Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Attack in Liege, Belgium by immigrant killer

There are more and more incidents in Europe with a multicultural background.

Belgian gangster of immigrant background

There was an attack today on a Court of Justice in Belgium today. Four people were killed and more than sixty were wounded. The attack took place at 12:30 local time, in the city of Liege, in French speaking Belgium. The gunman threw concussion grenades (flash bangs) and shot around him with an AK-47 assault rifle. The gunman is around thirty years old and his name is Nordine Amrani. He is a immigrant from Morrocco and has been convicted previously for possessing a large number of guns and a mariuana plantation of many hundreds of plants. Nordine Amrani is one of the people who does the work Belgians do not want to do.

Meanwhile in Italy

In Florence a right-wing extremist shot two Senegalese immigrants and then killed himself. The gunman's name is Gianluca Casseri.

And in Germany and Norway

Germany is still reeling from the discovery of a Neo-Nazi death squad ("Döner Mörder") who killed eight immigrant snack bar owners. Norway has its lone anti multi-cultural gun man Anders Breivik, who shot more than sixty kids attending a holiday camp of the Social-Democratic Party.

Reactions in the press

In the Dutch press Nordine Amrani is described as a "Liege man" and a gun nut. Not as someone of immigrant stock. Which is what the press does all over the West to obscure the immigrant origin of a large part of the crime wave that has been hitting Western nations since the 1970ies. Expect more headlines as immigrant colonies grow in Europe and their members become more assertive. Also there will be more terrorist attacks by right-wing terrorists, both as individuals and in groups. The economic crisis and the resulting high unemploymenst will only fan the fires as "idle hands are the devil's workshop".

Friday, September 30, 2011

Iran sentences convert to Christianity to death

Youcef Nadarkhani, an Iranian Muslim who converted to Christianity is convicted to the death for this. The convert refused to go back to Islam even to save his life.

There is a letter from Nadarkhani from last June.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Missile launched against the Amsterdam Court


Last night at three o'clock a missile was fired at the Amsterdam Court. The missile, said to be a mortar bomb, made a hole in an outer wall and damage a number of windows.


The missile was fired by two men. They escaped on a scooter. No organisation claimed responsibility for the attack.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

European governments are preparing for a Greek default

What is bein said in Holland

The German and Dutch governments are preparing for a Greek default. The Dutch Minister of Finance De Jager stated that with regards to the Greek debt crisis his Ministry "considers all scenarios". So that implicitly means the Dutch Ministry of Finance is considering a Greek default, that is an inability to pay back what it has borrowed.

And in Germany

More imporantly the German Minister of Economics and Finance Philipp Rösler has speculated publicly on the risk of Greece defaulting. The German Ministry of Finance is making preparations for the turmoil on the financial markets which will ensue once Greece is unable to make payments to its lenders. At that point Greece will also be unable to pay civil servants' salaries and benefits to pensioners and those on welfare. This is projected to happen by October.

The reason why German and Dutch politicians are speculating on a Greek default is electoral. Their voters are unwiilling to support them if they continue to throw money at the Greeks. Without the money from Germany Greece will default, as their own tax revenue is insufficient to cover their projected spending.

And then

If Greece defaults and is not bailed out, other countries in a debt crisis such as Italy, Ireland and Spain will also not be bailed out. It they are not bailed out by Germany they will not be able to attract loans. Without the loans they will not be able keep up their projected spending. Their budgets will contract very rapidly, their economies will shrink and the investors who lend them their money will have to write off the debts.

The German banks

And these investors are often German and Dutch banks. If the countries in a debt crisis go broke, the German and Dutch banking sector will be in a huge crisis. And the German and Dutch economy will slow down. And then all of Europe will experience a shrinking economy as a result of all the debt that has been taken on.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Greek Debt crisis

Parapundit has financial news. And it is bad. Greek Treasury Bills now charge 88 percent yields in order to attract buyers.

That is incredible. It is like those Great Depression stories grandfather told me.
Immigration affects the bottom first

Mass immigration is transforming Europe. One of its effects is that its political culture is losing the sedateness that is the result of not being part of a great power struggle. Many European countries became very laid back after 1945. With the arrival of large numbers of third world immigrants first social relations on the lower rungs of society became more strained, as the streets of European countries experienced an ethnic crime wave that has lasted 40 years.

Reaching the political elite

Since 9-11 these immigration fueled tensions are starting to be felt in the political apex of society as well. The political class which foisted wave after wave of new populations on European peoples started to feel a growing backlash from populist parties, such as the Danish People's Party in Denmark, Vlaams Belang in Belgium, Freedom Party in The Netherlands and the SVP in Switzerland. But the political elite always felt physically secure.

Elite insecurity

That seems to be over now. The cause is the assasination of 70 plus young Norwegian Labour members by terrorist Anders Breivik. A few days ago Dutch Labour leader Job Cohen was interviewed by daily newspaper Trouw and said:
Members of the [Labour] party are asking themselves whether this could happen in The Netherlands. Nobody was expecting that a prosperous and politically stable country such as Norway could be the scene of such a ruthless murderous attack. One tends to ponder about the question whether such a thing could happen in The Netherlands as well.
Cohen continued:
Do not underestimate how much fear this caused amongst social-democrats and other leftist politicians. It is a sad feeling, when one works on society, to bind people together
It is a favor to be replaced

Cohen still does think he and his ilk did Dutch people a favour when he flooded the country with third worlders. He is still not aware that ALL societies which have to endure high levels of diversity become fragmented and lose social cohesion. This was shown by Professor Robert D. Putnam in 2007:
In the presence of [ethnic] diversity, we hunker down. We act like turtles. The effect of diversity is worse than had been imagined. And it’s not just that we don’t trust people who are not like us. In diverse communities, we don’t trust people who do look like us.

Loss of trust

Anders Breivik had lost trust in Norway's political elite because they had betrayed him and his fellow Norwegians. Many other Europeans feel betrayed too. Because the road to a peaceful change of policy has been blocked by anti-racist legislation such people will take their anger out on the Left. Breivik's act was both immoral and counter-productive. It will be more difficult for a rightwing anti-immigration party to make headway in Norway do to the hardening of Norwegian attitudes caused by his deeds.

The splintering effect

There is no silver lining. I think there will be more attacks on political parties by members of the public. Not just in Norway but all over Europe. These attacks will frighten the public and give the political class the opportunity to increase the repressive legislation and to increase security services for the political class, not for the population at large.

And so the indiginous populations in Europe and the political class are growing further and further apart. This will not end pretty.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Not defending our nations is madness

Last September 3, Die Freiheit, a new German Eurosceptic party opposed to Islamisation held a conference in Berlin. One of the speakers there was Oskar Freysinger, a Swiss Eurosceptic and an enemy of Islamisation. Mr. Freysinger's party organised the anti-minaret referendum in Switzerland. Mr. Freysinger is a great speaker and he made an impressive appeal to his audience in the youtube clip featured below. The clip is subtitled in English.

Oskar Freysinger: have we gone mad?

Click here for the full text of Freysinger's speech.

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Australian interview with Geert Wilders

Australia's ABC journo Eric Campbell interviewed Geert Wilders. It is the first international interview with Wilders after the Oslo attacks.I cannot embed the video, but here's the link to this Geert Wilders interview.

London: EDL coach is attacked by Muslims

A bus full of English Defense League (EDL) supporters was attacked on Saturday by Muslims in the Tower Hamlets neighbourhood in East-London. The Muslims spontaneously attacked the patriots, because ethnic Englishmen expressing their patriotism is completely unacceptable to these immigrants.

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Breivik effect

An excecutioner's handwork

More than three weeks ago, Anders Breivik, a cold blooded excecutioner murdered more than 70 unarmed supporters of the Norwegian Labour Party on the island of Utoya.

Everything is politics...

The Left accross Europe reacted with horror. However there were indications of glee as well. For the Left everything is politics and they quickly moved to use Breivik's act against Geert Wilders and the Freedom Party. After all Brevik had expressed great admiration for Wilders calling him the only true leader of Conservatives in Europe.

Was there a Breivik effect?

No surprises there. We know how the Left operates. We must ask ourselves "Did it work?". Has Breivik's indefensible act tarred Wilders in the eyes of the public? The recent poll shows that Wilders has only grown in stature and popularity in the past weeks. There must have been an effect though. Perhaps without Breivik Wilders would have been stronger still.

There are two discernible causes to the strengthening of support for Wilders.

1. The debt crisis in Southern Europe. The Netherlands is called upon to support debt ridden states with new loans.

2. The London riots. The images of underclass looters and rioters with Blacks heavily overrepresented rampaging through English cities caused people to have renewed doubts about Multiculturalism.

Denouncing the EMU

Both effects helped the Freedom Party (PVV). The PVV has always been opposed to the European project. Wilders stepped up his anti EU rethoric to much agreement of the Dutch public on the right, but also on those who vote for the left. For the PVV MP Theun van Dijk again insisted that The Netherlands should not support Greece (Dutch) with new loans. However the PVV will not withdraw its support for the current minority government.

Is the right on the same level as the left?

The question remains: Is the right, morally as base as the left? Is to them politics everything too? It would seem so, seeing the PVV using the debt crisis to its advantage.

Having said that it is true that the PVV kept mum about the English riots, even though these played into the feeling of distrust of foreigners that causes Dutchmen to vote for them.

And that is the way it is supposed to be. To the right politics should not everything.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Freedom Party nearly biggest party in Dutch parliament

The Freedom Party (PVV) is nearly the bigggest party in Dutch parliament.

In the graph below the grey line with the red arrow pointing to it represents the number of seats the PVV would get in in polls conducted by peil.nl, a Dutch polling firm.

The grey line representing the PVV nears the blue line of the right-liberal VVD, the dominant party in the current government.

Most Leftist parties are falling as well with the exeption of the Euro-sceptic but hard left SP, represented by the bright red line. The polls reflect the growing weariness of the Dutch public with the process of European unification in the EU and the hostility of the public to Multi-culturalism, immigration and Islam.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

England is alive

Ah, finally a sign of live from the dead island...

Working class British men are coming out and protecting their own neighbourhoods.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Muslims in Tottenham riots: ethnic vigilante protects their own

Kurdish vigilante in London chases mostly black looters

Tottenham riots moved to Kingsland High Street in East London. Remarkably this street was effectively defended by an vigilante of people of Kurdish origin. They say they defend their area against looters because the police do nothing. The news that these Kurds of Turkish origin defend themselves is presented as something good by the media: at least by Guardian reporter Paul Lewis:
Kingsland Road chaotic as Turkish men attack other, predominantly black, youths with sticks, metal barricades and bricks.

BBC journo tells witness what he has seen

More on the riotious assemblies in London.

Blatantly spinning the news

Here is how the media spin the news. A BBC reporter interviews a shopowner about the looting of his shop and when he mentions the race predominant amongst mob, the BBC reporter starts interrupting and telling him what he should have said.....

The video of the looted shopowner

Here is the link to the overbearing, biased BBC reporter. (HT Joost Niemoller)

Monday, August 08, 2011

London riots from the air

London riots from the air. Violence spreading to Hackney

Rioting in Multicultural London

Rioting in London

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Africa in England: Tottenham riot

Two years ago in August 2009 I wrote:
It is my conviction that when a nation receive immigrants in significant numbers, the immigrants will ussually congegrate in one spot form a colony and follow the laws and customs of their societies of origin. The veracity of this idea can be observed all over Europe in the Muslim gettos. But there are also African and Caribbean gettos in Europe.
This was again illustrated this weekend by the Tottenham riots. Twenty-six policemen got injured, scored of cars were burnt and even several buildings were burnt to the ground by black rioters.

The cause if the violence

Of course there is group violence by ethnic Europeans too. But what makes this black riot special that it was sparked by the killing of a black gangster by British police. Twenty-nine year old Mark Duggan of Carribean extraction was shot by police after he fired a bullit at police.

A vigil for a gangster

The response of the local Carribian community was to honour the thug with a vigil. Eventually the crowd got violent and started attacking riot police and then random mayhem ensued.

It bears repeating that the riot was the response to a killing of a gangster. Appearently for Blacks living in England have such a sense of racial solidarity that they will even riot after one of their criminals is hurt.

Old habits die hard

This happens also in The Netherlands, in Canada and in the USA and China, everywhere Black communities settle.

The Debt crisis: both the Euro and Dollar in trouble

The financial crisis which started in 2008 is deepening. The crisis is the result of decades of reckless borrowing by states. The borrowed money has been used to finance considerable numbers of pensioners, permanently unemployed and non-western minorities, but also to finance unending wars in the Middle East.

In the US credit rating bureau Standard & Poor lowered the status of US Treasury bills from AAA to AA+. Standard & Poor cited doubts about the ability of the US to pay back the money it has borrowed as the cause for the lowered credit rating.

The response of the Markets

Because it is Sunday there is no trading and the markets are not responding. However TASE, the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange does trade on Sunday. TASE stopped trading after its index fell by 6 percent. This will most likely be repeated tomorrow at Stock Exchanges accross Europe and then the US.

(Interestingly, while share prices are falling due to the panick in the markets, most listed companies are profitable now and paying dividends. Consequently Price Earnings ratios are excellent. This is a good time to buy stock).

Meanwhile in Europe

The German Government states that Italy and Italian government debt is too large to be safed by the EFSF (European Financial Stability Fund). The EFSF was established to funding the saving of "bankrupt" European countries like Greece and Ireland.

Basically the German government of Angela Merckel and her party, the CSU, are unwilling to bail out "bankrupt" countries like Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain (PIIGS). As a result the European Monetary Union (EMU) and the currency are in a crisis.

The EU solution

The crisis will lead to a move by the ruling clique of the EU to try to extend the power of the EU over the member states. These Eurocrats will want the solvent member states, such as Germany and The Netherlands to pay more in order to shore up the state budgets of the southern states. But because the southern states are in trouble because they have allowed narrow interests groups such as civil servants to gain great unearned compensation in the form of pension entitlements starting in the early fifties the solvent EU states are unwilling to fund said narrow interests. Why would a Dutch or German private sector employee go on to work until 67, in order to fund a Greek or an Italian public worker who retires at 55?

The solvent nations

German and Dutch politicians are not able to get the support of their constituencies in order to support this arrangement. And so the EMU will fall apart.

The coming days

What will be next is completely unclear. Ahead are days of uncertainty and doubt.

The West

Both the US and the EU are in trouble by taking on too much debt. This crisis is the result of bad habits and bad morals (welfare, borrowing) that have been spreading since the late sixties.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

All I want to say is


Bastard, bastard, bastard, bastard, bastard, bastard, bastard, bastard, bastard..

Monday, July 25, 2011

An executioner is not a knight

This weekend the news is dominated by the terror attacks in Norway. The bombing of a building in Oslo and the massacre of more than 90 people in a youth camp on the island of Utoya in Norway has tongues wagging.

Multi-culturalism and Islam

The assassin professes to be an enemy of multi-culturalism and the presence of Muslims in Europe. He is a Norwegian nationalist.

The executioner's clique

In a video posted on the internet the assassin explains his views and concerns. The video shows the evil nature of the leftist multiculturalist and the threat of Islam.

The video has four parts. At the end the video shows a solution. A re-establishment of the Order of the Knights Templar, who are to fight the Left, Multi-culturalism and Islam. The assassin wants to be seen as a knight, a noble warrior fighting to stablish a superior order over the inferior order of multi-culturalism which presently reigns in Norway and the rest of the EU.

Knight Templars

The Knight Templars were an Order of knights. It was their stated aim to fight for Christianity. They were bound by a code of honour, of Chivalry as all true knights. According to the code of Chivalry the best form of fight is the duel, the fight between equals. In such a fight there is great personal risk to the protaginists. Mideaval ethics looked down on executioners due to the cowardly way executioners kill their victims. The Knight Templars can be viewed as the ultimate embodiment of this Mideaval morality.

Breivik has failed to live up to this morality. By attacking defenseless people he was at very little personal risk. He is not a dueller. He is a executioner.


In the attack on the left it must be realised that the destruction of the enemy is not the ultimate object, but the establishment of a superior alternative. A better social and political order must have legitimacy in the eyes of the many. Murderous and cowardly methods are an obstacle to achieving legitimacy.

As such the murder of more than 90 people is not just immoral but also a great set-back to re-establish the reign of Norwegian and other European nationalists. It discourages those who are inclined to support nationalism and it will provide impetus to the multi-culturalist Left.

The grief of Norway

This is an unhappy weekend. The greatest unhappiness is not our political unhappiness, but the grief of the friends and families of those killed in Oslo and Utoya.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Judge who ordered prosecution of Wilders steps down

Who is Tom Schalken?

Chief Justice Tom Schalken is one of the judges for the Court of Amsterdam who ordered the OM (Public Prosecution) to prosecute Geert Wilders for hate crimes. The trial ended a short time ago in a victory for Geert Wilders. The Judges repealed the charges against Mr. Wilders, saying that Mr. Wilders distinguished between Islamic doctrine and Muslims. In his statements Mr. Wilders critizised Islam and not Muslims and that is permissable under the law.

Geert Wilders' defense

During the trial Mr. Wilders defense laywer Mr. Moszkowicz attacked the judges head-on asking for the substitition of the first and the second set of three judges for partisanship. He was successfull the first time. Moreover the laywer attacked Tom Schalken for attempting to influence one of the tree witnesses for the defense: Hans Jansen. During a dinner party before the trial judge Tom Schalken tried to convince the witness that the charges of hate speech against Geert Wilders were well-founded. This led to the dismissal of the first trial.

Trials and tribulations

During the second trial Chief Justice Tom Schalken was called as a witness for the defense. It was an harrowing experience for the judge as he stated last week in daily newspaper NRC Handelsblad.
During the trial I was assaulted with so much hatred and derision, that I am unable to continue my duties as a judge

Schalken also bemoaned the fact that the police questioned him for five hours, investigating charges that he would have tried to influence a key witness.

The end of a Chief Justice

Tom Schalken asked Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands to relieve him of his duties as a judge.

The President of the Court of Amsterdam

In a response the President of the Court of Amsterdam, Mr. Leendert Verheij, criticized Chief Justice Schalken's (NL) remarks:
Individual judges are heavily taxed when they are faced with an avalanche of criticism, which they may regard as unfair. However it is my opinion they have to act responsably. Which means they cannot reply personally. What is certainly deplorable is that judges critisize the work of their fellow judges.
Snouck's Commentary

Tom Schalken's verbiose self-dismissal as a Chief Justice is another victory for those who are opposed to the Islamization of The Netherlands and Political-Correctness that aids the former. Ambitious judges will have taken note of the damage which Mr. Schalken incurred as a result of his defense of PC and Islam. They will be avoid attacking opponents of Islamization unless especially when they appear well-connected an powerful, e.g. if they are connected to Geert Wilders'Freedom Party (PVV).

And the President of the Court of Amsterdam is right to implicitly state that Tom Schalken damaged the esteem in which judges are held.

Thursday, July 07, 2011

Islam in Europe is back

A big fall

Well, I had started to despair but finally a vulonteer managed to help me to regain the islanmineurope.net domain and get the blog back online again. The ranking for search phrase "islam in europe" fell from position 6 to position 177.

A lot happened while the blog was unavailable, most notably the end of the prosecution of Geert Wilders which ended in a victory for him. And unfortunately I was not able to add my two cents. I hope it will not happen again.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Osama bin Laden dead: what to do now?

Whither US policy now that OBL is dead

Now that Osama bin Laden has been declared killed by the U.S. what should be their next step?

Snouck's answer: this is a good time to declare a victory and get the hell out of the quicksands of the Middle East and Afghanistan.

However the attack Obama instigated NATO attack on Libya shows the American government has not learned that attacking Muslim countries is a bad idea. The West's greatest problem these days seems to be the inability to learn lessons, caused by the dogmatic belief in human equality.

Osama bin Laden dead, war is over

Obama kills Osama

The news today is that a group of 24 US Seals under guidance of the CIA killed Osama bin Laden in a compound in Islamabad, Pakistan today.

There are some doubts that this is true. The timing of the news is suspicious with the American President increasingly under suspicion because of his refusal to show his proof of being born in the USA.

Global Jihad and the Counter-Jihad

Another question, what will the effect be on the global Jihad and the forces opposing Jihad?

If Osama bin Laden was truly killed in Islamabad this is not the end of the Jihad. Jihad, holy war to impose sharia law on the world is mandated by the core texts of Islam. The death of a warlord does not change that.

Right now waves of migrants are leaving North Africa and entering Europe. These Muslims will strengthen the Muslim colonies which have already been established. These colonies will be the new bases from which the struggle to establish Sharia in Europe will continue.

Multiculturalists will argue that the struggle has ended and seek to weaken the claims of Counter-Jihadist and anti-sharia groups such as the Danish People's Party and the Freedom Party in Europe. They want to go back to the time before 9-11 when Multiculturalism was unchallenged.

It will not happen.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Wilders trial fixed

Making all the appointments

Today the Amsterdam court ruled in the set-up of the resumed Wilders trial. There were two issues. One was the issue of the witnesses that Mr. Wilders had requested and another was that Justice Tom Schalken would be heard on his supper with witness Hans Jansen. This is the supper which caused Wilders' first trial session to be declared invalid and to be redone.

The matter of the 18 original witnesses.

Wilders had originally requested that 18 witnesses for the defense would be heard, amongst them Mohammed Bouyeri, the assassin of Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh. 15 of the 18 witnesses were turned down in the first trial session. Well, the 15 witnesses were turned down again today by the new judge.

The matter of Justice Schalken

The first trial session was suspended when it turned out that one of the Justices who had ordered the trial of Wilders for hate speech, discrimination and racism had appeared to try to influence witness Hans Jansen. Mr. Wilders' defense had asked that Justice Tom Schalken would be heard as a witness. Also he asked for the host of the supper, Bertus Hendriks, to be heard as a witness. These requests were granted.

Conclusion, the trade-off

The score seems to be 1-1. One point for the prosecution and one for the defense of Wilders. My take is that the Court views this as a trade. They have sacrificed a smaller value for a bigger value. The smaller value is the reputation of the Judiciary. The court is willing to have some brother-judges to be humiliated and having the impartiality of the courts questioned. The bigger value to be protected is the protection of Islam. The 15 witnesses that Wilders' defense had asked for would have given the public the opportunity to learn about Islam as it is seen by its adherents. It would have exposed this political and expansionist ideology for what it is and was. The protection of Islam is so important for the court that they are willing to catch flak for it.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Most of emigrants from the Netherlands were from immigrant stock

Immigrants are leaving

Esther's Islam in Europe blog featured an article on 28 January on emigration from The Netherlands. Between 2001 and 2010 there was a wave of emigration from The Netherlands to other countries. Two-thirds of the emigrants were not ethnically Dutch. These emigrants were both Western foreigners and Non-Westerners. In Esther's words:
Netherlands: Immigrants make up two thirds of emigrants

Two thirds of emigrants from The Netherlands are of immigrant origin. They're tired of the intolerance and see better career opportunities in their land of origin. Highly educated Moroccan or Turkish youth leave the Netherlands due to the harsh political climate. Though it's not a mass emigration, these groups of immigrants say 'increasing intolerance' is a reason for leaving.

Is the Netherlands saved from being swamped by Muslims?

Sounds like good news for the nationalist Dutch in The Netherlands. However a question remains. Of the two-thirds immigrant stock who move away from The Netherlands, how many are Western and how many are not?

When one downloads the report Dutch emigration (Dutch) and looks at the figures one can find the following.

The figures for Muslim emigration

Annually in the years between 2001 and 2010 about a 100.000 people left The Netherlands. In 2006 it was even 130.000 on a 16 million population. So that is half a percent or even close two a percent of the total population. The report gives figures for the group of between 20 and 45 year olds. That is the age most people work and have children. In 2009 2,149 young Turks, 1,444 young Maroccans, 454 young Afghans and 977 young Iraqis left The Netherlands. Around 5,000 Muslims in all. The total number of Muslims in the Netherlands is about 5.5 percent of the population or about 850,000 people (Dutch). About half a percent of them are leaving especially the better educated ones. This sigificantly lowers the birth rate of Turks and Moroccans. The Turkish birth rate is 2.12 and the Moroccan 2.93 percent. In absolute numbers it is nearly 15,000 per year. The conclusion is that the total number of Turks and Moroccans emigrating out of The Netherlands was about one third of their births. Their population would actually decline in the long run.

What works against the Dutch

Because ethnic Dutch women have a birth rate of 1.6 percent, the number of Dutch people is declining more quickly though. Also since 2008 the number of immigrants has been rising.

In the abovementioned numbers I left out the Muslims in The Netherlands who are not Turks or Moroccans. I did a quick calculation and I think it leaves the core of my argument unaffected.

In conclusion

But the conclusion is that with a small increase in the native birthrate. A closed borders policy. Plus a harsh, but not even slightly violent attitude towards the Muslims it may be possible to assure continued dominance of the ethnic Dutch within their established borders.

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Wilders trial resumes

Hate Speech Trial against Wilders part 2

I just happened to find out that the trial against Mr. Geert Wilders for Hate Speech (Dutch) is about to be resumed. Already next Monday there will be a first session of the re-trial against the leader of the PVV or Freedom Party. This will be a planning session on which the dates will be planned for the sessions of the new trial.

New witnesses

For the first trial Geert Wilders had asked for hearings for 18 witnesses. The court turned down 15 of these witnesses. For the new trial Geert Wilder's defense Bram Moszkowicz made a new request for having the 15 witnesses heard by the Court. The three original witnesses will also be heard again. Another new witness is to be heard. That is Justice Tom Schalken (Dutch), one of the three judges who ordered the trial and who tried to influence the witness for Geert Wilders' defense Hans Jansen. When the news that Justice Schalken tried to influence Hans Jansen came out it caused the original October trial to stall.

On 14 February the final decisions for the planning of the trial will be taken.

A well-prepared court

The website of the courts rechtspraak.nl has announced that the new trial will be done with new judges, who will be better prepared to deal with the intense media scruteny for the trial. Additionally the substitution court will be staffed by judges from the Haarlem court in order to avoid having a substitution court with judges who have friendly relations with the trial judges having to substitute the latter. This caused intense recriminations between judges after the trial within the Amsterdam Court. 

The charges against Wilders

The Public Prosecution (OM) has announced it will demand a "not guilty" for hate speech and discrimination for Mr. Wilders. Despite this the judges may still convict Geert Wilders on those charges, but this is not so likely.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Swiss Court convicts Israeli Author for Hate Speech

Punished for stating wrong opinions

A Swiss Judge convicted Israeli Author Avi Lipkin to paying a fine for stating in a public meeting in a Churchhall in Switzerlam that Islam is a dangerous religion which threatens Christians and Jews (German).

The closing of the European mind

All over Europe people are being hauled into courts and often indicted for saying that Islam is what it is: an agressive faith which seeks to overthrow the governments, laws and customs of non-islamic states. All over europe people are being hauled into court for though crime, for thinking forbidden thoughts and speaking their minds. The judiciary elites are hell-bent on surpressing dissent with the ruling Multi-Cultural orthodoxy.  

Islamic Terrorism Movie Italian box office success

Jihad a profitable joke in Italy

Che Bella Giornata, a film comedy on an Islamic bomb plot against a statue in an Italian Church is breaking box office records. The movie already made a whopping 42 million US Dollars and is still going strong.

The trailer gives an idea of the contents of the film

The script for the film was co-written by Checco Zalone who  is known for his politically-incorrect humor. .. the beautiful young Arab woman Farah (Nabira Akkari) who befriends him is actually planning to plant a bomb atop the cathedral to avenge her parents’ death in the current Gulf War.
The implication of this movie's resonance 

The actual script of the film is not the main issue here. The making and resonance of Che Bella Giornata is testamony to the fact that Islam and Integration of Muslim immigrants are central issues all over Europe. 

US Financial Decline

Jon Stewart of the Daily show used last Thursday's January 20th episode to put a humoristic twist on the increasing financial power of China and what it does to US' superpower status.

(Relevant part starts about 30 seconds in the clip)

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The US owes China alone one trillion US Dollars which is about 7 percent of the US GNP. European and other countries depending on US political and military support better look around for a new protector. US support is contingent on the Chinese People's Republic approval.