Friday, April 27, 2007

Anti-terror bureaucrat attempts to intimidate Geert Wilders

Right-wing leader Geert Wilders was invited to the office of Tjibbe Joustra, chief of the NCTb, the anti-terror service of the Dutch state. He was told of the hostility to his views in Muslim societies. And more:

"Wilders said the NCTb's goal was not only to inform him about his security situation. After the three hour meeting, an employee of the NCTb told Wilders that he would do better to express his political message in a milder manner. Wilders said he was given this recommendation during a presentation in the office of NCTb boss Tjibbe Joustra, at which officials from the intelligence and security service (AIVD) were also present."

Read the whole article on Geert Wilders.

More insults

The new Dutch coalition is still working on new deals between the three parties. Labour is pushing for a amnesty for failed asylum seekers and has received a new concession from the friggin' Christian coalition parties (Christian Democrats and Christian Union).

This concession is that asylum seekers who are proven lie-ers will also be included in the amnesty. The limit is one lie.

Lets just round this scum up and kill 'em all. I am talking about the coalition politicians. I get so effing disgusted......

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Labour leadership resigns

The entire management board of the Labour (PvdA) resigned late last night after a four-hour crisis meeting. MORE

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Racism and Rights

Criminalizing speech in the EU

The Brussels Journal reported a few days ago on new EU legislation being prepared by the European Commission. It is currently under review by the Council of Ministers, the ad hoc council of Justice Ministers of all European countries that approves legislation prepared by the European Commission.

The legislation is intended to stifle freedom of speech and action in all EU member states under the guise of "fighting racism and xenophobia". This kind of legislation is remniscent of the 1936 Constitution of the Soviet Union. It is concerning that the EU is attempting to legislate the criminal code of the member states.

The EU laws will in effect be quite powerless unless they are actually enforced by the national judiciaries of the EU member states. So what is the record with regards to surpression of speech enforcement in The Netherlands?

Free Speech takes of in The Netherlands

During the 2001-2002 Pim Fortuyn upheaval Dutch speech codes were relaxed. There was increased freedom to debate matters and government agencies released studies with politically incorrect finding, such as the overrepresentation of non-western foreigners in violent crime. As a result speech and action (hiring) are more free in The Netherlands than in other parts of the EU, especially Germany and Belgium. Still, article 1 of the Dutch constitution remained unchanged, including the part amended by Communist Marcus Bakker, that outlaws ethnic and religious discrimination by the public, rather than discrimination by the state that was the original portent of article 1.

Recently Vlaams Belang leader Dewinter recognized this greater freedom when he stated that he would apply for political asylum if the Belgian legislature would pass a law that would make exclude anyone convicted of "racism" from seeking political office.

With the new government of Labour, with Christian Democrats and Christian Union this freedom is under threat. Not only Labour politicians but also the Christian politicians are making ominious noises.

The sponsors of the agency

Yesterday, Christian Democrat Justice Minister Hirsch Ballin presented a new foundation dedicated to "combat racism and xenophobia" in addition to the organisations already existing, such as subsidised internet watchdog MDI and the special desks of the police for discrimination. The new organisation is called "Art. 1" after the Communist subverted article 1 of the Dutch constitution. The foundation was actually "enshrined" at Parliament by chiselling the text of article 1 of the Dutch constitution in a stone bench on the square of the Parliament building "Binnenhof".

The budget of the agency

The national government has an 6 million Euro annual budget item for such anti-discrimination desks. "Art. 1" wants it doubled. Justice Minister Ballin also promised that the prosecution department (OM) will intensify its hunt against dicriminatory hiring practices and "hate speech".

The head of the agency

The man appointed to head the new foundation is a Mr. Herman Meijer (Dutch). Mr. Meijer is a professional homosexual, a member of the radical gay-rights movement. He belongs to the Green Party ("Groen Links"). The Greens are a amalgam of a pacifist, the Communist and the Christian Leftist (EVP)Parties. Mr. Meijer is both a former card carrying Pacifist and a Communist. This man has now appointed himself to head a state-subsidised quasi-governemental organisation. The subsidy adds insult to injury, as politically incorrect Conservatives such as myself are forced to fund with our taxes the very organisation that disenfranchises us.

The morals of Mr. Herman Meijer

But that is not all. Mr. Meijer is an activist for pedophile rights. He is closely connected to activists that advance the "rights" of pedophiles as a part of his political activities and writings. He is an organiser of the infamous "Love of fellow man, Freedom and Diversity Party" ("Partij van Naastenliefde, Vrijheid en Diversiteit"). This party tried to take part in the 2006 election advocating rights of pedophiles, but met with such hostility that it never came to anything.

Breaking contracts

It is a sign of the times that immoral personal conduct is ADVOCATED by people on positions of highest political power. Diversity of opinion, necessary for debate in a free society regarding the reconcilability of ethnic, religious and national differences is criminalised. Though the latter a mere opinions and the former are actual breaches of the contract of society. This is general in the West.

Back to The Netherlands

Finally what this reveals again is the utter contempt with which the Dutch political class regards the public. Despite the fact that 2006 again showed there is enormous hostility against pedophilia in the country, Mr. Meyers was made head of the anti-heterodoxy foundation regardless.

This will give those who attack Multiculturalist dogma extra ammunition in their fight against the surpression of speech. So we can end this piece on a positive note.

Friday, April 20, 2007

The state of the nation

In order to rule the lives of its citizens the Dutch government is enacting and enforcing legislation to, e.g.:

ban smoking from the workplace
ban smoking from public places like bars and restaurants.

This, they think show that they care for our well-being.

On the other hand the government has to perform its oldest duty. The core of what a state has to do. To protect the public from violence.

Two stories:

1. A "very dangerous criminal (Dutch)" has escaped recently in Rotterdam. Police is looking for him, but only a SWAT team is allowed to make an arrest. That is how dangerous he is. However, the public prosecutor (OM) does not want to publish his picture, in order not to injure his privacy.

2. In Enschede a man burglared a house. The owner of the house defended himself with a baseball bat and injured the burglar. The houseowner has been arrested and is accused of assault. The burglar has been taken to hospital, to be nursed back to health at public expense.

The state cares about the well-being of the criminals, their privacy and safety. They do protect us if we voluntary go to places were we may be harmed by smoking. However, the state treats with contempt its duty to protect the public from wrong-doers.

This phenomenon was first given a name by the late Sam Francis. Anarcho-tyranny. He wrote: "a combination of anarchy (in which legitimate government functions—like spying on the bad guys or punishing real criminals—are not performed) and tyranny (in which government performs illegitimate functions—like spying on the good guys or criminalizing innocent conduct like gun ownership and political dissent).

The result of anarcho-tyranny is that government swells in power, criminals are not controlled, and law-abiding citizens wind up being repressed by the state and attacked by thugs."

Anarcho-tyranny is a sign of the crisis of ligitimacy of the state. This is clearly shown on online forums of populist Dutch newspapers. Here commenters make constant comparisons of the laid-back attitude of the state in crime surpression contrasting with the harshness of the state when productive citizens are caught speeding or self-defending. It would seem they well understand the idea of Anarcho-tyranny.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Advanced population replacement: vote buying

Well, the new Dutch centre-left government is getting under steam. We have got a government of Christian Dems (CDA), Labour and Christian Union (CU). They have made a coalition covenant or regeeraccoord, as is usual in Dutch multi-party democracy.

Labour party leader Wouter Bos is now sitting on the money chest, he is the Treasurer. A Dutch idiom "tying a cat to bacon" comes to mind.

Treasurer Bos is now complaining that there are some bears on his road. He has difficulties in balancing the 2008 budget. He estimates he will be about 2 Billion Euros short. On a rougly 158 Billion Euro annual budget. One (1) Euro is worth a bit more than one (1) US dollar, but one can say they are rougly equivalent.

The biggest bear on the road is one Treasurer Bos let out of cage when he was still Labour leader Bos. When Mr. Wouter Bos negotiated the coalition covenant with his partners, he demanded a pardon for 26.000 failed asylum seekers. These asylum seekers had exhausted all legal means to find asylum and had been turned down at all decision points. They had to be deported. However, Mr. Bos demanded an amnesty and he got it. Labour leader Bos knows full well that most of these immigrants will become Labour voters in the future, so for his party this is a long term investment and the beauty of the scheme is they can pass on the expense to the tax payer.

Which is why Treasurer Bos now has trouble to make ends meet. The amnesty will cost an estimated 500 to 800 million Euros. There are estimates (Dutch) that it will be much more. So the amnesty is responsible for a quarter to a third of of the bears on Treasurer Bos' road.

I have got all faith in Treasurer Wouter Bos' ability though. He surely will find the money to finance his party's vote buying scheme. Good to know that we are led by such very able people.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Population replacement

Belgium, a country of 10 million people has naturalized 330.000 immigrants in the past 6 years. Every MONTH Belgium naturalises 4.200 immigrants ("Dutch"). There are no requirements to be naturalized. It is not necessary to work or to speak one of the languages of Belgium, or to show any willingness to "intergrate".

The Flemish nationalist "Vlaams Blok" was outlawed for "racism" 2 years ago. The racism consisted of citing government statistics on overrepresentation in crime by ethnic immigrants. The judge concluded that "truth is no defense".

Since then the party has been refounded as "Vlaams Belang". The very rapid increase in "instant Belgians" who overwhelmingly vote for the immigrant bribing Left succeeded in arresting the growth of the nationalist vote in the biggest Dutch speaking city of Belgium: Antwerp. The Belgian media, like the judiciary, gave up any pretence at objectivity and reported the arrest with undisguised glee.

Ethnic Flemish are fleeing Antwerp relocating to rural locations in very significant numbers. This ensures in big gains for the "Vlaams Belang" nationalists in election results outside Antwerp and have given Belgium's political elite cause for concern. Continuing on their authoritarian impulses the political elite has decided to block "Vlaams Belang" again. Wednesday Belgian parliament will discuss a law to automatically bar any politician from office who has been convicted for "racism" ("Dutch").

The law is clearly aimed at the "Vlaams Belang" politicians and disenfranchising Flemish voters. The "Vlaams Belang" leader Filip Dewinter is currently being investigated for stating in the press of being afraid of Islam. "Vlaams Belang" leader Filip DeWinter has announced to consider seeking political asylum if such a law in The Netherland where there is more political freedom.

In my opinion there is no hope for a peaceful settlement of political differences between Europeans and their elites, if the elites continue to block all possibilities of democratic expression of nationalism. Belgium is a very stark example of this refusal.

There is a good commentary on this news by Herr Winn at the KleinVerzet blog "Grief Belgique".

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Banished from Eden?

Dutch News reports:
A court in Amsterdam will announce today whether the city's chapter of the motorcycle club Hells Angels should be banned. The public prosecution department (OM) says the group is a criminal organisation with no place in Dutch society.

It has gone to court in six cities to have all six Dutch chapters ruled illegal.

Amsterdam is considered to be the leading Dutch chapter. The OM says its members are involved in a wide range of criminal activities, from weapons and drugs trading to violent crime.

In March, a court in Leeuwarden ruled against the OM. It said that despite the criminal activities of some members, not everyone could be made responsible for their behaviour.
The Amsterdam Hells Angels are the leading chapter in the European wing of the Hells Angels organisation. They are involved in smuggling hard drugs into The Netherlands and moving it to other European countries, prostitution, gang wars, and assasination. Leading Dutch criminals Sam Klepper try to win the alliance of the Hells Angels, due to their manpower and organisation. Klepper was murdered in 2000 and rode to his burial site accompanied by a motorcade of hundreds of Hells Angels.

In turf wars in the 1990ies anti-tank rockets were fired at club houses in Scandinavia, just as happened last week at the Amsterdam-West courthouse.

Criminal gangs are a organisational and financial foundation for non-trinitarian warmaking entities that are undermining and challenging the state. Read a 19 page document on gangs, crime and terrorists on Defense and the National Interest.

A Quote:
Since the 1990’s, Western law enforcement agencies are seeing an increasing reliance by terrorist networks around the world on criminal activity.
And the news just came out. The Amsterdam Chapter of the Hells Angels ("Dutch") will not be dissolved.

The poisoned Crime Boss

The crime trial of the century was first upset by a rocket attack on the heavy security courthouse in Amsterdam-West. Now the trial is postphoned as the man on trial, Willem "Nose" Holleeder is seriously ill. He has been taken to hospital with a kidney condition. The Leiden Hospital were he was taken has been transformed in a stronghold, guarded by balaclava-clad policemen armed with assault rifles.

His instant celebrity laywer Jan-Hein Kuijpers ("Dutch") has been speculating about poisoning.

Holleeder is too ill right now to be operated. His next of kin have been allowed to visit him, for fear that he is die-ing. The immediate danger seemes to have passed now and the trial is supposed to be resumed in three months.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

No competition

Last Thursday, in a meeting with the people of Ondiep, Utrecht police opposed formation of a neighbourhood patrol. Ondiep is the Utrecht neighbourhood that was the scene of anti-police riots after a policeman killed a man who was defending a friend from Turkish hoodlums.

As an alternative the police said they would operate a phone helpdesk in order to tackle the problems of Ondiep's residents with Muslim ("Dutch") hoodlums. The helpdesk would be open from Thursday to Sunday from 19:00 to 24:00 hours.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Amsterdam organized crime trial marred by rocket fire

The Trial

Today a major organized crime boss went on trial. Willem Holleeder is a Dutch crime boss who is suspected of blackmailing a number of super wealthy Real Estate Investors, the Donald Trumps of The Netherlands, so to speak.

The rise of Dutch organized crime

Mr. Holleeder is one of several major crime bosses who rose to power in the 70ies and 80ies. Mainly on the flourishing drug trade of which Holland is a major European hub. The first big Dutch Godfather was "The Reverend" Bruinsma, who amongst other things ran mariuana, heroin, cocain smuggling businesses. Mr. Bruinsma was shot in 1991 by a former policeman in posh Amsterdam - South.

Mr. Holleeder became a prominent criminal when he kidnapped brewer Freddie Heineken and his driver in 1983. Willem "Nose" Holleeder was apprehended by the police, but managed to stash part of the ransom of roughly 16 million US Dollar away.

When Holleeder was released from jail he invested his money in real estate and brothels.

From Brothels to Blackmail

Around 2001 Holleeder allegedly started blackmailing a number of Real Estate moguls: Willem Endstra, Erik de Vlieger and some smaller Real Estate investors. Holleeder demanded more and more money from Endstra on the threat of death. The cornered Endstra started to talk to the police, but never dared to press charges against Holleeder. In the end Mr. Willem Endstra was killed on 17 May 2004.

The Blackmail becoming public knowledge

The transcripts of the talks between Mr. Endstra and the criminal intelligence unit of the police (CIE) were obtained by journalists who turned it into a book: the Endstra Tapes ("Dutch"), with exegesis of the transcripts by crime journalists Bart Middelburg and Paul Vugts ("Dutch"). The Endstra Tapes were originally published by Jort Kelder on QuoteNet. As the blackmailing of the Real Estate Tycoons had become public, the authorities were hardpressed to take action. A crime investigation team was assembled and big-nosed Willem was arrested.

The consiglieri

Willem Holleeder had a well-prepared defense team. Where Mr. Endstra was regarded as the banker of the crime world, the man hired by Willem Holleeder to represent him in court was Meester Bram Moszkowicz, the "consiglieri" of the Dutch underworld.

However this defense was undone by the work of a journalist: Jort Kelder again of QuteNet. After Jort Kelder of QuoteNet called Meester Moszkowicz a "Mafia-Mate", Moszkowitz, Holleeders laywer, sued Mr. Kelder for slander. Surprisingly Moszkowicz lost the case. That very same day Meester Moszkowitz withdrew himself from defending Holleeder, due to being "intimidated by criminal interests". Supposedly these are criminal interests hostile to Mr. Willem Holleeder.

Holleeder now has a new laywer, but he is not of the caliber of his consiglieri.

Cases such as these take place in a super protected courthouse ("Dutch") in Amsterdam-West which is used for high profile cases against violent criminals and Jihadists such as the "Hofstad" terror cell. Last night at 03:00 in another bizarre twist the "Bunker", was hit by a antitank rocket.

Anti-tank rocket

The attack is remniscent of the attack early November 2006 on the premises of the presses of PCM, a mayor news media group, with an antitank rocket. Also the building of QuoteNet Media of Mr. Kelder was fired upon using an automatic rifle or submachine gun, in relation to the Holleeder, two years ago.

In response to the latest attack the case was moved to another location today, the Courthouse on the Parnassusweg in Amsterdam - South.

It is difficult to put all these events together in a way that makes sense. On the whole it shows that there are elements in Dutch society who are using more and more violent in order to influence events. Whether the attack was used by friends of Holleeder to intimidate the judges or the prosecution or by his enemies in order to put a bad light on Holleeder is unclear. That the criminal underworld, of whom Holleeder is a representative has become very powerful as a result of the drug trade and other criminal enterprises is certain. The underworld got fat in a time after the 60ies when the authorities saw no use in persecuting crime as a result of their Liberal / Leftist worldview, which seeks to diminish culpability and responsibility of criminals. It may now be to late to turn back the tide as the underworld has become too powerfull. They certyainly have access to corrupt police personel to brief them on whatever is going on in the police and judiciary.

Finally it is clear that the criminal underword and the legal world of investors and legal representatives have become intertwined. Public knowledge of this co-operation is undermining the authority of the institutions of Dutch society.

The "Bunker" Courthouse in Amsterdam - West was actually evacuated, because a unexploded second antitank rocket round was found in the room destroyed by the first rocket.