Saturday, December 31, 2005

The Backlash

The runup to the Backlash

Highly theoretical, this backlash against the Leftist and immigrant alliance, you 'll say. The 90ies: Growing unease During times of strong economic expansion The 1990ies, which were years of rapid economic expansion and high levels of immigration, the latter by a combined influx of asylum seekers and family reunification. The Dutch public could not express its discontent with the high levels of immigration in the press nor elect any credible anti immigration parties into the Binnenhof or Dutch parliament. Although the VVD, these days the liberal-conservative party of Hirsi Ayaan Ali had in Frits Bolkestein a leader who was the only one who dared to break the deafening silence on immigration. During the 1998 elections he was the leader of his party and gained large amounts of votes with his Conservative vision. However, Frits Bolkestein left national politics immediately after the elections and became the Director General of Directorate 4 of the EU, dealing with competition, monopolies and cartels. The population had been robbed of its only vent of opposition against Multiculturalism and mass immigration.

The year 2000: The Multicultural drama

Then in the year 2000 Labour Party intellectual Paul Scheffer wrote a opinion piece on Multiculturalism and the increasing ethnic hostility and separation between Third worlders and ethnic Dutch. The piece was called "The Multicultural Drama" and exposed the sordid reality of ethnic fragmentation and separation in The Netherlands. The expose caused an outcry and lots of debate amongst intellectuals.

Local politics: Bypassing the political cartel

Meanwhile in local politics in towns and villages accross the Dutch Rijk local non-nationwide parties were cropping up, with all kinds of veterans and newcomers to politics. These parties could be Leftist or Rightist or more or less ideology free. Very often these politicians were hostile to immigration and opposed to the establishment of local Asylum seeker centres (AZC). Moreover they had policies that were often more hardline on law and order than had been customary in Dutch politics since 1972, when Dutch politicians both of the Right and the Left veered to the left becoming more Leftwing than the general population of the country. The much celebrated Liberalism of the Netherlands was a Liberalism of the elites and was not widely shared by the majority of the population. This had initially not been a major issue, but became more and more prominent in the minds of the voters. These local parties usually took on the name "Leefbaar (Livable) .... " with the name of the town or village substituted for the dots.

Local goes national

In 2000 a number of local politicians created a national list for all the "livable" parties. These politicians were all veterans of Leftist parties and had excellent strategic and networking skills. The national list was called "Livable Netherlands" indicating they wanted to take the local approach to the National level. The party program was pro-multicultural, but had a hard line approach on crime. In the minds of the public crime is connected to immigrants, partly due to experience, partly due to the hostility to strangers that is hardwired into our biology. They needed a popular public figure to be the face of the list and looked around amongst the ambitious cadres of establishment parties. But no establishment politician wanted to run for the Livable List. So they approached Pim Fortuyn, a former Marxist and right-wing columnist for Conservative weekly Elsevier. Fortuyn was in fact notorious for his stance on immigrants and before Fortuyn entered politics there had already been a anti Fortuyn poster campaign by artists. On the poster, done in Elsevier style a naked Fortuyn appeared with a Turkish fez on his head and wrapped in the national flag. The caption read: "the solution for the Multicultural drama: become WHITE". The Leefbaar honchos demanded that Fortuyn would drop his public stance on Immigration and Multiculturalism and would just run on his other ideas, about Law and Order, Education, Health care reform, decentralisation etcetera. This was where his ideas and the ideas of the Localists ran parallel. Fortuyn agreed. Snouck had always maintained that if a right wing movement would rise in The Netherlands it would have to be run by a Jew or a woman, otherwise the media would slaughter the incumbent. Fortuyn was a homosexual. It was clear from the beginning that the Leftist media cartel would try to serve their political masters as good as they could, but the fact that Fortuyn was a raging queer made them hesitant and insecure. Fortuyn did not conform to the Conservative stereotype. And Fortuyn was a homosexual who loved attention, cameras, to be in the centre of the action. The camera loved him back and every television interview meant a big boost in the number of viewers and Livable Netherlands rise in the polls was meteoric. Internet Forums where set up and sympathisers, rightwingers and malcontents who had been quiet for decades started to make acquaintance without needing the traditional media. So the media masters tried to media assasinate him. Already in the mid 90ies Marcel van Dam, head of the socialist VARA broadcasting channel had said during a debate that Fortuyn was reprehensible and disgusting.

The media attack the challenger

Now the media went into demonization overdrive. They asked needling questions about immigration and Multiculturalism and Fortuyn was not the man to remain quiet. Interviewed by Leftist daily "De Volkskrant" Fortuyn answered that if he could do it legally, he would not let 1 more Asylum seeker into the country. The next day this was on the frontpage of "De Volkskrant". And on that same day by the evening there had been a coup against Fortuyn by his former backers and was he fired as a leader of the "Livable Netherlands" list. Fortuyn collapsed and was picked up by his friend Theo van Gogh. Van Gogh told him to continue his crusade. However, it was only 3 months until the elections.

Rotterdam goes with Fortuyn

Because Livable Netherlands was a federation of many local parties it was possible for a number of these local parties to refuse to endorse the decision of Livable Netherlands central council. The Rotterdam List chose him as a party leader. Individuals of local parties around the Netherlands started setting up a new party, List Pim Fortuyn (LPF). And Fortuyn was campaigning again in Rotterdam. The Rotterdam elections now assumed national importance. Blue collar port city Rotterdam had been a Labour party stronghold for decades. The Labour Party had become arrogant as is the rule with unopposed elites. They were extremely pro-immigrant and Multiculturalist. The white citizens of Rotterdam were offered a political platform that addressed their concerns over crime, unfettered immigration and alieneation of ethnic Dutch from Multicultural society for the first time. They did not pass up the opportunity! Both blue collar and middle class voters flocked to the Leefbaar Rotterdam, despite the Leefbaar Rotterdam lack of administrative experience. Voters reckoned that it could not be worse than what they were used to. Also lots of people who had stopped voting (only 49 percent of whites voted in 1998) now voted Fortuyn. Leefbaar Rotterdam swept the Left away in the elections. Fortuyn now had a power base. The Leefbaar Rotterdam politicians are competent and their leader, Marko Pastors had worked with Fortuyn. This was when Fortuyn had been a public servant, in charge of the bank that gives Dutch students benefits and loans.

Fortuyn goes national again

Most of the problems that Fortuyn addressed are national problems and not local matters. Immigration. National identity and immigration. Fortuyn had to set his sight higher, on national politics. So in a few weeks a national party was created out of nowhere, requiring dozens of local party lists. Fortuyn tasked the Rotterdam leadership of his movement with creating a Rotterdam coalition to show everybody that his movement was to be taken serious.

The election in Rotterdam was on 9 april 2002. Fortuyns national campaign was gathering steam. There were debates on TV between the leaders of the 4 biggest parties and Fortuyn was on them as if his party had already taken part in real national elections. Every day he was on TV and radio, on local and national TV. With every debate his approval ratings went up. He seemed unstoppable. The mood in the country was expectant. Leftists started to ask Conservatives about their views on things! Leftist politicians were so scared of the blue voters that those who were living in working class areas left because they feared attacks. Blue collar workers held intimidating barbeques on the street in front of houses of Labour Party activists and officials. To reclaim their neighbourhoods. A slogan was heard: "nooit meer links" ("The Left never again").

His followers were debating on the internet forums. There were opinions on all kinds of matters. Strange and unusual ideas were put in the spotlight. There was intense opposition to Islam.

Tear down the Temple

For Conservatives it had been a sore point for a long time that all kinds of Leftist organisations with good intentions had received large annual subsidies since the 1970ies. Hardcore Conservative organisations such as the OSL (Legion of Veterans) had published lists of Leftist and Communist organisation and the subsidies they received. Amongst those many organisations for the protection of rights of squatters, immigrants and animals. In this way extreem Leftism had been a profitable lifestyle with lots of money to make propaganda and a home and a refuge for many people who needed to fight for a cause without having to worry about financing their armies.

Fortuyn announced that he would teardown their Temple. He would end the subsidies to the hundreds of subsidised Leftist organisations and he would do the same with subsidized organisations on the Right. There are no subsidized organisations on the Right. This would mean that thousands of people some of them already in their sixties, who had never had to work for a privatly funded organisation in their lives were threatenened in their livelyhoods and lifestyles. At the same time these people not only saw their world view under attack in the Media ("The Church of The Left" as Fortuyn called the House of the Media) but up to a fifth or even a third of the population coming out of hiding enthusiastically supporting him. Telling him to go further and say more naughty things about Muslims. "Hit that Imam again he is still moving".

Something had to be done and something was done.

I will continue with this piece when I got time (tomorrow). Little, insignificant persons demand that I eat with them and drink their wine. Twist Snouck's arm anytime.

Friday, December 30, 2005

Doorkeepers of Democracy and the fifth column

I spoke to a friend who is an activist for the ultra-Leftist Sosialistiese Partij or Socialist Party about non-Western immigrants recently. My friend agrees that there are many problems about intergrating non-western foreigners into Dutch society, but does not understand the significance of the Islamic religion. At a certain point he remarked that all the Muslims he knows through his party work are such good people and that they overwhelmingly support leftist and ultra leftist parties.

I always wonder if people are trying my out when they say such things. People know that I am conservative and patriotic but generally I only let my real thoughts be known to an intimate circle of friends and when I discuss contentious matters I generally spoon feed Leftists conservative insights. Giving them the whole thing at once will choke them like a snake devouring a hog.

So I just said: "well, perhaps that is why your side of the political spectrum is so happy to let Muslims and non-western immigrants in? What I wonder about is why these immigrants, who are generally very patriotic about their countries and zealous about their religions vote for parties that are anti-nationalistic and hostile to religion and tradition?"

I could see that it got him thinking. I will have to check back and see if the seed that I planted fell on fertile ground. If I find a sapling it will take some tender loving care in order to nurture a beautiful tree of Conservative wisdom in the desert of Dutch progressive closed mindedness.

There are two connected matters. One, the Left has an interest to increase the number of voters by importing a captive voter base. Two, the ideology of the imported voter base must be such that it has buttons that the Left can push in order for the voter base to deliver the goods.

The Leftists ritually don the cloak of disinterested altruism when defending open borders and Multiculturalism. The Leftist creed is worship at the altar of the State. According to the Left the State must be given as much power as possible at the expense of other arrangement for co-operation, such as voluntary associations, churches, businesses, the family and the other groupings which are the temples of the Right. The State is a monopolist of power over a given population and territory, whereas the other associations, the ones preferred by the Right are in competition with each other, giving people choice and thusly freedom.

Because of the downfall of socialism in Eastern Europe the creed of the Left has been discredited with white voters in Western countries. The arrival in the Middle Class of about eighty percent of blue collar workers since the 1970ies has further eroded support for the Left. It is no coincidence that the Left since 1990 has been more vociferous in the support of size of immigration and the rights of immigrant groups. With full power over the discourse on immigration, basically by making it impossible to debate it, the Left got control over the composition of the total voter base. With every election the number of immigrant voters increases. They overwhelmingly support the Left. Thusly the Left can subvert democracy.

I say "subvert democracy". Because the "Demos" in Democracy means "people" or "nation". It is the total power of the State to define who is a citizen. Which is based on the untransparent machinations of State bureaucracy, based on the nations dead territorium and on the passage of time. And not on any of the traditional source of legitimacy to be regarded as a member of the nation. That is the ultimate expression of Leftist State power worship and totally negates the idea of natural nationhood or Demos. Consequentially elections become empty RITUALS of democracy rather than a means to express the will of the people. A people with a common heritage and a sense of shared destiny.

The support for immigration is therefore both ideologically and practically of major importance to the Left.

The second matter is the motivation of non-western immigrants to vote for Leftist parties. As remarked to my socialist friend, the immigrants come from backgrounds that are strongly particularistic and that place great emphasis on tribe and blood, on religion and nationalism. Why support the Left then when living in the West? It would be more naturaral to support political forces that are more ideologically congruent or isomorph to the ideologies the immigrants brought from their original societies.

Well if WE invaded a foreign nation, would we support the local nationalists and particularists that patriotically oppose our presence? Or would we support those local unpatriotic political forces that would be looking to strengthen our community of colonists at the expense of their own nation? We would be supporting the latter traitorous forces. Especially if we would be lacking the strength to maintain our community by our own economic and military force. From the particularist Point of View of the immigrants, support of the Left is a duty to their group.

So the Left and the immigrants live in perfect political symbiosis, despite the fact that their ideologies are diametrically opposed. So my socialist friend was wrong. The immigrants are not selfless supporters of the Leftist shrine of the State and worshipper equality, but hardnosed, rightwing political entrepreneurs looking for a bargain. It takes one, to know one!

However, as the size of the immigrant groups grow the costs of the policy, which have to be born by the host population increase and a truly rightwing position makes more and more sense for that segment of the population most hurt by Leftist strategy.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

The purpose of Anti-racism laws and organisations

Question for today: what purpose do anti-racism laws and anti-discrimination bodies have?

Individual countries in Europe and North America have anti-racism laws and anti-racism organisations. The stated purposes of these organisations and laws are the promotion of tolerance and pluralism. Beautiful aims.

Every year in Europe these organisations compile reports and statistics on the development of racist and discriminatory attacks on minorities in Europe. There is also a European Union organisation dealing with it. For the past 50 years or so racist violence has been on a very low level in Western societies. A positive development.

I visited the house of an Israeli friend a few months ago and he was watching a football match on TV. Maccabi Tel-Aviv against a French team. The match was in Israel and the Israeli onlookers were booing and hissing when the French team appeared on the field. My friend said it was because of the rising violence against Jews in France. France is becoming anti-semitic. I said nothing. But I thought to myself that everyone knows that it is North African Muslims who are mostly responsible for this type of crime.

Two years ago for instance it became known that the European Union's Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia has not published it report on anti-semitic crime. The reason: most of the violence is committed by immigrant Muslim youth.

This shows that the Western elites are not really concerned about protecting the Jews or other minorities. The reason that Western elites created anti-racism legislation and organisations is that they want to control the minds of their white populations. Pro-tolerance policies are a kind of proof of moral leadership for the political elites. They do not care about any immoral behavior in peoples' lifes. They do not care about lying, alcoholism, taking drugs, lack of patriotism, pedophilia, stealing, wife- or husband beating or abandoning children.

But being an elite they still instinctively understand they must have moral leadership. And tolerance was the cool thing to be leaders about. And it was easy. It did not require any sacrifice in personal lives of the elite. The price of Multiculturalism was paid by the blue collar workers, as we saw in yesterday posting.

Now that the cause of tolerance requires standing up to Muslims the elites dodge the issue. Because critisising Muslims endangers their political support and even risks assasination. The politicians continue to demand our acceptance of the Islamic community, as did Justice Minister P.H. Donner last week. They are not creative enough to come up with a viable political alternative and they just stumble on in the dark.

The Truth of the meek is trampled upon. Whites have been meek and therefore their interests have been squandered. It is time to end meekness.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Working poor

The De Volkskrant newspaper is doing a special (with a blog!)on the working poor in The Netherlands. They show that at the bottom of the Dutch labour market there is a significant proportion of the population working to earn an income that is no better or sometimes slightly less of what they would make if they would just receive an unemployment benefit. Some of them Dutch, some of them immigrants. Of course the newspaper is loyal to its leftists roots and allows the interviewed to blame lack of government intervention for their troubles. What the newspaper fails to point out is that there is an abundant supply of unskilled labour at the bottom rung of the labour market. The abundancy is caused by the very large influx of non-western immigrants since the 1960s. It has only been made worse by the leaving of unskilled labour to the developing economies in Southern Europe and now in Eastern Europe and Asia.

Time and time again the opinion that we white Dutchmen profit from immigration because of the low wages the immigrants receive is repeated like a mantra. Yet the fraction of the population that employ immigrants is minute, while the segment of the population that competes with the immigrants for work is easily a hundred times bigger.

This was already obvious to me 15 years ago. Yet this misconception remains unchallenged, because the mainstream media (MSM) leaves no room for those who want to challenge the idea that immigration is good and beneficial. Next year the MSM will do their special again on the plight of the working poor. I bet that by then economic reality, the law of supply and demand works on the labour market too, has still not penetrated the brains of the pundits caste.

Oh, one more thing. Newspaper Trouw reports that our friends in Europe Court in Strassbourg are demanding that Minister Verdonk of Immigration and Assimilation brings Dutch family reunification policy in line with European policy for reunification. Dutch policy is too restrictive. Dutch policy used to be the most liberal in Europe, but that has changed after the Fortuyn bombshell. Now the European elite thinks they have found a way to nibble away at the advances made in The Netherlands with regards to immigration.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Jobs Dutchmen do not want to do

Get up real early in the morning and hit the Amsterdam streets at 06:15. What do you see? Blacks and Muslims freezing on the sidewalks waiting for vans and buses to take them to their jobs.

Whenever one gets into a discussion over foreigners the politically correct get all moralistic (urgh!), going: "well these immigrants do the jobs Dutchmen do not want to do". They imply that Dutchmen should feel a deep obligation and humbleness vis-a-vis these poor hardworking immigrants. Because without these people these jobs would not be done.

Let us take a closer look at this argument.

These jobs are vacated by Dutchmen, who move on to better jobs. Jobs with better pay. Jobs with better working conditions or with more respect in society.

If immigrants would not do this work the economy would come to a screeching halt. Or not?
In dynamic economies work is on the move all the time. All the time industries that are not profitable are closed down. Often the work is then done in other low wage counties where unskilled labour is plentiful and cheap. Building up the economies of these countries. Everyone is a winner.

So what is really happening when rich countries are importing unskilled third world labour is that employers, who are 2-3 percent of the population get an additional supply of workers. This improves their bargaining position against blue-collar workers. The wages of blue-collar workers, the working poor, are depressed by the abundant labour supply. The blue collar workers are 10-15 percent of the population.

Usually the Leftists defending immigration and Multiculturalism are white middle class. They regard themselves as morally superior to the opponents of immigration. Because the opponents do not want to give gifts of jobs and safety to Third world immigrants. But who is paying for the gifts to the immigrants? Not the middle class. It is the blue collar workers who are paying for the gifts.

These days blue collar workers are sympathisers of nationalist groups or are desillusioned with democracy. Not bothering to vote, because there is no party defending their interests. The Left is inviting their Third world guests, taking the bread and livelyhood of the blue collar workers and droning on and on and on about their moral superiority and the dangers of white ethnic solidarity, which they call racism.

There are further benefits to the Left connected with immigration. The Third world immigrants need education, cultural rights, subsidies and protection from the jealousy of the White lower class. So they vote for the Leftist political parties, who are constantly on the record for immigrant rights and against "racism".

Back to the Amsterdam streets at 06:15 in the morning. It is still freezing. Our tropical brothers are looking miserable dreaming of the climates that they left. Many of them will try to leave their present livelyhoods at the first possible opportunity. If they get Dutch citizenship and full rights many of them will apply for WAO, the Dutch disability benefit. They will get 75 percent of their last earned pay for doing nothing. 50-60 percent of the males of most immigrant groups receive unemployment of disability benefits. So the proposition that immigrants do the work Dutchmen do not want to do is a falsehood. White blue collar workers have a 80 percent work participation guote. White blue collar workers are paying taxes and social premiums contibuting to the payment of the social benefits. This is another gift from the Left to the immigrants that is (partly) paid for by the blue collar workers.

The Third world immigrants end up living in the cheapest neighbourhoods of Dutch towns and cities. Rubbing shoulders with the white blue collar workers. Competing for the same houses. Driving up rents. Driving up crime rates. Driving up rapes rates of white girls. Making demands on municipal services such as schools, public transport and subsidies. Making claims to what can be taught in the schools.

And this gives the Left more power over the population. Because they can change what is taught in school using the arguments of Multiculturalism and Diversity. Insisting that school boards, clubs and private businesses comply with non-discrimination drives. If immigrants can not find jobs than this must imply that employers are racist and refuse to give jobs to immigrants who must be equally suitable to doing these jobs.

It is a beautiful plan from the perspective of the Left. Taking from the poor and taking up a position of moral superiority to those who oppose the policy. Whenever things go wrong the solution is always increased state interference. State interference is at the core of Leftist political ideology. Outlawing all alternative viewpoints as crime think.

Those of us who thought that the Left had been defeated in 1989 were mistaken. Totalitarian Leftism has made a comeback through Multiculturalism. It hurts us all in our rights and way of living. But it hurts some more than others......

Monday, December 26, 2005

Anti Quassam Missiles

Hamas, the Gaza Palestinian Jihadist force is firing Quassem missiles at Israel. The Mujaheed fired 4 missiles from the Gaza strip at a village and at the city of Asqelon on the Mediterrenanean Sea.

The Palestinians make the missiles themselves in little workshops in Gaza. They fire them from the yard of some poor Palestinian soul with few sons and connections at urban areas in Israel.

The Israeli's can fire back with artillery. But they will never hit the perpetrators, because they are long gone. The launch tubes use timers anyway, so even if you hit them 3 seconds after they were fired it is still too late. If the Israelis hit Palestinians civilians with artillery in revenge bombardment in order to make the terrorists unpopular with Gaza Palestinians the wounded and killed will be on European and USA television, which will be terrible for Israeli image abroad and increase hate for the Jews amongst Western Leftists and Muslims in the West.

Israel can do nothing. Then the population will get angrier with every attack and elect more and more badass Governments.

Israel can use pin point attacks against Hamas forces. They can try to find out who are important militants in Hamas organisation and kill them. This is much better. If it gets on Western TV nobody care about these terrorists and many will be happy that they were killed.

Israel can hit PLO-Palestinian Authority officials for allowing the attacks to continue. This can be a good idea. I am sure that the PLO people know who the Hamas people are so they are collaborators with anti-Israeli terrorism. And everybody hates the PLO types anyway these days apart from the idiots in the EU but they even want to continue the process to make Turkey an EU member, despite 60 percent dissaproval from European population.

The worst idea: Israel can make its own Quassem missiles and fire them at Gaza in retaliation. One of Sharon's Kedima buddies proposed this idea. Of course Israel can make such stupid missiles if they try. Is he crazy? What does he think? That Israel and the world sets the same standards for Israel as for the Palestinians?

Maybe they should just do it for once on Aprilfoolsday, by the way of joke. Just to make propaganda. Fire missiles at Gaza. Film it and give the film to the news agencies and say "Hell, we do not know where these missiles are going to land. Is that important?"

It would definately make a point. They could even load the missiles with wooden warheads, just to pull everyone's leg. I think they should do it. These days propaganda is more important that military strength.

3 Jihadists back in The Hague

A few weeks ago 3 Muslim boys from The Hague were lost by their families. The fathers were afraid they wanted to fight Jihad and appealed to the boys to come back in the media last month. The boys, Said, Ramazan and Driss, where arrested by police in Azerbaidjan and have come back yesterday. The families of the 3 boys are evasive about what the boys have been up to.

The 3 boys are supposed to be recruited for Jihad by Murat D. He is also known under the nickname "Ibrahim the Turk". He is a known recruiter for Jihad in the Muslim communities in The Netherlands. Supposedly the 3 boys were to travel to Iraq from Turkey. Why they anded up in Azerbaidjan is unclear.

Obviously rumours of recruitment for Jihad are making the rounds in the Muslim community.

White self defense not permitted

Everywhere in The Netherlands Morroccans go there is trouble. They have to lord it over the natives and they can not stand weakness. Morroccans usually congegrate in the 19th century urban areas near towns and villages. The youngsters form gangs and look for fights with other ethnic groups. Of course urbanised Dutch are their preferred targets, because generally these have lost the ability and will to get together and defend against scum.

Todays saga is from the Dutch capital: The Hague. In a new VINEX suburb groups of Moroccans are terrorising and extorting Dutch youth, just as the Qoran tells them to. This has been going on for years and the police knows it and even admits it. If you read Dutch, read here.
And here.

The kids complain to their parents. Who complain to the police. Again and again. A year ago the Leftist newspaper "De Volkskrant" published every Saturday the reports of Bert and Marja who where terrorized in their Amsterdam neighbourhood. The police can never do anything, because they are busy or not around or call us back later. Eventually Bert and Marja had to leave their house and neighbourhood. The mayor said that he was sorry. Gee.

My brother was terrorised by his neighbour a few years ago. The guy is a small time Israeli criminal. The guy played loud music at all hours of the day, gave threats to my brother when he asked if the volume could be put down please. And threw my brother from the stairs. A police lady came by after a few weeks and spend two hours of her precious, tax payer funded time to explain to my brother that the police can do nothing, absolutely nothing.

The same happened in Den Haag, in the Wateringen neighbourhood. The police never did anything. Then a father beat up one of the Moroccan kids. Of course a gang of Moroccans showed up and there was a threatening situation, so now the police had to show up. The police refused to make any arrests, so the man went back to his house and got a knife. Ordered to put the knife down the man ignored the police on the grounds that if they ignore Moroccan trouble makers why discriminate against a Dutch troublemaker?

Wrong! He got arrested and is just sentenced to 60 hours community service. Oh, if you tell this story to your politically correct friends they just make snide comments and pretent it is okay! So funny!

I just looked on the map and Wateringen, the The Hague neighbourhood is only two kilometers from Honselersdijk. Three days after the murder on Pim Fortuyn a Dutch lady, Brigitte de Birk (39), in Honselersdijk was attacked by their 16 year old neighbour, because they had raised the Rebel flag in their garden. The neighbour is of course a Moroccan. He called the lady a "Whore" and "Fortuyn was killed and many Dutch will follow", then he hit her in her own garden. The husband came to her aid. Minutes later the couple is under assault by dozens of Moroccan males. The couple is beaten up. Their son flees to Dutch neighbours. The police shows up and bring the couple to the police station. They are then arrested and put in a cel!

It turns out that in the excitement the Moroccan neighbour, the mother of the original attacker has had a heart attack. And the Moroccans blame of course the Dutch family, because nothing can ever be the fault of Moroccans. They vandalised the house of the Dutch couple. Windows and doors are destroyed. The house is looted.

The Mayor of the village goes on local TV and promises the Moroccans that the Dutch will not return to their house. Not a single arrest is made. Apart from the Dutch couple of course who are in jail for 4 days. Then they are taken to the house of their family in another town.

This is not the end of the story. The Moroccans consider themselves to be in a feud with the couple and find out where they work and where their handicapped son goes to school. They attack the son in his school and the lady, Brigitte at her job in a clothing shop. The police refuses to do anything and advises to couple to emigrate! THEY ARE DUTCH! THE MOROCCANS ARE FOREIGN SCUM!

Why do we put up with this? Why do we pay tax? The first duty of the state is to protect its citizens. Instead the state brings in foreigners of cultures that are not compatible with ours and muzzles us by taking away the freedom of speech concerning immigration.

Is it a surprise that the people in Den Haag are terrorised when they see they can get away with anything and the Dutch state can not be bothered to protect its citizens? But mysteriously DOES find the capacity to come down on Dutchmen who defend themselves and their families?

Read the story of Brigitte de Birk and her husband Rinus Bauman in De Telegraaf.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Oh Yes!

Merry Christmas people!

Vrolijk Kerstfeest gewenst vanuit Nederland.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

The Netherlands is banning the Burqa

This week the issue that is wagging people's tongues is the proposal by Geert Wilders of Lijst Geert Wilders to ban the Burqa in public places in The Netherlands. As a ground for this ban Wilders uses the idea that a Burqa is repressing women. In several cities in Flanders the Burqa has alreay been banned for reasons of security. A member for the government coalition CDA supported Wilder's motion. Minister of intergration Verdonk is going to see if a ban can be made workable.

I have mixed feelings about this ban. I do not like the "social reform" ruse that Wilders is using. Basically that is a leftist or liberal idea, that the state should define and reform culture or tradition. I think people have a right to dress as they want. However in Flanders the ban is supported that criminals and terrorists can hide under Burqa, so that it is in the public interest that people can see the faces of people moving in public.

The leader of Milli Gorus, the Turkish Islamic organisation, said that people have a right to remove themselves from the public or the mainstream. I think that people who want to remove themselves in this way, make an Anti-Western statement. If they have Dutch citizenship it should be revoked and so it should for their husband and children. They should be expelled to wherever it is they came from. The Burqa goes against Christian and European tradition. The time for fun and games is over.

Friday, December 23, 2005

More footdragging on Afghanistan

Yesterday there was supposed to be a decision on the Afghanistan Mission. The Netherlands had already sent troops in 2003, both to Iraq and Afghanistan. Right now the decision is whether the ISAF mission in the South of Afghanistan (Uruzgan) must be supported with
up to 1,400 troops.

The coalistion of Christian Democrats (CDA), Liberal-Conservatives (VVD) and Liberal-Liberals (D66) is devided, with the minute and irrelevant Liberal-Liberals opposed, Lib-Cons pro and the Christian-Democrats playing their traditional Yes-No-Maybe attitude.

The arguments. The arguments for sending troop there. I have not really found those in the media. Sending peaceforces shows good intention and Dutch politician LOVE good intentions. Good intentions will get you far in this country.

But ooooh... the risks. There are nasty people there. With guns!!!!! They want to fight. They have no proper insurance for health care. And they still want to fight. Ugh. Fanatics. Some of them even do not mind to die. Baaad Afghani's. Must we send TROOPS into areas were there is unrest and chaos and insurrection kinda like it is a WAR out there.

My completely idiotic, lost the plot, do not know what is going on leaders are discussing the risks now and whether they are acceptable.

Personally I think we should not send the troops. It is not that they can achieve anything there. The only good side about it is that the Americans like us doing it. And if it is wrong there will be a lot of chatter about it in the media and perhaps a few people will learn something about it how the rest of the world works.

It would take about 20 men with assault rifles to completely take over this whole country of ours. Just find 20 men with balls of steel and there will be no power here to stop them. This is how weak and useless we have become.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

"We hate you fellows, that is the gist of it"

The trial against the "Hofstad" terror cell is continuing. The cell is well known because the murderer of Van Gogh, Mohammed Bouyeri, is a member. Yesterday the Judges interrogated Samir Azzouz again the stumbling terrorist again.

Judge: "Did the suspects have a specific bond?"

Samir Azzouz: "We were all unemployed"

Judge: "Was there anything deeper than that that connected you people?"

Samir Azzouz: "We share the same ideology. We reject your system and we hate you fellows. That is the gist of it."

Public Prosecutor Plooy: "Could you please explain what you hate in our system?"

Samir Azzouz: "Everything. The idea that people think that you can make laws, although you are not better than this cup of water."
The idea of the will of the people coming in forcefull contact with the will of God as an inspiration for laws that bind and obligate people. It is a head on collision.

Aussie Mujaheed

Click this link to the SITE institute and download the August 31 wmv file.

If the link is broken you may have to cut and paste the link into your browser.

The file is called "War of the Oppressed". The introduction is in Arabic. Then you get a speech by a masked bloke clutching an AK-47 Kalashnikov in his arms. He has a speech in Australian accented English. He must have been born in Australia because his English is free of a Middle Eastern accent. Look at his hand gestures though. This chap is not a Australian White Convert to Islam.

The bloke basically says that Westerners are not really free and that the Middle East is not a backyard or a playground for Western Nations and that Britain and the USA are not free to reshape Iraq or other Nations without expecting opposition.

The first point is debateble, some people will agree others will disagree. It is my opinion however that he is definately right about the Western powers and the citizens of Western nations having to expect opposition to the mad and drunken scheme to reform the Middle East according to their wishes.

The Middle East has a proud history and their peoples have been around longer than European Civilisation. It is idiotic to think they will conform to our Western ideas. It is idiotic to think that they will willingly walk down the same road of selfdestructive moral relativity that has been the hallmark of Western Civilisation since 1968.

Of course the people who killed the civilians in the WTC on 9-11 and the other attacks in Spain, the UK, Bali, The Van Gogh murder should be tracked down and killed. Their lands are their lands. That is right. And our lands are our lands and we Westerners should live by our own laws.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Culture Wars

In the US and the rest of What Was Formerly Known As The Christendom it is the season for Christmas. And therefore also the Christmas war is heating up. Steve Sailer and (Jewish) Burt Prelutsky both wrote articles poining out that the secularist campaign against Christmas in the name of separation of State and Church and MultiCulturalism is led by Jews. Secular American Jews forming majorities in the membership of organisations such as ACLU, are turning increasingly anti-Christian, much in the way the Kemalist Turkish elite is Anti-Islam. Writes Prelutsky:
And I blame my fellow Jews. When it comes to pushing the multicultural, anti-Christian agenda, you find Jewish judges, Jewish journalists, and the American Civil Liberties Union, at the forefront.
Both Prelutsky and Sailer show that this was not always the case and insist that Jewish songwriters produce the most beautiful Christmas songs in the 1930 and 1940s.

But something has changed.

Sailer writes:
American Jews, those exemplars of successful assimilation now seem to be de-assimilating emotionally, becoming increasingly resentful, at this late date, of their fellow Americans for celebrating Christmas
His reasoning is that organised American Jewry have become so blatantly opposed to the traditions of the American Majority is because of their awesome political and economical power.
And having exercised this power for a long time they have become intoxicated with it. And now they are stumbling and making mistakes and slurring their speech.

The "intoxicated with power argument" is a strong one and it does explain why American Jewry is not holding itself back from embarking on this course. A course steering through a channel strewn with underwater obstacles endangering their ship, its crew and its beautiful 3,000 year old cargo of culture and history.

But this intoxication argument does not provide a motivator.

In "North of South" S. Naipaul writes an intimate documentary on Eastern Africa and its people in the late 70ties. Because of his Indian roots, Naipaul pay special attention to the Indians he meets on his voyage. One of his more harrowing scenes is his meeting with a "blood brother", a lone Indian, Karim Lalji, in Tanzania. Karim is left behind when most Middleman Minority Indians are ethnically cleansed from Tanzania after independence. Karim is living with Africans and in a permanent state of drunken despondency. His community, his life has vanished. His property has been taken from him. The story ends: "I could not help Karim Lalji. No one could. Africa had closed in over him".

It is not the Orthodox Jews who wage war on Christmas. Some of the orthodox like Rabbi Lapin are actually coming to the aid of Christian tradition in America. Their numbers are stable, growing even.

Abe Foxman and the alliance against Christmas are secularist. Atheists. Progressives. They are not passing on Jiddishkeit on to their children. Their grandchildren have no affinity with things Jewish and are intermarrying with the Goyim at a 50 percent rate. White America is closing in over them.

The War on Christmas is their last desparate call to rally the Tribe around the Arc of the Convenant and to go under as Jews.

Unpopular Message

The number of visitors to this blog rose steadily by about 10 percent per week. Yesterday the number of visitors took a 25 percent dent however, especially in visits from the USA. I guess my message about the lost war in Iraq was not a popular one.

Still I stand by my endorsement of Van Creveld's assessment.

The war in Iraq is not going well. There is no victory in sight. I saw some horrible footage yesterday from a film made by Jihadi's. It was shot of American soldiers on the streets in Iraq in armoured vehicles and humvees. They were getting shot by Jihadi snipers. The footage was accompanied by religious chanting in Arabic. The footage of well-equipped US soldiers with million dollar Equipment and sensors standing around seeing nothing is an illustration of the warnings of Van Creveld.

What to do against the Jihad against the West? The democratisation of the Middle East is not working. I have always maintained that it is impossible. Because Iraqi and most other Middle Eastern societies are too fractured along religious (Sunni, Shia) and tribal and ethnic lines to be able to live in a democratic society. Francis Fukuyama wrote a book "Trust" about the necessity of trust and understanding between citizens in a society in order for people to co-operate vulontarily. This is a necessary precondition of democracy. Middle Easterners do not trust one another. High levels of trust are only found in Europe, European derived societies such as Australia and Japan. That is why they need dictators to run societies. That is why civil wars break out.

That is why democracy in Iraq won't work. So if we pursue a defence against Jihad we must shed our illusions about the possibility of democratisation of reshaping the enemy in our own image. The US Army is not an instrument of social reform. Conservatives should understand this. There will be new terror attacks on Western targets. Globally. And something needs to be done. Otherwise people in Europe and the US will lose confidence in their governments and we get instability in our homelands.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The good thing about Al-Queda

The good thing about Al-Queda, from their perspective, is that they do not have a territorium and a population.

They are a network of networks. Groups within the network trade and barter with each other. It makes co-ordination really hard. Al-Queda cannot really deliver stuff. If you want a road from say Najaf to Kerbala, well they will tell you they do not really built roads. They built some roads in Afghanistan but that was because they were in an area that was so remote, that it was a little bit too wild even for the guerilla's. Besides this was 20 years ago, when they were fighting the Russians.

Generally they do not deliver anything to any fixed population base. They live from illegal trades and smuggling, from crime, from the alms that Muslims in the Middle East and the rest of the world give them.

For the givers it is just a way to get back at the arrogant and decadent infidel Westerners. They get a feeling of vengance and pride.

Anyway because Al-Queda is non-territorial and because there is no fixed population base they are also impervious to the fire power of Western and other armies. You do not know which Muslims give to Al-Queda. They may not know themselves. You do not know which Muslims decide to become warriors and let themselves be recruited for one of the myriad groups, militias and armies that fight in the name of God, the merciful and his prophet Mohammed.

In 1997 General Lebed told reporters that from the 100 suit case nuclear bombs Russia had, two thirds could not be accounted for. Al-Queda can use nuclear warheads the US. They can smuggle it inside over the Mexican border, hidden between the in- and outbound traffic of millions of illigals. Or they can slip over the Canadian border. Or have one of their drugs smuggeling operations in the US seaports smuggle it in. Then they can detonate it in San Fransisco or a place like that.

They do not have to fear retaliation the way China or Russia had to. Because they do not have a territory or a population base. Their Stronghold is not a target for Nucleair missiles. So how are we going to deal with that?

Monday, December 19, 2005

A Fool's War

Martin van Creveld, the Israeli war guru who is an expert on warfare in these times we are living in and on the diminishing power of the state wrote a scating piece on Bush's conduct of the war in Iraq. Title: "Costly Withdrawal Is the Price To Be Paid for a Foolish War" The US troops have been in Iraq since 2003. Since then 2,000 soldiers have been killed and only a tine minority of Americans support the war. It is obvious that the US forces must be withdrawn. The question is when and how. Van Creveld ominiously compares the situation in Iraq to Vietnam. And Iraq will be more dear to the US then that war.

During the withdrawal of US troops from Vietnam the American handed over their equipment to the South Vietnamese. This is no option now. The Iraqi Army is much weaker than even the ARVN and todays equipment is incomparable more complicated. After the victory of the Communists in 1975 the North ended up with mounains of sofisticated American weapons, which they used to devastating effect in the Vietnam Chinese war of 1979 and the ousting of the Khmer Rouge. Also Vietnam had a centralised government whereas Iraq is a jumble of competing groups.
Clearly, then, the thing to do is to forget about face-saving and conduct a classic withdrawal.
Van Creveld continues to state that first the US forces have to concentrate on Bagdad and then to pull back to Basra and Kuwait.
A withdrawal probably will require several months and incur a sizable number of casualties. As the pullout proceeds, Iraq almost certainly will sink into an all-out civil war from which it will take the country a long time to emerge — if, indeed, it can do so at all. All this is inevitable and will take place whether George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Condoleezza Rice like it or not.
a complete American withdrawal is not an option; the region, with its vast oil reserves, is simply too important for that.
The reasons the presence is necessary is that Iran must be deterred from filling the power vacuum. Teheran will be the greatest benefactor from Saddam being toppled. Saddam was the US ally before the first gulf war used as a counterweight to the power of Iran. Now that counterweight is gone the US will have to do the work themselves in order to protect the Gulfstates.
A continued American military presence will be needed also, because a divided, chaotic, government-less Iraq is very likely to become a hornets' nest. From it, a hundred mini-Zarqawis will spread all over the Middle East, conducting acts of sabotage and seeking to overthrow governments in Allah's name.
So the second benefactor of the Second Gulf War is Al-Queda. Great news!

However, Turkey, Egypt and, to a lesser extent, Israel are also likely to feel the impact. Some of these countries, Jordan in particular, are going to require American assistance. Van Creveld ends by naming the invasion the greatest mistake in 2,000 years (4 Roman legions massacred by the Germans in the Teutoburger forest). And calls for impeachment of Bush and his cronies.

Footdragging on decision on reinforcing Dutch troops in Afghanistan

Parliament in Den Haag (The Hague) was to decide pro or con reinforcing the 700 troops The Netherlands has in Afghanistan with another 600 troop contingent. The latest troop are supposed to secure the process of democratisation in the province of Uruzgan in South Afghanistan. The troops will be a part of ISAF.

The decision has been postphoned to next Thursday.

The 3 party government coalition is divided about sending troop to Afghanistan. Coalition partner D66 thinks it could be risky. They would prefer to send the troops to Thailand, which is relatively peaceful, has good food, cold beer and willing women.

A delegation of parlementarians that visited Afghanistan could not be reassured by US soldiers that quick American reinforcements would be forthcoming in case of an assault by Taliban forces.

Ever since the debacle at Srebrenica in 1995, where a besieged Dutch company was overwhelmed by a brigade strength Serbian force supported by heavy weapons and paramilitaries it has dawned on Dutch politicians that actual fighting takes place in the areas where so called peace forces are sent. In Afghanistan where the Taliban do not have the capability to operate in units bigger than a battallion and generally fight in small bands and squads the risk of a Srebrenica repeating is zero.

There is a risk of of attrition from these units by sniping and bombing of course. But a well trained Western force in company strength (150-250 troops) should not only be able to fend off anything the Taliban send against them, but also look forward to engage such an concentration of troops. The dispersion of the Taliban forces is the main reason why the US troops can not use their superior fire power and training to obliterate their forces.

A well, nobody in Dutch politics reads any military history, anyway.

I guess its not just generals who are always fighting the last war. (If this were true I wonder were the generals come from who are fighting the current war).

A modern day prophet

Martin van Creveld is a Dutch born Israeli. He is widely regarded as an absolute expert on war in the modern era. It is obligatory to read his books on US military academies, although his idea's are make for depressing reading for any member of a modern military force.

Some of Mr. van Creveld's books conventional and take a more or less standard look at warfare, examples: "The Sword and the Olive" on the Israeli Defense Force and "Command in War".

However his "Transformation of War" and the "Rise and decline of the State" are ground breaking and have far reaching implications not just for todays and future warfare but also for the developments in societies world-wide.

We are going to take a look at what Martin van Creveld has to say on this blog in the weeks to come.

Sinn Fein gone MultiCulti - grass roots disagree

The power of the International MultiCultists is incredible. In Northern Ireland, a country where the fierce ethnic struggle between the Irish and the Anglo-Scots invaders left a legacy of fierce ethnic patriotism. And an organisation to champion it. Despite the descend of Sinn Fein into the netherworld of organised crime in order to finance the struggle the motivation of many of the rank and file fighters reflect a genuine Irish patriotism.

Not so the in the leadership of the organisation. In post struggle Northern Ireland the leadership of the organisation has commited itself firmly to the reigning madness of MultiCulturalism even as the defects and deficits of the ideology become more and more glaring. According to a statement Sinn Fein has:

* Brought forward major initiatives to tackle sectarianism and racism; * Launched an anti-racist charter and are seeking to have it introduced in councils across the country. Demanded and promoted equality for all cultural traditions; * Resolutely defended the right to freedom from sectarian harassment.

How likely is it that the Irish will accept this? Having fought the Anglo-Scots for so long they will hand over their rights to masses of foreigners with totally foreign attitudes and habits?

Not very likely!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Looking like the 1930ies

The world is getting more and more hostile to immigration. In France only 39 percent of the population think that Le Pen's political positions are unacceptable. Elsewhere in Europe figures are lower, but still significant.

Remarkable are also the high figures for hostility against migrants for Africa 63 percent and
Turkey 93 percent!

The story is at UPI. Start reading at the fourth paragraph.

These times are reminding me of the 1920ies and 1930ies and the run up to the second world war.

Bush has NSA eavesdropping on US citizens to protect Freedom

When Bush was rallying the US behind him in the aftermath of 9/11 he was saying that the Islamists had attacked the US because they are jealous of the freedom that so much characterises the USA.

Osama Bin Laden gave other reasons for attacking the USA, such as the idea that the Americans are weak and not willing to die for their country, as indicated by the withdrawal of US troops from Somalia in 1993.

Anyway. Bush has given the Islamists what he thought they wanted. He sacrificed freedom. Last Friday Bush admitted or should I say boasted of having instructed the NSA to spy on US citizens.

What the hell does Bush think he is doing? He is letting in millions of immigrants, legal and illigal. The border with Mexico is a sieve, utterly laying open to infiltration by terrorists. And at the same time he sacrifices the one thing that in HIS words separates US society from the societies the terrorists are coming from. And how can the Americans make Iraq free if they at the same time make their own society unfree.

This is so disgusting. I was happy when Bush got the election in 2000. I feel dirty for that happiness now.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Chechens in Spain connected to Van Gogh's murder

This week Spanish police arrested 3 Chechens in connection to the murder of Dutch Filmmaker Van Gogh according to the Spanish Herald. They were connected to Mohammed Bouyeri, van Gogh's Murder. Interesting to see how these Chechens continued with their activities after being accepted as refugees in a European country.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Long war

There is long war ahead of us. The election news coming out of Iraq is upbeat. Let us suppose that power in Iraq can be handed over to a democratic and reasonably pro-Western government in Bagdad. And that the government will be able to keep the Sunni Muslims happy and maintain peace and order.

Billions of dollars have been spend on defeating Saddam Hussain and on keeping the US Army in the field against small bands of Baathist and Islamist Insurgents. 2.100 US troops got killed as well as 98 Brits.

So how much closer is the US and the West to security? How does a safe and pro - Western Iraq prevent Islam from taking over Western countries through Immigration, superior birth rates in combination with terror attacks? This is not only a danger for Europe but for the US as well. Especially in the cities around the great lakes Muslim communities are growing. Assimilation is prevented by defenses like the Mosque, halal food, special clothing items prescribed by the religion, circumcition and restrictions on mixed marriages. These are the defenses that allowed the Jewish communities to survive in Europe and the Middle East for 2.000 years.

The difference is that the Muslims are more of a demographic and ideological threat than the Jews. The Jews were always a small minority, without a spectacular birthrate and their religion does not order them to bring the societies they live in under Islamic control.

The Pentagon is now struggling with this problem. Fighting the insurgents in Iraq have brought greater understanding of the force that is motivating them: the Qoran and the vision of the Caliphate.

The following are exerpts of an article that was posted on frontpage magazine a few days ago:
The enemy appears indefatigable, even more active now than before 9/11.Are the terrorists really driven by self-serving politics and personal demons? Or are they driven by religion? And if it's religion, are they following a manual of war contained in their scripture?Answers are hard to come by. Four years into the war on terror, U.S. intelligence officials tell me there are no baseline studies of the Muslim prophet Muhammad or his ideological or military doctrine found at either the CIA or Defense Intelligence Agency, or even the war colleges.
So the Pentagon reacted to the 9/11 armed with the best weapons money can buy, but had not stocked up well it's Armoury of Knowledge. However this is being rectified as the conflict continues.
But that is slowly starting to change as the Pentagon develops a new strategy to deal with the threat from Islamic terrorists through its little-known intelligence agency called the Counterintelligence Field Activity or CIFA, which staffs hundreds of investigators and analysts to help coordinate Pentagon security efforts at home and abroad. CIFA also supports Northern Command in Colorado, which was established after 9/11 to help military forces react to terrorist threats in the continental United States.
CIFA is the new name given to the former polygraphic institute of the US Department of Defence. "Its mission is to produce a common Defense Department counterintelligence operational picture, and deliver unique and actionable information to key decision makers in federal, state and local governments". Polygraphs are used to interrogate captured suspects and prisoners of war. A service that exist to extract useful information from prisoners, must have a library of concepts that its enemies use to shape their ideologies. In order to interpret answers or cues the interrogator must know the full range of ideologies that the enemies of the West use to motivate themselves. Just as a good interrogator of captured North Vietnamese Communist troops had to have a good idea of Communism and Vietnamese Nationalism in order to understand what a captured North Vietnamese soldier or officer was telling him during the American involvement in the Vietnam war (1962 - 1972). So has the modern day interrogator develop the meta data to interpret the data that prisoners are "sweating out". And the meta data has to be passed up to the decision makers for them to be able to understand the facts that be passed on later. So they can act upon the data.
Dealing with the threat on a tactical and operational level through counterstrikes and capture has proven only marginally successful. Now military leaders want to combat it from a strategic standpoint, using informational warfare, among other things. A critical part of that strategy involves studying Islam, including the Quran and the hadiths, or traditions of Muhammad."Today we are confronted with a stateless threat that does not have at the strategic level targetable entities: no capitals, no economic base, no military formations or installations," "Yet political Islam wages an ideological battle against the non-Islamic world at the tactical, operational and strategic level. The West's response is focused at the tactical and operation level, leaving the strategic level -- Islam -- unaddressed.
Any war has next to a Military level also Political, Religious and Cultural spheres in which battle has to be joined in order for victory or even just survival to be attained. Military dominance is worthless without concious striving towards Political, Religious and Cultural dominance.
So far the conclusions of intelligence analysts assigned to the project, who include both private contractors and career military officials, contradict the commonly held notion that Islam is a peaceful religion hijacked or distorted by terrorists. They've found that the terrorists for the most part are following a war-fighting doctrine articulated through Muhammad in the Quran, elaborated on in the hadiths, codified in Islamic or sharia law, and reinforced by recent interpretations or fatwahs."Islam is an ideological engine of war (Jihad)," concludes the sensitive Pentagon briefing paper. And "no one is looking for its off switch.
According to CIFA "Islam is an ideological engine of war". And this is the message it is bringing to the higher ups in the American governement and the Defense Bureaucracy. But is it a welcome message? What is keeping the message back from being transmitted upward?
the briefing states, ... government-wide "indecision [over] whether Islam is radical or being radicalized
We know the evil force that is keeping those who rule our societies, our elites from seeing the truth. Their vision is shackled by the same legal and cultural powers that they use for thought control over the masses. Need I whisper its name?
It also ties Muslim charity to war. Zakat, the alms-giving pillar of Islam, is described in the briefing as "an asymmetrical war-fighting funding mechanism." Which in English translates to: combat support under the guise of tithing. Of the eight obligatory categories of disbursement of Muslim charitable donations, it notes that two are for funding jihad, or holy war. Indeed, authorities have traced millions of dollars received by major jihadi terror groups like Hamas and al-Qaida back to Saudi and other foreign Isamic charities and also U.S. Muslim charities, such as the Holy Land Foundation.According to the Quran, jihad is not something a Muslim can opt out of. It demands able-bodied believers join the fight. Those unable -- women and the elderly -- are not exempt; they must give "asylum and aid" (Surah 8:74) to those who do fight the unbelievers in the cause of Allah.
The productive classes of the West are worn down by the costs associated with mass immigration. Such as providing services and transfer income to the third world masses, often Muslims, that invade our nations, while the right to speak out against it is taken away by the power hungry state. Meanwhile the enemy strengthens itself with funds, technology provided by other civilisations. Do we drive Syrian cars or carry Egyptian watches? Run Libian Software on our computers?
In analyzing the threat on the domestic front, the Pentagon briefing draws perhaps its most disturbing conclusions. It argues the U.S. has not suffered from scattered insurgent attacks -- as opposed to the concentrated and catastrophic attack by al-Qaida on 9-11 -- in large part because it has a relatively small Muslim population. But that could change as the Muslim minority grows and gains more influence.
CIFA is saying what has been argued by Immigration reformers for decades. Mass third world immigration is a threat to the core populations of the West.
The internal document explains that Islam divides offensive jihad into a "three-phase attack strategy" for gaining control of lands for Allah. The first phase is the "Meccan," or weakened, period, whereby a small Muslim minority asserts itself through largely peaceful and political measures involving Islamic NGOs -- such as the Islamic Society of North America, which investigators say has its roots in the militant Muslim Brotherhood, and Muslim pressure groups, such as the Council on American-Islamic Relations, whose leaders are on record expressing their desire to Islamize America.
They new immigrant communities initially speak softly and deferentially, which comes naturally when you are small and marginal. This we saw in Europe in the 60 to 80ties.
In the second "preparation" phase, a "reasonably influential" Muslim minority starts to turn more militant. The briefing uses Britain and the Netherlands as examples.
During this phase Islamic communities use the Qoran to create pockets of influence in the urban centres, the government bureaucracy and in the political system made invisible by the wizardry of the High Priests of Political Correctness.
And in the final jihad period, or "Medina Stage," a large minority uses its strength of numbers and power to rise up against the majority, as Muslim youth recently demonstrated in terrorizing France, the Pentagon paper notes.
Second and Third generation Muslims rise against the Infidels all over the Western world. But they seem to be impatient and make mistakes with their timing. Too much exposure to the time scale of the hectic West?
It also notes that unlike Judaism and Christianity, Islam advocates expansion by force. The final command of jihad, as revealed to Muhammad in the Quran, is to conquer the world in the name of Islam. The defense briefing adds that Islam is also unique in classifying unbelievers as "standing enemies against whom it is legitimate to wage war.
Muslims are ordered to get on top in the societies they live in at the expense of the present power elite.
Right now political leaders don't understand the true nature of the threat, it says, because the intelligence community has yet to educate them. They still think Muslim terrorists, even suicide bombers, are mindless "criminals" motivated by "hatred of our freedoms," rather than religious zealots motivated by their faith. And as a result, we have no real strategic plan for winning a war against jihadists.
Without a strategy to gain the commanding heights and the Stronghold of the enemy, Western forces are stumbling in the valleys and swamps, sinking in the crud with the heavy weapons and technology, without really hitting the enemy. New fearless fighters keep challenging our soldiers. Where do they come from? Where is their secret hideaway?
Even many intelligence analysts and investigators working in the field with the Joint Terrorism Task Forces have a shallow understanding of Islam."I don't like to criticize our intelligence services, because we did win the Cold War," says a Northern Command intelligence official. "However, all of these organizations have made only limited progress adjusting to the current threat or the sharing of information."Why? "All suffer heavily from political correctness," he explains.PC still infects the Pentagon, four years after jihadists hit the nation's military headquarters."A lot of folks here have a very pedestrian understanding of Islam and the Islamic threat," a Pentagon intelligence analyst working on the project told me. "We're getting Islam 101, and we need Islam 404."The hardest part of formulating a strategic response to the threat is defining Islam as a political and military enemy. Once that psychological barrier has been crossed, defense sources tell me, the development of countermeasures -- such as educating the public about the militant nature of Islam and exploiting "critical vulnerabilities" or rifts within the Muslim faith and community -- can begin."Most Americans don't realize we are in a war of survival -- a war that is going to continue for decades," the Northcom official warns.It remains to be seen, however, whether our PC-addled political leaders would ever adopt such controversial measures.
There it is again. PC is blinding us. PC is cloaking our enemy. We will never find his Stronghold even less destroy it if we allow bad thinking to cloud our minds.

Women are loot

Recently there have been riots in Sydney between whites and Lebanese immigrants. The press, Australian and international puts the riots down to white racism and incitement by the extreme right wing.

However Sydney and other Australian cities with lots of Lebanese immigrants are plagued by crime and gang rapes. The perps are found in Islamic communities. Recently there was another court case in which a well off Pakistani immigrant was found to be the ringleader of a gang of rapists. The targets for the rapes were usually white women:
The ringleader of a notorious gang of rapist brothers said he believed one of his teenage victims had "no right to say 'No'" when he attacked her.
He said he believed she was promiscuous because she did not wear a Muslim purdah, drank alcohol and sang Shakira lyrics: "My breasts are small but humble". From the witness box, he then turned to the victim, who can only be identified only as T, and apologised for the first time.
It is ridiculous to believe that the man has suddenly come around to the Australian, Western point of view. One can only shake one's head at the incredible naivity and stupidity of these girls when they go with Muslim men and flirt with them. And of the naivity of our elites when they let these Muslims in and are surprised when things get out of hand. Since 1999 there have been repeated almost constant reports about Moslims raping white girls in Australian cities, but the problem is not addressed in a way that these immigrants would have respect for.

And educating our girls and women against behaving in a provocative way would go against Political Correctness, the belief that absolutely nothing bad can be said about non-western cultures and customs.

It is good that Whites in Australia are taking a stand against Immigrant crime, but the real target must be the PC ideology and the establishment that supports it. We can not sit still, while these sheperds are letting wolves amongst sheep. It is a matter honour and pride in ourselves. The youngest victim was 13 years old. Can we stand by and let this happen to our sisters?

USA Patriot Act will only be partly renewed

The USA Patriot Act which was legislated after the 9/11 attack on the twin towers in New York is up for renewal. Sixteen clauses of the Act are in force only temporarily.

The broad concensus on the powers of state agencies such as the FBI and the CIA to search registries and records of confidential data on US citizens is breaking apart. More and more people are recognising that the state can be a more dangerous enemy for Americans than bearded Muslims terrorists.

A Republican supporter of renewal of the broad powers for the state, Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah, said:
The failure to renew the provisions would be "interpreted by our enemies as somehow inviting or even enabling further terrorist attacks on U.S. soil,
The critics, both Democrats and Republicans stated:
They says the current Patriot Act gives government too much power to investigate people's private lives. "Folks, when we're dealing with civil liberties, you don't compromise them," said Craig, a board member of the National Rifle Association. Chief among the critics' concerns are the National Security Letters that the FBI can use to compel the release of such private records as financial, computer and library transactions. The bill for the first time explicitly says the third-party recipients of NSLs banks, Internet service providers and libraries may hire lawyers and challenge the letters in court.
The US is the house of Freedom. No European nation knows the freedom that the US gives it citizens. although political correctness and anti racism legislation takes a lot of freedom away from Ameican white males. Whether or not Al-Queda wins, if they manage to turn the house of Freedom in a jail, Islam will already be victorious.

Also in Europe legislators are taking away freedoms from the citizenry to deal with Islamic radicalism amongst Muslim immigrant communities. If this goes on the West will turn into a Soviet Union type prison, where societal dynamic is absent. Eventually that prison will come down too, like it did in Eastern Europe in 1989, but let us try to avoid the prison altogether.

Further procedings against homegrown Dutch terrorists

The Amsterdam Magistrate Court is in session to deal with the Dutch terrorist group "Hofstad". "Hofstad" means "Capital City". The name was given to the amorphous group due to the fact that in the beginning of the police investigation many members seemed to be living in Den Haag, the Capital of the Netherlands.

A female witness was heard who was working with her husband for Nouredinne El F. Nouredinne El F. is a Moroccan who was arrested with an submachine gun on station Lelylaan in Amsterdam. The witness told the court that she was forced to rent a house in Brussels and had to smuggle weapons to the house, on behalf of El F. Also El F. forced her and her husband to shoot guns in a forest to the south of Amsterdam, the Amsterdamse Bos.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Cardiff Muslim Councillor needs to get off his high horse

On a state school in Cardiff in Britain, halal food is made available to Muslim pupils attending the school (Hat tip, Esther). Which is mighty nice and polite of the British. There is no need for Westerners to do so and the immigrants knew they were moving to a non-Islamic country when they immigrated to the UK.

The Cardiff Muslim councillor says:
This has caused deep upset and is absolutely outrageous. How can a mistake like this happen?
The arrogance of that man. We Westerners are human. We make mistakes. Muslims are not entitled to a perfect treatment. I do not trust people who make such a noise over such small matters.

The British should stop bending over to the Muslims or other foreigners. If arrogance like this is the payment for British hospitality, foreigners should be made to understand they can pack their bags and get the hell out of Europe. The bloody cheek.....

Verdonk: Minister of "Asylum Seeker Expelling" hits the dust, and gets up again

Dutch Minister Verdonk of Immigration and Intergration had to eat humble pie yesterday. The Left wing opposition put a motion of censure on the table because Verdonk had misled parliament a hundred times on the issue of the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) providing information on expelled asylum seekers to the authorities in Congo. The information provided to the Congolese "authorities" about the stories asylum seekers had told the IND was used by Congolese authorities to persecute opposition people, including the rejected asylum seekers.

To give my readers some background: the IND started to get into heavy seas in the early nineties. After the fall of the Iron Curtain legal immigrants, illegal immigrants and asylum seekers where flocking to the Netherlands, which had a positive and easy reputation. Responsible for the legal processes concerned with all forms of immigration was the IND. After 1994 The Netherlands had 8 years of its first non Christian coalition in 70 years. The coalition was made up of the Traditional Liberally VVD, the Labour party and Democrats 66 as left of centre party. Despite the Liberal immigration rethoric of all these three parties the Liberals were already getting cold feet on immigration, which was often voiced by their brave and opinionated leader Bolkestein, presently Director General of Directorate General IV of the European Union, a heavy weight in many respects. As a result of these cold feet the IND was never expanded so that it was unable to meaningfully administer the flow of immigrants, temporary workers and asylum seekers. I know that the IND was a chaos because I had to assist in the application for work permits for technology workers from Australia, Turkey and the USA several times between 1999 and 2002 in the course of my work.

Because of the backlog and chaos 70 or 80 percent of the requests for asylum were not processed for 5 or 7 years. This happened while Labour was in the government coalition and Klaas de Vries was Minister of the interior. Again: Klaas de Vries was the MP who asked for the motion against Verdonk.

The main part of the motion next to the facts that the IND endangered the lives of failed asylum seekers and that Minister Verdonk lied about it is that only a year ago the IND started to be able to report such basic things of the names and statuses of asylum applicants and rejected asylum applicants.

Because of this new found IND transparency parliament is now able to get answers from the IND and make life for Minister Verdonk difficult. She would have had to step down if she had not won over part of the parliament, because Christian Democratic (CDA) and Democrat 66 coalition partners did not support her. She received only support from Traditional Liberal VVD and Fortuyn's remnants LPF.

Minister Verdonk replied to the criticism by recognising that it was correct. It was wrong that the IND, for which she is responsible, made the Congolese authorities privy to information that was not meant for their eyes or ears. And it is wrong that she misled Parliament about this in 20 cases. Not a hundred as was alleged. Also she admitted that this happened to other non Congo asylum seekers as well. This admission of failure plus her apology won over Democrats 66 who had supported the motion of censure. After that her crisis was over, but the debate continued for many hours, during which coalition partner CDA reluctantly allowed itself to be persuaded to return to the flock.

The Leftist parties demanded that the capacity and operations of the IND will be improved. The are right but as I have showed before the IND was already a shambles during time that Labour was responsible for the IND. Not a word about this in the Dutch press of course. If any of my Dutch readers can point me to an article that points out that Labour ex-Minister Klaas de Vries was originally responsible for the IND disaster I will be most grateful.

Meanwhile from a poll that was published this week it transpired that Minister Verdonk is the most popular and best regarded politician amongst the Dutch populace. Reasons given are her transparancy and clear language on issues that concern a sizable portion of Dutch voters:
While Verdonk was fighting for her political life on Wednesday, it was announced she had been voted the best politician of the year in a new opinion poll, mainly because of her "clear language" and "trustworthiness".
In the same poll she also scored third as the most unpopular politician, showing that there is still a portion of the population that has not abandoned mass immigration and Multiculturalism.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Hirsi Ali's opposition to Islam

Interesting post in Brussels Journal on Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the Somali MP for the liberal party in The Netherlands.
Is Islam dangerous because it is a religion? Do Muslim values differ from European values because the latter are rooted in Christianity or because they are secular?
Hirsi Ali is on a Jihad against religion. She reminds me very strongly of Turkish people belonging to the secular elite of Turkey. For these people the attraction of secularism lies purely in its opposition to Islam. If tommorrow China would be a world power they would support Taoism or Confucianism AS THEY UNDERSTAND IT. Hirsi Ali and her ilk do not really understand liberalism, nor how liberalism is grounded in Christianity and the Bible. The words of Jesus: "give the emperor what belongs to the emperor" and the vision of St. Petrus at Jaffa are foreign to them. So they use a rootless liberalism to clobber Islam with. Abolishing article 23 of the Dutch constitution would entail a severe curtailing of the freedom of choice and self organisation in the realm of education of Dutch citizens to the benefit of the power of the state. Sounds like Socialism, doesn't it?

Yes, article 23 is an obstacle to intergration of non-western immigrants, primarily Muslims. But the Dutch White populace, who have never been asked whether they wanted Multiculturalism and immigration in the first place would lose rights that have been fought over for a long time. Basically it is a solution for problems caused by the state taking rights away from the citizens by taking away more rights of the citizens. Those who oppose Multiculturalism should think again before supporting Hirsi Ali.

I repeat: the separation between Church and state is a Christian value. It is rooted in the words of Jesus on the paying of taxes: "to the emperor, what belongs to the emperor", to Saint Peter's vision of the 0ffering of unclean food at Jaffa and to the issue of the power of the state of Romans Chapter 13. These texts are rooted in the Old Testament (the Jewish TeNaCH) but nowhere in the Old Testament are they articulated as clearly as by Jesus and his followers.

Hirsi Ali wants to impose her own brand of secularism on the immigrant population, but if she succeeds the state will also be able to impose its ideology on the White population. Which it is doing anyway, but it will be another liberty taken away from the citizens in the name of good intentions. The thing with good things is that they immediately turn sour once they are combined with coercive power. The state is as corruptible a power as organised religion.

Amsterdam court supports slandering right wing Rotterdam leader

If one is politically active on the right wing in any Western country one is going to be called a Nazi. It is like gravity, a kind of law of nature. Objects fall towards Earth. Right wingers are called Nazi. Because right winged political activism is very active and dynamic right now lots of people get to be called Nazi. This is dangerous because most people these days subscribe to a vaguely defined religious cult called political - correctness. In the Pantheon of evil of the political-correct Ueber-Nazi Adolf Hitler is Satan incarnate.

And the little Nazis are his demons. "Nazis" are fleshy, meaty, tangible Evil. "Kill it! Kill it!" the political -correct mobs jabber. And in 2002 Pim Fortuyn was killed by a animal rights activist, a veritable dragon slayer of the Left, well connected to the establishment Green Left party.

Michiel Smit is one of these little meaty Demons. He used to be one of Pim Fortuyns buddies in Rotterdam. During the municipal elections of 2002 he was listed on Fortuyn's Livable Rotterdam party list. He was appointed as some kind of technology aelderman. Later he was kicked out of the party because he spoke to Vlaams Belang leader Leon de Winter. That went too far.

Smit is now an independent. He has got a well built web portal and some followers appearently. With new elections coming up in 2006 campaigning is picking up steam in Rotterdam, the city where blue collar workers massively deserted Labour in 2002 and utterly trashed that party (giggle).

Last Friday the Amsterdam Magistrate Court quoth that it is okay to call Smit a Nazi. Smit had asked for a ruling because of regular verbal attacks and a physical attack recently. Since the news of the ruling hate mail has been streaming in and regular death threats too.

The platform of Michiel Smit's party Nieuw Rechts is an end to third world immigration, immigrants have to adapt to Dutch culture, a heavy emphasis on law and order and neatness and tidyness in Rotterdam. No mention of biological integrity of the ethnic Dutch, no notion of eugenics, no notion of a strongman leader political system.

Yet it is not slander to call Smit a Nazi.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Iraqi fighter will be handed over to USA justice

A Rotterdam court today decided that Wesam al D., an Iraqi asylum seeker will be handed over to the USA for a trial. Wesam al D. had received Dutch citizenship. The asylum seeker travelled to The Netherlands to ask for asylum because he was politically persecuted in Iraq. He received Asylum status and later Dutch citizenship. In 2004 he travelled back to Iraq and filmed attacks by Iraqi's resisting the American occupation of Iraq.

The USA are looking for these people who support attacks on their forces. The film would have been used for distribution amongst Muslims in the Middle East, Europe and the USA to drum up money and recruits for the Iraqi's fighting the US Army in Iraq.

Wesam's laywer argued that Wesam would be branded a terrroist by the Americans and would not get a fair trial. Also he might be tortured and held without trial in Guantanamo. Finally there was also a suit against him by the Dutch public persecutor.

However the judge decided that the interest of the USA was more important than the interest of the Dutch public persecutor.

I have mixed feelings about this case. Everything seems wrong. Wesam obviously received asylum status and even Dutch citizenship under false pretenses. The man is a liar, a cheat and and embarrassement to The Netherlands. In short, a liability, not an asset.

However I think that the case for the American occupation of Iraq is highly doubtful. I do not understand the benefit of occupying Iraq. I do not see how it diminishes the treat to the USA. I do not see how it can bring closer the survival of the West. The Americans and their allies, including the Dutch Forces are foreign occupiers there. I can understand that Iraqi's fight the occupiers. I also admire the initiative and bravery of these people who organise the fight against their enemies themselves, instead of having the state organise it.

If they want to get rid of the Westerners in their lands they have my blessing. It is just that I very much want to get rid of the Islamists in our lands.

Dutch court is satisfied with policeman shooting Morroccan

The policeman who shot Driss Arbib, a Morroccan, on August 6 2003 will not be persecuted. The shooting took place in an eatery, Warung Swieti, on the Mercatorplein in Amsterdam-West. The case was decided by a judge of the Amsterdam magistrate court.

Arbib's family and his laywer, Gerard Hamer, are considering to take the case to the European Court of Justice. Earlier they had taken the case to the Amsterdam Court of Justice. This was after the public persecutor decided not to investigate the action of the policeman. The Court of Justice ordered an investigation and reconstructed the shooting in the eatery. The investigation supported the decision of the public persecution. The family of Arbib instructed their laywer to contest the decision and last weeks judge's decision is the latest and also final appeal to Dutch courts as the court decided that a court of higher appeal would come to the same conclusion on the basis of the evidence gathered by Amsterdam Polices Department Internal Affairs and the investigation by the Magistrate's Court. The judge also gave a declaration of "freedom of persecution" to the policeman.

The affair of the shooting of Driss Arbib is remarkable because of the insistence of the family of Driss Arbib to view the shooting of their son, who ran shouting and cursing, armed with two (!) knives, towards a policeman in a tiny restaurant as an unwarranted killing, inspired by hatred. The family and the Morroccan Community at large continue to view police action or any action by outsiders against Morroccans as hostile acts. Between Morroccans and others there is no such thing as an accident. There are only acts of war.

The pattern shows itself each time Morroccans and other communities clash. In Amsterdam-East a young Morroccan, Al el Bejjatti, was killed by a woman whose purse he tried to snatch. El Bejjatti returned from a morning in court who convicted him to four months in jail for several armed robberies. After coming home the boy met a Turkish friend and they used the motorcycle of the friend to attack cars and to get away. These attacks where strongly on the rise in the neighbourhood. On a short distance (50 meters) from the spot where Theo van Gogh was killed el Bejatti smashed the window of a car and took the purse that was laying next to the woman driver. The lads then got away on the motorcycle. The woman put her car in reverse gear and pursued the thieves in the narrow one way street. The motot cycle got caught between a tree and the car and the thieve was killed. The Turkish boy got away lightly wounded.

Immediately the Morroccan community reacted with fury. The family wanted to organize a march from the Central station in the city centre to the place of the killing. Morroccan boys declared that "everybody steals and we should not be killed for stealing" on national television. Clearly the assumption was that the woman had wanted to kill the boy and not that she was in a state of panic or that she just wanted to get her purse back. Pamphlets appeared in the neighbourhood calling all Muslims to march. Family members declared that El Bejjatti was a good boy with a great future. The denied that he was a criminal even though he was a convicted armed robber and even though he got killed in the act of purse snatching and vandalising a car with the owner in it.

The mayor of Amsterdam, Job Cohen, for once did not cave in and forbade the march from the city centre, insisting that the lad was a criminal. The march was to be held from the place of the killing to the mosque on the Amstel river nearby. The march went through my street and by accident I left my house at the time of the march. The sisters of the lad were in the centre of the street carrying a banner with a slogan. They wore headscarves. On the pavements left and righ where a bunch of young Morroccan males, aged between 15 and 22. One of them I recognised as a petty criminal who had tried to intimidate me with a pistol. I recognised several of the other lads as petty criminals.

Later I met them in a local snack bar. Because I had stood up to the lad with the pistol they all think I am a hero and they spoke with me in ingratiating tones, like dogs that lick the hand of an owner who beats them. They did not like it when I called El Bejatti a criminal but they were afraid to voice an opinion. The Egyptian owner of the snackbar, a Muslim, also called the lad a thief. After the boys dissapeared a middle class woman appeared and strangely enough critisised the lady who ran over the criminal. She presented the case as if the lady killed the lad for purse snatching. This kind of misrepresentation of the truth is typical for members of the pc-brigade. She obviously did not want to deal with unwelcome facts that would disturb her worldview and sought to distort the picture.

For a sizable portion of the Dutch public however the problems with the Morroccans are a very big concern and the idea that the Morroccans are a minority that cannot be delt with in a traditional pacifying way is spreading through incidents like this. Morroccans are very heavily overrepresented in the crime experience of the Dutch public. They are viewed as a menace. Refused entry in bars and nightclubs. Refused for jobs. Increasingly the Dutch are, unconciously, imitating the particularistic behavior of the Morroccans.

As soon as this behavior becomes concious behavior the ideological underpinnings of the Multicultural project will dissapear.

Not altogether a bad thing and a very interesting phenomenon!

One last thing. The laywer of Driss Arbib critisised the Internal Affairs protocol of the Amsterdam Police Department. The Internal Affairs investigation was made on an ad hoc basis, by a team consisting of brother policemen of the policeman who shot Arbib. This is standard police procedure. The Magistrate court agreed with this critisism and ordered the reconstruction of the shooting in "Warung Swieti" to bring new facts and insights to the investigation.

It is in my opinion not correct to have such delicate investigations done by direct collegues and friends (and perhaps enemies) of policemen. This is a example of unprofessionalism in the Dutch police force and steps should be taken to ensure impartiality of such investigations. There should be a permanent professional bureau of Internal Affairs in the Dutch police to keep a tab on the professionalism and integrity of our police.