Thursday, November 03, 2005

European Riot Overview

Muslims run riot in France in Denmark and in the UK.

In the Northern Suburbs of Paris, not far from the area where in August 1914 the French Army turned back the invading German Forces Muslims are battling with the police and complaining aboutthe toughness of the policemen. In Aarhus the Danish police is fighting it out with the local Muslims and cracking down on Turkish, Palestinian and Somali youth. Danish Muslims say they do not tolerate the police in "their" neighbourhood. In Birmingham there were race riots between blacks and Pakistani's after Pakistani's raped a black girl.

It is heartening to see the hard line politicians are taking in Denmark and France. To think that this will be enough would be naive. But where enlightenment of individuals comes in a flash, the enlightenment of groups is a long drawn out process.

Yet minds are increasingly getting ready to see what is really happening. The cult of Multiculturalism is dying. Increasingly being discredited even in the eyes of its believers.

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