Monday, November 07, 2005

Turkey and the Paris riots

One of the victims of the Paris riots may well be Turkey. The Turks may see their chance to become a member of the EU diminish as a result of the riots in the French Banlieu's. A third of Turkey's 70 million population would love to migrate to Europe, just as Mexicans in the USA. Turkish "Gastarbeiter" are already rioting together with Somalis and Palestinians in Arhus in Denmark. There are concerns in Germany that the riots will break out there. The Berlin neighbourhood of Moabit already saw torchings of cars. This maybe copycatting the Parisian riots.


Esther said...

That is very interesting. Only this morning it was reported that the Turkish Prime Minister called on Turks in Germany to integrate.

Snouck said...

I guess Erdogan Ghazi is getting nervous.