Friday, February 16, 2007

Silencing the patriots

Yesterday during a debate initiated by Geert Wilder's Freedom Party (PVV) on loyalty of Dutch citizens a reference was made to the double loyalty of two soon to be Deputy Ministers.

These Deputy-Ministers are: Achmed Aboutaleb and Nebahat Albayrak. A Morroccan and a Turk. Both are Labour politicians and both delivered considerable block votes to their parties. Both are legally Dutch citizens. The Netherlands, like almost any Western country hands out citizensship in the way old ladies hand-out candy: with both hands.

Parliamentarian Sietze Fritsma of Geert Wilder's Freedom Party (PVV) stated that the appointment of the two Non-Dutch Deputy Ministers was onacceptable due to the fact of their double loyalty to two countries.

This lead to the chairman of the Lower House: Labourite Gerdi Verbeet to SILENCE Mr. Sietze Fritsma. Mr. Fritsma was attacked by various Parliamentarians of government parties and he was said to be "discriminating" against the Muslim Deputy Ministers.

Geert Wilders himself attacked Gerdi Verbeet, saying that the chairman put party politics for the interests of Parliament and its function of representation of the voters.

Geert Wilders and Sietze Fritsma received strong support from Dutch men reacting on forums and polls on the internet.

Their concerns are real and there are two recent examples of the treasonous double loyalty of the two Turkish and Moroccan politicians:
- The denial of the mass murder of Armenians during the First World War by Nebahat Albarak during the election campaign.
- The cover-up of the declaration that those who insult Islam must be killed by Achmed Aboutaleb.

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Flanders Fields said...

Good post on some good men, who are unafraid to stand up against multiculturalists and shariaists. I have excerpted to link to your article and will come back to visit. Keep up your good work.