting on a battle field more suited to the type of warfare that is its strong suit. A military victory has to be followed by political and social acceptance of the dominance of the victor. Because the West and the world of Islam are Ancient enemies a Western victory will never be seen as letigimate by a local population. In fact the only populations that will see US dominance as legitimate are the Middle Eastern Christians.

Snouck is not some peacenik pinko, I consider myself to the right of such light-weight, hippy jokers as Attila the Hun, Djengis Khan and Mohammed al Rasul, those women. But to create a new enemy and to fight them in a similarly unsuited battlefield for a goal that is impossible to attain is not a good idea. My prediction is that if the Bush Administration continues with its intention to make Iran comply to its will by using military force. A hand will appear out of nothing and in the Senate the writing will be on the wall:

MENE MENE TEKEL UFARSIN - Bush's Kingdom will be parcelled up and divided.

The Plot Thickens

Not only have depictions of Mohammed been a part of Islamic art in centuries part, in Persia and the Ottoman Empire. Not only have the cartoons been in the newspapers months ago without the Middle East so much as stirring. Not only did the group of Imams led by Abu Laban add 3 offensive images, including one captioned in Arabic "The prophet Mohammed" depicting a turbaned man with a pig snout. But an Egyptian newspaper even published the Danish cartoons 5 months ago (hat tip, Brussels Journal).

That is it. Let's not pay more attention to this affair. Only to refer to it to point out that the presense of Muslims is totally irreconcilable with our societies. They just do not belong here. Kick Muslims OUT of Europe, starting with liar Abu Laban. Basta!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Inter cultural communication: what we think about each other

Here is some quality research on perceptions of neighbouring tribes amongst Europeans.


Since mid January the Amsterdam police does not enter a quarter of the city of Amsterdam in uniform, according to police spokesman Remco Gerretsen. The city quarter is Overtoomse veld in Amsterdam-West. The police wanted to avoid violence against police officers.

The measure is a reaction against the unrest caused by the death of a 17 year old boy who died in a scooter accident. The accident caused riots in the neighbourhood. Morroccan youngsters felt that the police caused the death of the lad.

The police spokesman said: "If one sees a bull in a field, one does not go up to the bull dressed in red? We had no fear to enter the neighbourhood, but did not want to provoke any nastiness"

Right-wing politician Geert Wilders said to newspaper "Het Parool" that the neighbourhood has become a "no go area".

Gerretsen retorted: "we were present during the day that the order was in effect. This measure is not standard, but has been used at other occassions". Gerretsen was not able to indicate the frequency of the use of the measure.

It is significant that the car sent by police to search the house of Mohammed Bouyeri, Van Gogh's assassin, was pelted with stones when it was parked in roughly the same area as Overtoomse Veld. This is similar to how police presence is treated in most neighbourhoods with large African and Middle Eastern immigrant groups.

My spin on this message which was published in "Het Parool" and various webbased publications is that the media are now very attentive to bad news coming out of ethnic areas of Amsterdam.

Monday, February 06, 2006

The History of British Dhimmitude

Dhimmitude is the attitude of submision to Islam's power by non-Muslims. Because of the agression of Islam against all infidels (Kuffaar) there are those infidels who choose to enter into the Dhimmi-contract of Sharia law. The Dhimmicontract prescribes the paying of a tax, humiliation and conformism to Islamic intolerance of dissent from Islamic theology.

The English who have send an army to Iraq to support the US efforts to democratize Iraqi society have been strongly Dhimmitized for almost 15 years. The extend of this Dhimmitude is obvious from the failure of British newspapers and the BBC to print of show the Danish Moh-toons. In contrast to French and German media.

In 1989 Indian writer Salman wrote the Satanic Verses. As a result of the book a fatwah for his assasination was issued.

Rushdie found refuge in the UK. After a few years most intellectuals lost their interest in Rushdie. In 1992 the UK created the Muslim Parliament. One of the Parliaments first acts was to debate the Rushdie case. The Muslim Parliament stated that Rushdie was: "an egoistic, arrogant, conceited and despicable person who has no right to freedom of speech, which he respects according to his own words"

Siddiqui, the founder of the Islamic Parliament confirmed his fatwa against Rushdie, and placed the affair in a wider perspective: "What we did against the Satanic Verses is a revolution. We have made clear that we will tolerate neither the book nor the author"(roar of approval from the audience).

Siddiqui called upon Muslims to murder Rushdie on BBC camera. Other Muslim leaders did the same on public events. This is a criminal act. But when the House of Lords had to decide whether there should be legal prosecution it judged that there were no grounds to prosecute. And Siddiqui was proud of this succes. He boasted: "we said "come and arrest us for breaking the law. The British government does not have the spine to arrest us and put us on trial. We are the only ones who stood firm. Rushdie, the government, the media they all changed their position. The recent publication of a paperback editions shows how brave they are, they are hiding who they are" "

The weakness of the British State against the call to murder in order to silence those who mock Mohammed and Islam are an example. An example of how Western governments are complicit to terror, Islamic terror. A far more serious complicity is the complicity of Western intellectials who are not excused by having to weigh in factors like freedom of speech. The assassins of Islam can use the many pro-Islamic Western sources which treat all criticism of Islam as signs of prejudice and even racism. Pro-Islamic Western intellectuals even use the canard of stating that those who criticise Islam and get threatened or murdered "were asking for trouble".

(This article is based on a translation and interpretation of parts of a Koenraad Elst article in Dutch called: "Islam and the Unbelievers", Thanks and hat tip to IK to point me in the direction of Koenraad Elst)

Execution in Amsterdam shopping centre

Sunday afternoon a young women was shot (Dutch, including video) in Amsterdam shopping centre "Kalvertoren". The shopping centre in the historic 17th century centre of Amsterdam occurred at half past four in the afternoon. A large man of Middle Eastern appearance approached an also Middle Eastern girl from behind. He shot the girl with a pistol. Then he emptied the clip of the pistol at the prostate body of the girl. The 19 year old attacker fled the scene and was later apprehended in a tram. Shoppers panicked as a result of the shooting. The girl was taken to hospital.

The cause for the shooting was probably in the sphere of relationships.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Cronulla Race riots - the Aftermath

A viewing that will let your blood boil: a security video recording of an random attack by 20-25 Middle Eastern lads. The target: an unsuspecting white Australian entering a youth hostel. The dateline: the day after the Cronulla beach events.

The post of European Ethnocentrist that has the link to the video.

Note the interview with the visibly cornered authorities who are lying their way out of the predicament of the released video.

Incredibly the attack is within 50 meters of a police station!!!!!! The reports that the Australian police is a Leftist infiltrated laughing stock are obviously true. The Lebs have no fear or respect for the police at all.

Why pay tax to a state that is fully run and owned by Leftists who have no understanding of human nature? Who sell our nations to foreigners and call us Nazi's when we want to defend ourselves and what is ours? Who cover up crimes, thefts, rapes, assaults by foreign ethnics?

Who still run educational establishment and police departments, the Churches and the Media.

Why are we cowed? It is just habit that is keeping us back. A habit we must break!

Lying Hypocritical Leftist Scum!

Saturday, February 04, 2006

The Warrior Factory

Wiag wrote:
"It strikes me odd, that being able to make a statement to the world, he failed so badly to make a case for Islam."

I think he did make his case. He is not a very smart man, although he is not stupid either. He did make his case only he was long winded and the listeners did not understand the significance of what was being said to them. So they thougt he was talking nonsense.

I get the same feeling with van Gogh's mother when she is interviewed. She obviously does not understand were the assassin is coming from. The chasm is just too wide.

The point of my piece is also that he is not one of the brains of the organisation but just a footslogger, a "zandhaas" in the language of the old mass armies. (In Hebrew it is called a "Rosh Katan" I think, meaning "small head" or a "low army rank").

The brains are people like Abu Hamza. And the laws of Western society is that they can protect themselves using the cloak of religion. Because traditional religion has always built up European society, from the year 325 till 1850 and later on, the laws are such that they protect religion, because Christianity knows its place in Western society.

Because Islam is not only spiritual, but also a political and a legal framework the protection of Westen law can be used to built up an organisation that looks religious and spiritual from the outside, but whose spirituality is the spirit of the warrior. And it is a warrior armed not just with sword and lance, but also with a law and a concept of social organisation that must overcome Infidel law and social organisation.

The recruiter, people like Redouan the Syrian and Abu Hamza, are the factory. They take young impressionable Muslims with grudges and confusion and give them answers and a vision. Then, when they are ready they can be launched at the infidels or they launch themselves.

"And I'm even more baffled by all that is happening nowadays, because I would think Islam would benefit more if it showed 'reason' instead of 'discontent and anger'."

I think that Mohammed Bouyeri tried to explain himself and that he used exactly the same logic as Abu Hamza, straight from the Qoran. Submit the infidel by force and take his possessions. But those who listen must understand what he is talking about. And I repeat, Mohammed is just a "footslogger", he is not particularly eloquent or persuasive.

In order to understand what was said an understanding of the Qoran and the history of Islam is required.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Liar, liar, djellaba on fire

The Internet Haganah has a background story on the fury of the Islamic world. The "Danish" Muslim delegation that toured the Middle East to raise hell against their host country misrepresented their case:

"... the Danish Muslim delegation showed much more than the 12 cartoons published by Jyllands Posten. In the booklet it presented during its tour of the Middle East, the delegation included other cartoons of Mohammed that were highly offensive, including one where the Prophet has a pig face. But these additional pictures were NOT published by the newspaper, but were completely fabricated by the delegation and inserted in the booklet (which has been obtained and made available to me by Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet). "

So they lied. They lied in order to get an economic boycot against their host country. They lied in order to get death threats against Danes in the Middle East who are helping Muslims and giving aid.

The lied and misrepresented the silly Danish cartoons, because they thought the actual cartoons were not enough to raise the ire of the Muslims in the Middle East.

They show that they are not a part of Denmark. They are hostile to Danes and Denmark. They support the use of economic and violent threats against Denmark. They use lies to propagandise against their host country.

They are elected officials of Muslimorganisations. Their opinions by and large represent the opinions of the mosque attending Muslims. I think everyone can come to their own conclusions as to were the Danes and the Muslims stand.

And the leader of the Danish delegation, Abu Laban, "has praised the boycott of Danish goods on al Jazeera, while condemning it on Danish TV."

This is what their leaders teach their flock. The followers watch Danish TV and Al-Jazeera. They see their leader say one thing to the Danes and another thing to them. And they smile. Knowing that their power in the land is growing still.

The rambling Assassin

The Hofstad trial goes on and moves into the final stages.

Mohammed Bouyeri, the assassin of Dutch Director van Gogh was allowed one hour to defend his alleged leadership of the Hofstad terror cell. The laywers of the other defendants have already made their final defense speech.

Most observers agree that Mohammed Bouyeri was too long winded and confused during the speech. Aside from numerous quotes from secular sources Bouyeri mainly quoted the Qoran. He insisted that the Qoran demands Jihad and the killing of those woho insult the Qoran or the prophet. This is confirmed by the present story of the Danish Mohammed cartoons, which shows the anger and killer rage against those who depict the prophet, let alone those who insult them.

Mohammed's defense

Mohammed Bouyeri's defense equalled that of the defense of Abu "Captain Hook" Hamza:

"COPIES of the Koran were handed to the jurors in the Abu Hamza trial yesterday as his defence argued that some of the cleric’s “offensive” statements were drawn directly from Islam’s holy book. "

I suspect that this will be the defense of many agitators and recruiters of terrorists in the long slogging fight to come against the terrorist forces recruited from the Muslims in the West.

The Qoran orders Jihad

And they are right. The Qoran orders Jihad. All Muslims have to fight and risk their lives and property to spread the faith and the Caliphate. Islam is used by the Islamists to convert men of violence of Muslim immigrant origin who overwhelmingly populate Western prisons and gives a higher purpose to their lifes.

Mohammed Bouyeri had not been in jail, but he had had several run ins with the police for various small offenses (he believes for instance that Muslims do not have to pay train or tram tickets and got caught). He is one of those who is recruited. An idiot who half understands what he is told by the recruiter a Syrian Asylum seeker by the name of Redouan. But people like Redouan and Abu Hamza are the recruiters and the organisers. The recruit their followers, and use the strictures of the Qoran justify robbing, looting and killing infidels and laxer Muslims. They organise criminal businesses involved in drugs smuggling, car theft and theft and fencing of other valuables.

Meanwhile the number of immigrants in Europe and North America grows. The recruiting base grows. The political power of the Imams grows. The Imams influence the actions of the police departments and bribe leftist parties by promising the delivery of votes to them. The Stronghold grows more and more imposing and formidable.


It is a workable strategy. I am sure there is more to it. More than I have yet discovered. So far I am impressed.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

UK is warned for more suicide bombings

The English public is warned to be on the look out for new suicide bombings:

Lord Carlile, who has access to sensitive intelligence reports, says there is a "real and present danger of shocking terrorism acts".

BNP leader walks off free!

Nick Griffin and Mark Collet, on trial for inciting hatred against Islam and Muslims have today received the verdict that they are free! The BNP website is down right now but the free speech blog can be reached here.

Call to kill Danish Cartoonist by English Muslims

Islamophobic posted:
At the time of the Messenger Muhammad (saw) there were individuals like these who dishonoured and insulted him upon whom the Islamic judgement was executed. Such people were not tolerated in the past and throughout the history of Islam were dealt with according to the Shariah. Ka’ab ibn Ashraf was assassinated by Muhammad ibn Maslamah for harming the Messenger Muhammad (saw) by his words,

The message ends:

"Where are the Muhammad ibn Maslamah’s of our ummah who will defend the honour of our beloved Messenger

Also it says:

The insulting of the Messenger Muhammad (saw) is something that the Muslims cannot and will not tolerate and the punishment in Islam for the one who does so is death. This is the sunnah of the prophet and the verdict of Islam upon such people, one that any Muslim is able execute.

Canadian Officer warns of unpreparedness in facing Islamic threat

The highest ranking Jewish officer in the Canadian Forces warned that Canadians are “sleepwalking” in the face of the potential threat of international terrorism on this country’s soil.

Awareness is slowly increasing though, throughout the Western world. For instance through the hysteria over the Mohammed cartoons in Denmark.

Belgian split

Brussels Journal has a story that King Albert of Belgium has urged the Belgians not to split up. Belgium is divided in two communities, the Flemish who usually speak Dutch and the Walloons who speak French. There is widespread resentment omongst the well-off and dynamic Flemish against the Walloons who live on welfare that has for a significant part been paid for by the Flemish. Recent polls have shown that 51 percent of the Flemish, who are the largest population group, support separatism.

The Vlaams Belang, Flemish nationalist party is also a strong supporter of separatism. The Vlaams Belang keeps showing strong results in local and Flemish communal elections. If the separatist wave keeps getting stronger and leads to a break-up this would lead to a strange situation for the European Union. The capital of the European Union is in Brussels. Brussels is surrounded by Flemish territory. It is originally a Flemish city, although it has been Frenchified.

The awkward question would be whether Brussels would be handed over to Wallonia, to Flanders or would be governed by the EU. But it would increase the level of absurdity that European political EU unification is showing.

Also letting Turkey into the EU would increase support of the Flemish population for the Vlaams Belang, since that party is also strongly against immigration of Non-westerners into the Flemish communities.

Presently the anti-separatist forces in Belgium are enabling North African immigrants to settle in Brussels. These have French as a second language and do not like to learn Dutch. They vote anti-separatistly, but on the other hand fuel the resentment of the Flemish against the central government. It seems the anti-separatists are running out of options.

Interesting times indeed.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Blair's attempt to muffle Free speech amended

Interesting news from Britain, where Blair's religious hatred bill met with strong opposition. The bill was to criminalise criticism of ideas. The protected ideas would be those ideas which can be claimed to be religious ideas. The proposed bill was watered down by amendments which protect the right to criticise or ridicule religious ideas. The bill still gives religious communities special rights to protection from expressions of intended violence and hatred. As such it is discriminatory of those who are non-religious and whose thoughts are not protected by belonging to the heritage of a traditional organised religion.

The reason why Blair promoted the bill was to curry favour with and get the votes of Muslims.

The ethnic communities of Jews and Sikhs already recieve special protection. The bill would give similar rights to Christians and Muslims, although Christians did not ask for such favours.

Under the original version of the bill the British government would have been able to punish a newspaper or other medium that would publish cartoons of Mohammed. As happened in Denmark with the Jylland Posten cartoons, which is causing ripples of hatred and anger in the Islamic world and Muslim communities in the West.

Saudi Arabian Arab News wrote:
"Were Prime Minister Rasmussen to follow Blair’s lead and introduce a similar law in Denmark, Muslim anger would vanish, not least because the UK bill, although protecting all religions from attack, is in fact designed specifically with Islam in mind. Rasmussen has to think about Denmark’s political and economic interests. But he needs to realize what Tony Blair has realized — that Muslims are now an integral part of his country and that to attack their faith is to attack them."

Obviously Arab News regards the presence of Muslim minorities in Western Societies as irreconcilable with Freedom of Speech.

German Chancellor questions continuation of EU aid to Palestinian Authority

The new German Chancellor, Andrea Merckel, warned the Palestinian leader Abbas that the EU may discontinue its annual 500 million Euro aid to the Palestinian Authority (PA). Since Islamist grass roots and terror movement Hamas won the Palestine elections the issue of support to the fledgeling PA, which employs 135,000 people. There are hardly any industries in the Palestinian areas and the Palestinians are dependent on jobs in the government bureaucracies and security services for economic survival. Otherwise they used to be employed in Israel, mainly in agriculture and construction. The past few years Israel has sealed its borders against Arabic workers, despite shortages of cheap labour developing.

Germany is a major contributor to the EU support for the PA. Without Germany's support for the aid continuation of the aid will be difficult. Also other countries besides Germany will be opposed to aiding what is in effect a terrorist groups representing a population that is bend on the destruction of the Jewish State.

The German persecution of European Jewry during the Era of the Third Reich mortgages the policy of Germany. But without the memories of the Second World War support for terrorism would be difficult, especially with the constant attacks on Western targets.

In the period before the Israeli war of Independence (1947-1948) the Israelis had built up strong agriculture and light industry to support their population. Since 1948 the Israeli's have strengthened their economic base year after year. In the late 1960ies the Israeli GNP grew to be larger than the GNP of the largest Middle Eastern nation, Egypt. This despite the fact that Israel had less than 3 million inhabitants and Egypt nearly 40 million!

The failure of the Palestinians to follow the example of the Israelis is typical for the world of Islam, which sees looting and taxation as the only sources of wealth. Both economic and technological advances are not pursued by the followers of Islam. Only Turkey and Malaysia have success in attracting investment and improving the socio economic level of their populations.

Amsterdam Court releases Member of Hofstad terror cell

This afternoon the Amsterdam Court of Justice released Youssef E. who had been accused of being a member of the Hofstad terror cell. Youssef E. was part of the circle of friends who met in the house of the assassin of Theo van Gogh, Mohammed Bouyeri. He was a supporter of the Jihadist ideology and had a small library of Jihadist literature at his home. He committed not terrorist acts, however and his laywer accordingly demanded his release.

Slipping the network a nuke

Islamophobia provided a link to a BBC-article:

Iran has warned it will end snap UN inspections of its nuclear facilities from Saturday if a decision is made to report it to the UN Security Council.

I definitely think that The Netherlands is a target for Islamist attacks. Including the use of nuclear weapons. Seeing for instance that The Netherlands is sending troops to Afghanistan. However, I do not think the Iranian nukes are a threat to the Netherlands or the rest of the West. Nukes can be traced back to their producer, even after having been exploded. Iran is a target, they have a territory and a 70 million population. So they will not let their nukes fall into terrorist hands. They will be open to retaliation if they are used.

The nukes that Al-Quada will use will be nukes that they have obtained from a source without that sources consent. I think it most likely that Russian nukes will be used, there are quite a few that are unaccounted for.