Thursday, November 24, 2005

Rescued by the Left?

Elites versus the governed

In the past 40 years the political, media and business establishments in most Western nations have collaborated amongst themselves to undermine traditional Western culture. Initially right-wing business interest imported foreign labour to bring down wages. Later the Left used accusations of "racism" as a club in order to keep whites from defending their material and cultural interests. In the 1990s Universities and the Media developed and enforced speech codes to mold perceptions of reality. To forestall the possibility that people would be able to put together a picture of the ethnic competition that is taking place between old populations and the newly arrived.

Elite becomes more powerfull

The real winners in this set-up are the elites, not the newly arrived, the immigrants. The immigrants are constantly threatened in turn by more recent immigrants. This threatens their access to services and undermines their wages just as is the case with the original inhabitants of Western Nations.

Political cartel plus a media cartel

It is impossible to do something about this, when the working of democracy is undermined by a cartel of political parties which does not allow real opposition against Multiculturalism and mass immigration. And a media cartel that does not publish dissent.

Outflanking the cartel

Recently the Left in the establishment political parties in several Western Nations is losing its control of the political arena. In The Netherlands, Denmark, Flanders, France, Austria and Australia political parties are springing up that have the ability to go into the mainstream. Internet is giving people an opportunity to voice real opposition to Multiculturalism and to outflank Left wing media bias. With the attack by political Islam on New York, the bombings of Bali, Spain, the UK disadvantages of Multiculturalism have become looming. So that doubts about the viability of Multicultural societies can not be denied anymore by the Media and Political elites. This has resulted in real debate between the opponents and proponents of Multiculturalism and the rise of parties that really oppose Multiculturalism in several countries. These Antimulticultural forces usually focus on the threat that Islam poses to the West. By its inate hostility to Western values such as liberalism, the western work ethic, independence and freedom for women and non-islamic groups.

Fight them overhere, not overthere

People such as Pia Kjersgard, Pim Fortuyn, Ali Hirsi Ayaan, Theo van Gogh strongly oppose Islam in the West, while the leaders of the United States and the UK seek to fight political Islam and state sponsored Islamic terrorism in the heart of the Middle East.

More power to the executive branch

In this climate of real hot military and cold political warfare against the excesses of political Islam Western politicians seek to counter the threats of Islamic violence. They do this by giving state agencies, such as the military, the secret services, the police and the judiciary increased powers in the fight against terrorism.

The public pays the price

Unfortunately the powers that the state begets are gained at the expense of the citizenry. The citizenry is now exposed not only to the rising crime of a Multicultural society and omnipresent terrorism. But also to the increased power of the various state agencies that are mobilising to crush terrorism. The US have suspended Habeas Corpus, the traditional right of individuals not to be arrested and detained without an indictment for a specific crime.

This means e.g. that Middle Easterners arrested in Afghanistan during the American assault on that country are held without an indictment or a trial for THREE years already at a US prison in Guantanamo Bay under the US "Patriot" act.

This means e.g. that Tony Blair, the Labour Prime Minister of Britain, has tried to pass legislation that would give state agencies wide ranging powers in the fight against terrorism. Also suspending Habeas Corpus in the UK, the very country that gave these rights such fame in the past. Fortunately his proposals have been shot down in flames by the British parliament.

And in The Netherlands politicians, such as Maxime Verhagen and Pieter Hein Donner, are discussing whether terorist PLANS and INTENTIONS should be made punishable. This after a court declared Samir Azzouz innocent when it turned out that this self-declared Jihadi was too incompetent in his preparations to be credible as a threat to the security of the Dutch public.

And Ali Hirsi Ayaan is regularly proposing new legislation that would give state agencies powers in order to improve the rights of children and women in the Muslim community against violence and abuse by Muslim men, usually family members.

The state versus the people

All four of these initiatives counter the growing power of Islam and Islamic communities internationally. All four initiatives counter Islam's power to impose its will on Islam's outsiders and insiders. Yet all these initiatives have one thing in common. They fundamentally increase the power of the state and at the expense of the rights of the public. In this they are typical of the approach taken by the Left under Socialism, Communism and Multiculturalism. These initiatives are not specifically aimed at Muslims and they undermine the freedom and rights of ALL citizens of Western Societies. Something Liberals and Conservatives alike should be opposed to if they take their own worldview seriously.

Meeting the challenge of Islam

We, Liberals and Conservatives, should be concerned that a foreign religion and worldview is trying to scare us and submit us to its will. The challenge is to find an approach that does not fight for Freedom at the expense of Freedom. The problems with Al-Queda are much worsened by Multiculturalism. Without open borders and Multiculturalism the September 11 conspirators would not have been able to enter and stay in the USA so easily. Without the presence of large and growing Islamic communities in the West plus the blinding of public opinion by Multiculturalism and Political Correctness Islam would not be such a threat, at all.

The Truth will set you Free

If we free ourselves of the shackles on our thought and look objectively at the strengths and weaknesses of the West and the strengths and weaknesses of Islam, we can see that the balances are in favour of the West. Islam has to export its population to do the dirty work of the unbelievers. Whereas Freedom is one of the most fundamental strengths of the West. Through Freedom Westerners are able to freely discuss the direction their societies need to take in peace and war and to vote for the parties that take a credible approach as a process of trial and error get underway.

The example of Israel

Look at Israel. A few million of Jews, mainly Westerners, are standing up to the multitudes of Islam for decades and they, the Jews, thrive. Time in time again Muslim armies are defeated. The Jews only fail to win where they have become occupation forces of hostile Islamic populations. As in the population of the territories occupied in 1967 or the population of large parts of Lebanon after 1982. The Muslims are able to maintain themselves and even win some space through riots, suicide bombings, assorted terrorism and of course demographics. This works only as long a the Jews fight as nice boys, keeping to the rules of Western warfare and not resorting to ethnic cleansing or genocide.

Ethnic cleansing

However, if the Muslims really corner the Israelis, these will have no other option than to take off their boxing gloves and to hit the Muslims with mailed fists ("Egrofei Shofim"). This is called "Transfer" in the political debate in Israel.

Europe must follow

And the same goes for the European Christians worldwide. If the Muslims really anger us and put us in a difficult position we will have to cease to be such gentlemen and to wipe these unruly populations from our lands. Not by killing them but by a firm removal from our societies. And then it will be obvious who needs who. Because afterwards our societies will be much better off. Yes, our marginal industries will be lacking cheap labour and they will relocate elsewhere. But on the other hand the white underclass will receive much better wages so it will benefit far more people than that it will hurt. And end a chasm that is opening up in Western societies.

Keeping the rights of the people intact

And the best of it is that it can be done without hurting the core populations, without taking our political rights away, without establishing a security dictatorship or oligarchy.

Radical? Sure. But think about it. It makes sense. Transfer.

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