Thursday, March 29, 2007

Collateral damage

This blog has drawn attention to the violent ultra Leftist scene in The Netherlands that is ready to pursue its aims through the use of violence. This scene is often subsidised by the Dutch State. The Leftists set up front organisations which recieve subsidies and which propagandise, gather intelligence and sue for their cause. In their free time the Leftist activists pursue their more underground violent activities on basis of the information gathered in their above ground live. The main cores of this kind of leftist vigilantism are the squatter movement and the animal rights movement. Radical animal rights activists attack farms, farmers and laboratories using test animals. The government does not just use tax payers' money to subsidise the life style and ideology of the radical left, Dutch judges refuses to punish these radicals, public prosecutors and Ministers of Justice refuse to investigate cases. The murderer of Fortuyn, Volkert van der Graaf, was a animal rights/green activist who threatened and possibly killed opponents, who did not follow the course he set out for them. (Read "the van der Werken case")

In November 2005 Louis Sévèkes, a radical of the squatter movement was killed. His comrades from the squatter movement suspected a police infiltrator, who had been uncovered by the radical organiser. Sévèkes was known for purging the movement of people he regarded as suspect.

This blog opinioned:
A few days ago a 41 year old leftist activist Louis Sevekes from the radical "squatter" and Extreme Leftist Fringe was murdered in Nijmegen. It is unclear who is responsible for the murder


Political violence is the new rage in The Netherlands. This started with subsidised Leftist groups that targetted nationalist groups in the mid 1980s. In 1986 squatters set a hotel on fire in Kedichem where a Dutch Nationalist group CP'86 was having a meeting. The wife of the party leader had to jump from the second floor of the hotel and lost a leg. At the time the thugs (Antifa) were subsidised by the government and shielded from police action.
The police could not find the assassin despite spending 60,000 hours on the investigation. However this week the assassin (Dutch) was arrested in Spain. He admitted guilt and his dairy provides the motive. Assassin Martinus Hendrikus Tega was also a member of the radical Leftist Squatter scene. He was purged by Louis Sévèkes in 1995 on suspicion of being a snitch. He swore revenge and waited for ten years to carry his intention out.

The assassin was wanted by the Dutch and European authorities for bank robberies. This month the suspicion of murdering Sévèkes was added, after Dutch police raided a garage which served Teges as a stash. Family and friends of Louis Sévèkes are shocked by the fact that the murder was committed by someone who belonged to their crowd. The assassin was living in a squatter building in Barcelona when he was arrested.

This case gives a bit of background on the Pim Fortuyn assassination. The murder on Fortuyn was not an isolated case. Radical leftist have a well-developed infrastructure and they receive tacit support from the State. Now that there is a Right wing countermovement underway the Leftists meet resistance for the first time. It is my prognosis that there will be more political violence in the near future from the Left in addition to the violent actions of Jihadis.

There are two items in the news which are related developments:
Dutch Arabist Hans Jansen, whose son was threatened by Dutch Muslims, has called for the formation of a police special intelligence unit to investigate and follow up on death threats for political and religious purposes.

Significantly, in the border district of Twenthe German and Dutch police (Dutch and German) held an excercise ("Grensenlos") this month. The theme of the exercise was cracking down on rightwing extremists. It seems the authorities are looking the other way hard.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Stabbing at school update

On youtube I found a better film on the school stabbing in Rotterdam last Tuesday.

Reality of a Multicultural Dutch School.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The joys of immigration: stabbings on school

In Rotterdam a boy was knived at school, yesterday. A filmcrew was filming while it happened. Although nothing has been confirmed about the ethnicity of the people involved, it stands to reason that they were non-western immigrants.

Film of stabbing at Dutch school.

The relevant images are about 40 seconds into the film.

The stabbing was about a girl, who was hit by the victim. The girl asked her brother to get vengeance. The brother and more than 10 of his mates visited the school and attacked the victim.

After the stabbing there was a rumour that one of the attackers was hiding in the school. The police searched to school in full riot gear.

This level of "force protection" of the police is one of the typical aspects that result from immigration and the multicultural society. The police becomes a paramilitary force and loses the ability to communicate with the public in the way that was expected before mass immigration.

Conclusion: the multicultural society is inferior to the mono-ethnic, monocultural society that preceded it.

Today there was another stabbing of a pupil on a Dutch School. This time it was on a Amsterdam school, the Marcanti College on the Jan van Galenlaan. The location is Amsterdam-West. A 15 year old stabbed another 15 year old. Amsterdam-West is known a predominantly Muslim neighbourhood. The Non-Western element is very heavily represented amongst the pupils of the Marcanti college.

Two more stabbings on schoolpremises hit the news this week:
Yesterday on a school "ISW" in Naaldwijk. A 16 year old pupil was hurt with a pair of scissors.

Another pupil was hurt with a knife on school "De Lijgraaf" in Oss, today.

It is not clear whether these acts of violence are connected to clashes between or within Non-Dutch ethnics. It is a bit odd that these incidents suddenly surface after a film of a kniving is made in Rotterdam. Have the media been surpressing this kind of news? Where they framing the news?

Or are they framing the news again, by finding Ethnic Dutch incidents? After all the way to make ethnic minorities look good when they look bad is by dragging Westerners down to the minority level.

As Mr. Laurence Auster of View From the Right puts it: "Auster's First Law of Majority/Minority Relations in Liberal Society: The more egregiously any non-Western or non-white group behaves, the more evil whites are made to appear for noticing and drawing rational conclusions about that group's bad behavior.

The First Law and its corrolary are intrinsic to liberalism. Once the equality of all human groups is accepted as a given, any facts that make a minority or foreign group seem worse than the majority native group must be either covered up or blamed on the majority."

Monday, March 19, 2007

The Church of the Second World War

Erwin at the Kleinverzet blog quoted a Frontpagemag contributor, quoting an Arab Christian:
"I think there are two ways to avoid [this Armageddon]. One can be a major war which the West can win. As in World War Two, had the West attacked the Germans in 1936 the war would have lasted not more than a month with very few casualties. Their procrastination resulted in World War II with all its consequences. Eventually, the West will have to tackle the Iranians, it is better that they do it now to avert a world catastrophe later. With Iran defeated the Islamic onslaught will lose its base, and it may be the turning point in history to defeat the menace of extreme Islam. The majority of the Moslems don't want this confrontation anyway.
I think he's right with that last assertion. But as long as the West will not stand up to the more committed elements within islam, and especially Iran, I am afraid most muslim citizens will bet on what seems to be the strong horse. There's some good advise to our politicians: You want Dutch muslim citizens on your side? Show them you have the stuff to take on and defeat the scum that would foist the Khalifa upon us all."

Just as there is a Church of the Left, there is a Church of the Second World War in the West. Adherents the creed are wont to make analogies between situations faced today with situations from the conflict against Rightwing totalitarianism. The Second World War is the "good war". Everybody agrees that the Nazis were evil and had to be defeated. Also the Second World War was won by a coalition of the British Empire, the USA and in those we recognize what still are still major nations of military capability. The fact that murderous Soviet Russia was also a part of the coalition is usually glossed over.

OK. Some hard basic truths not particularly difficulty to grasp:
1. The Second World War is over.
2. The Second World War ended 60 years ago.
3. Islam is not the Axis, it is a religion with 1,3 billion adherents
4. Because Islam is a different social organism than a alliance of nation states, industrial war by mass armies, the model of war that defeated the Axis, will not work defeating Islam. Islam fights in God's space, and industrial war cannot reach there.
5. Iran is not the leader of Islam. In fact Iran is Shia, while the rest of Islam is mostly Sunni. So to say that Islam will be defeated once Iran is defeated is not just wrong, it is silly. There are only 70 million Iranians and 1,3 Billion Muslims.
6. The USA just lost in Iraq and Afghanistan. That's right folks. They lost it. They lost the support of the home front, as evidenced by the recent American elections. The US politicians on both sides are just procratinating pulling the troops out.
7. Israel just lost in Lebanon. Again. The Israelis these days follow the American pattern of war slavishly, which contributes to their downfall.

8. Wars lost by (semi-) Western nations/coalitions since 1945:
Algeria (the French)
Indonesia (the Dutch)
Vietnam (twice) (the French and the USA)
Afghanistan (twice) (the Russians)
Lebanon (twice) (the Israelis)

A few I do not care to list.

In all these conflicts the West lost to opponents vastly inferior in firepower. France, USA and Russia were absolutely ruthless in the pursuit of their war aims.
9. The USA can attack and bomb Iran. They can occupy it. They can destroy its army and infrastructure. The result will be that more US soldiers will die and that US public opinion will turn even more against the war.
10. Technology is spreading and becomes more and more accessible to Non-Western nations. This means that not just Iran, but a whole range of non-Western nations will soon possess nuclear arms, including Turkey, Egypt, Iran, Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil and Argentine. The monopoly on this technology can not be American. One can not prevent knowledge to be aquired by eager learners.
11. Economic and political power is flowing from the USA, mostly to Asia. The US only has a edge only in military power. That is not enough to benefit from a war, even if it was won. If Iran blocks the strait of Hormuz the oil price will strongly rise. The American economy is on the brink of recession anyway. Going to war with Iran will clinch it.
12. The USA is a proposition nation. The creed of the USA since the 1960ies has been that there is no dominant religion or ethnic group that is leading in the USA or has a special claim to it. What is keeping the USA together apart from mere habit is a vision of shared and rising prosperity. A major economic bust may tear its society apart.
13. The USA lives on credit. It runs a huge current account deficit with Asian countries. China holds massive currency holdings. US Treasury bonds. Dollars. If they lose faith in the USA's capacity to guarantuee the value of these reserves or if they are cross with the USA they will start to sell these holdings. Invading Iran will frighten and anger the Chinese leadership. They will not easily pull the rug from under the American economy. After all only America can buy up their stuff. But a war and an invasion in Iran might well do the trick. Iran is a part of the Shanghai Co-operation Organisation, a Chinese led alliance of Non-Western nations.
14. The West was economically and population wise much more dominant in 1945 than in 2007. These days the Asiatics and Islam are much bigger chunks of humanity.
15. Invading Iran will cause Iran's population to rally around the flag and the mosque. Currently the Iranian regime is almost as unpopular as Bush's government. It is much to the interest of the current clique to be invaded.

All these points argue that the outcome of a conflict with Iran will end in desaster. The West has no means to compell Iran or the larger Muslim world to submit to its will. But the West is in great danger of pulling itself apart by its suicidal immigration policy and the destruction of its armed forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"You want Dutch muslim citizens on your side? Show them you have the stuff to take on and defeat the scum that would foist the Khalifa upon us all."

That is odd. It seems here that Kleinverzet wants to argue that it is in the interest of the USA to impress Dutch Muslims. Or perhaps that the Dutch government confront Iran. I will deal with the former. Even if the US Government thought it is in their interest to intimidate Dutch Muslims by invading Iran then it still would not work. There is no connection between Dutch Sunni Muslim immigrants communities and Shia Iran. And Dutch Muslims oppose Dutch culture and society not because Iran inspires them to do so, but because their Quran based faith inspires them to do so. Because they get away with it and their numbers are growing by the day. If current trends are not addressed by closing the borders and expelling Muslim communities Dutch national society will be torn apart or Islamized. I expect the former and fear the latter.

The strong horse in the Muslim / West equation is the pitting of the community of the faithfull against the community of the hedonists and decadents. No matter how weak the faithfull, if there is no will of resistance on the Dutch side, the Muslims can only win.

Finally the leadership of the West is firmly in thrall of the WW2/industrial war paradigma, despite the fact that it keeps losing its wars or is unable to turn military victories in political advantage. The West seems unable to learn.

Rudyard Kipling witnessed the same in the British Army after the Anglo-Boer war before the First World War. He wrote a poem about it called: "Rimmon". Look it up if you are poetically inclined. It is a commentary on the Bible story of Naaman, the Syrian, who is cured by the prophet Elisa from the leprosy that ails him.

Naaman could not learn from what happened to him.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Ondiep asserts itself

Ondiep residents and friends of the Mulder family held a "silent march" yesterday, to commemorate Rini Mulder, the man who was killed by the police. Two thousand people joined in the march. The neighbourhood organised their own protection group ("Dutch") to secure the marchers. The protection group("ordedienst") was put together by a mr. Gradus Kwarten.

The Ondiep neighbourhood is still cordoned off by riot police by day and by night. The police has installed surveillance cameras on masts in order to control the residents. The Ondiep neighbourhood has been intimidated by groups of Turkish youth for a long time. The pleas for protection went unheeded. Rini Mulder himself called the police more than 30 times. But the police seems unable or unwilling to protect Ethnic Dutch citizens against the Turks.

Writers such as Martin van Creveld and William Lind have pointed out that states are increasingly unable to protect their citizens. Citizens in turn are seeking ways to find security. Their loyalty is moving away from the state to other social units. Elite created supra national organisations such as the EU and NATO are not looking out for the security of the Middle and Lower class. By hiring security companies and forming well off private individuals seek to secure their living and business environment.

Working class people will not be able to raise the money for a private security firm. So they have to form their own security groups. Since their taxes are supposed to go to police protection, they should demand a hefty discount on their taxes. Another idea to finance reimbursing the guards is by registering the groups as a company and receiving a budget from the municipality.

It is unacceptable that the political class gets away with hollowing out the security of the people, without having them relinquisch some control over the lives of the people they are failing to protect.

I wish Mr. Gradus Kwarten and his men of the Ondiep Ordedienst all success in his undertaking.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Ondiep riots: ethnic policeman and diminishing trust

In my previous post I asserted that the policeman who killed Rini Mulder in Utrecht was a Muslim. The police has specifically denied that the shooter was Turkish or Moroccan.

That leaves the possibility open that the policeman belonged to another non-white immigrant group.

A further thought: the fact that these rumours go round show the fragility of the Multicultural ideology. People instinctively distrust people of other ethnic groups and backgrounds then their own. This rumour reflects this unease.

Another feature of the multicultural society society that showed itself in the "Ondiep riots" is its need for repression. The Ondiep neighbourhood has been cordoned off by police and even professionals like nurses who cared for the ill in Ondiep have been refused entrance to the neighbourhood. The more multicultural a society become, the more authoritarian it must be in order to keep a lid on the cauldron of ethnic tension.

This increasing power of the state over the population is initially a boon to the authorities, because of their ambition and love of power. There comes a point where the pressure overwhelms the lid and the witch's brew goes supercritical. At this point the different population groups form their own armed groups that do openly battle with each other.

The cores of these groups have already been formed. They are criminal gangs, security firms, militias, clubs of football supporters and other social groups that have many young male members. This has been seen in Yugoslavia and Lebanon. (It is my opinion that the Soviet Empire fell apart from its Multicultural nature too).

It will not pass Western societies by. It is the logical outcome of the insistence of transnational elites to populate Western countries with ethnically, religiously and culturally different population groups in pursuit of their ideological vision.

The nation state as the dominant social organisation is in its autumn, not just in Africa and the Middle East, but also in the West.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Working class whites riot in Utrecht

In the Utrecht neighbourhood of Ondiep saw riots in the past two days after the police shot a man, Rini Mulder. The man had been fighting with a group of immigrant youths who were intimidating the Ondiep residents on Sunday. They had attacked a pregnant Dutch woman. When police arrived Mr. Mulder raised his arm to indicate that he had called for them. A policeman shot and killed him. The policeman is a Muslim, like the youth that was raising hell.

The killing caused fury amongst the working class White population. Mr. Mulder had been popular amongst his peers and they blamed the police for being too cowardly to touch immigrant youth. Killing Mr. Mulder was the spark that ignited the riots. A former police station in the neighbourhood was burned down on Sunday evening. Football supporters joined the fray and confonted the police. The mayor of Utrecht cancelled a consultation with the Ondiep residents out of fear. After Sunday the police cordoned the neighbourhood off. Despite the cordon there were renewed riots (Dutch) on Monday and Tuesday night. Last night there were 130 arrests. 60 of these were Ondiep residents, the rest are from other parts of the country, and mainly "football supporters" according to the MSM.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The growing strength of the Dutch Right

Geert Wilders and his party, the anti-islamic Freedom Party (PVV) are growing in popularity. Polls show that the Freedom Party would nearly double its seats in parliament, if elections would be held.

The popularity of the Freedom Party is the result of the strong support amongst the public for the attacks in parliament on double nationality and the questionable loyalty of immigrant politicians to society as a whole.

When Freedom Party Parliamentary Sietze Fritsma issued a motion for banning double nationality and questioning Labour Muslim politicians Albayrak and Aboutaleb the entire political spectrum attacked him. Polls and internet forums showed massive support for the Freedom Party position. It shows that the rift between the position of the political class and the population, which was revealed during the Pim Fortuyn days in 2002 has not been closed.

The coalition parties (Labour, Christian Democrats and Christian Union) are losing in the polls and have lost their majority. The Leftist and anti EU Socialist Party (SP), to the Left of Labour, is also increasing in strength.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Balancing Block Votes

The Amsterdam Labour Party (Dutch) has found a replacement for Aboutaleb, the Muslim Amsterdam Alderman. Aboutaleb moved on to become a deputy minister two weeks ago. The appointment was controversial because of his dual nationality and has created waves in public opinion and Parliament.

The new alderman is Hennah Buyne, a judge. She will become Alderman for employment, income, education and youth. Hennah is from Surinam, a former colonial possession in the Caribbean, on the South American continent.

The Labour Party (Dutch) had specifically been looking for a Non-Western candidate for the job, in order to improve the connections of Labour to this important voting base in Amsterdam. It had been expected that the position would go to a Muslim.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Hunting Licence

This article, by the hand of Dutch Arabist Hans Jansen, appeared in HP/de Tijd

In every Dutch library and in almost every bookshop for years there has been a book available that three times refers to Jews as monkeys three times and as swine one time. This book is the Quran. It is mentioned in Quran 2:65, 5:60 and 7:166. Infidels, who constitute more than half of the Dutch population, are the subject of very unpleasant remarks. Moreover in every library of a pious Muslim there are books which argue that the majority of those in Hell are women. That a nation led by a woman can not be a happy one. Such pearls can be found in large quantities in the canonical compendia of the words regarded as pronunciated by the prophet Muhammed. In handbooks of Islamic law, which are also widely available and have been translated in many languages there is far more what Dutchmen, judging by their voting patterns strongly object to: a woman committing adultery must be stoned, those who are found guilty of a homosexual act must be killed. Those who drink wime must receive beatings with the rod. Further the Quran insists that the faithful must wage war “even if their spirit is not into it” (Quran 2:216). This book, which according to Muslims is Gods own writ, we read: “kill the unbelievers, where-ever you find them” (2:191). It is not a misprint, it is repeated twice: in Quran 4:89 and 4:91.

If a modern country wishes to outlaw certain Islamic books for their inflammatory character, a special police must be created to enforce the law, burn the books, interrogate the owners and borders and customs will have to makes sure such books will not enter and be distributed. Most Arabic and Islamic states indeed possess such special police services.

Even if such police services are effective, such questions need be asked as: can universities and academics be exempted for the purpose of studying Islam? Who will decide which academics can purchase what books despite the ban? Such a ban causes so many troubles that it better should not exist at all.

It is not really the books that are dangerous in the way gunpowder and cyanide are dangerous. As a matter of exegesis there is no problem for a modern or traditional theological acrobat to interpret the texts in such a way that the threat emanating on the first reading of these books will evaporate somewhat, or if necessary entirely.

The most used instrument of exegesis has been that they are not “general” texts, dealing with e.g. all Jews, no matter where and when, but that they are “specific” pronouncements concerning the Jews in the city of Medina, contemporaries and enemies of Muhammad, the Prophet (570-632). It is even possible to maintain that the text deals with several Jews in that city, a few individuals having a running argument with the Prophet Muhammad.

It is questionable whether that is historically correct, but who will know, the good purpose (Peace in our time) is valuable. On the other hand, when God in the story of Moses and Pharao instructs Moses to: “Go to Pharao” (Quran 20:24), than that is not a general divine commandment which all have to keep either? There are indeed istructions in the Quran, directly given by God himself, which are no for you and me.

Many English language Islamic books about Islam are annoying to read for an outsider, as the authors are apologetic about texts which are obviously crooked. Which is not odd, because we are dealing with a text which is over a thousand years old and the Bible has some interesting passages too. In the Old Testament, e.g. Deuteronomium 7:2 and the following verses it is carefully explained that “Thou shalt not kill”, unless it is heathens who recognize neither God nor law. Then killing becomes most commendable.

Modern outsiders are annoyed by contemporary straightening of crooked instructions, for they do not understand that is is a somewhat diffident way to distance the faithful from the killing that the ur-text calls for. A modern text can not be expected to say: “the Quran calls for robbing and killing non-Muslims, but I am a decent man, and although a Muslim I refuse to follow those violent passages of the Quran.”

Those who do so will get into a argument with many, (but not all) Islamic lawmen, and the often fanatical followers of these bearded professional Muslims. It is much smarter to explain the calls for militancy one finds in the Quran, as “in fact” not violent. “In fact“ the Quran does not call to warfare and murder, but to , say, self-defense. “In fact” Jihad is not “war against the unbelievers” but a “war against unbelief”, even if found in one’s own heart. From this position it is still possible to get into a feud with the militant pulpit tigers, but at least you are telling a good story.

However there is an essential difference between the Quran and the Bible, and that is the way both books are used by their adherents. The Quran is seen by clubs of Muslims as a God-given “hunting licence” granting them the right to murder non-Muslims. This caused a number of attacks, the most well-known and biggest of which is the attack on the USA of 11 September 2001. The smaller-scale attacks are ones such as the murder of Sadat, 1981, or those against the columnist Farag Foda in Cairo in June 1992. Of course there are Muslims without number who do not regard the Quran as a hunting licence, but the small or great number of Muslims that do, give the rest of the Planet a lot of trouble.

In the Churches there have been no serious reverends who regard the Bible as a hunting license which not only condones murdering dissidents, but even commands it. This is not so clear within Islam. At least there is a school within Islam, the Wahhabbis, which for lack of income, from the inception of the movement around 1750, until the discovery of oil, developed an amusing hobby from robbing and if necessary killing dissident Muslims, as non-Muslims had not around anymore in their area of operation on the Arabian peninsula for a long time.

The Ottoman Turks have managed to defeat these Wahhabites every now and then and in the nineteenth century quite a few Wahhabbi leaders ended on the excecutioner’s scaffold, to be killed in the name of the Sultan-Caliph in Constantinople/Istanbul. The Egyptian army has defeated the Wahhabbis once too. However the Wahhabbi movement has always managed to recover. And the Wahhabbis always act in concert with the Saudd dynasty.

As a result of the discovery of oil the Wahhabbis/Sauddis have become rich in the 50ies of the twentieth century and there is no more need to rob old women. They started to use their money to propagandize their teachings. Which is perfectly permittable of course. However, they market their creed as “the pure and original Islam”, not a provincial, eccentric and violent mode of Islam, invented around 1750, which preaches hatred against dissidents. In large areas, in Pakistan, Afghanistan and elsewhere Wahhabbi schools is all there is, educationwise. A parent who does not send his son as a Taalib (“pupil”) to such a Wahhabbi madrasa (“school”) shortchanges him.

For Muslim youth in The Netherlands Wahhabbi education is often the only Islamic education that they will get. Compare this to a situation where giving Christian religious instruction is left to the Ku Klux Klan, as there is Freedom of Religion and the Klan has the money.

As “Wahhabbi” does not sound so pleasant after the wars on this movement by the Ottoman Turks, the name has been changed: “Salafism”. Salafism was originally a name of a modern school of Islamic thought from Egypt and has been recycled by the grateful Wahhabbis.

Islamic youth usually has no more than a vague cultural loyalty to Islam, without a concrete practice. They dream of a future in which Islam will be triumphant over its enemies. When such youth gets in touch with competent preachers and recruiters, it will not be long or such youngsters will view the Quran as a hunting licence and a licence to kill.

It sounds impressive to outlaw bloodthirsty interpretations on the Quran and Islam. However this approach may rather prove counterproductive. Making sure that militants do not crowd out their liberal modern fellow-believers is likely to be as effective and will prove sufficiently hard. Let’s not forget that the Reformed Church was never outlawed, and even so this Church does not exist anymore. After the more freethinking Protestants started to debate the question whether the snake in the Garden of Eden spoke in a way that could be understood using the senses it did not take a century before the Liberal Protestants had become virtually extinct, while the Orthodox Protestants were pushed to the margins.

It is questionable whether the Dutch State should concern itself deeply with Islam. Contrary to what is often thought the modern separation of State and Church does not mean that the State should not meddle in religious affairs. Rather the State has to see to it that the access to the religious market remains open to all vendors equally. In the Middle East an evil alliance between the State and religious leaders ensures that the market is closed to other vendors that Islamic ones.

A Dutch Islamic policy should seek to forestall, that supporters of religious movement intent on using violence to further their ideological goals, can abuse modern Western religious freedom, as it exists since about 1700. Religious freedom is only meant for those who are willing to desist from using violence for religious violence intend on furthering their own religion towards victory. Those who do not conform to that prescription and wishes to view their Holy Writ as a hunting licence or a licence to kill, is our enemy.