Friday, November 11, 2005

Immigration and Islam in Europe. Is it too late?

A few weeks ago I went to have supper with an Mizrahi Israeli friend of mine, who has been living in The Netherlands since the late 70s. He has a business and is married to a Dutch lady. Perhaps inevitably the conversation turned to immigration and the presence of large numbers of people of the Islamic persuation in The Netherlands and in Europe. Because of his cultural background he has a better understanding of Middle Eastern Muslims so it is always interesting to listen what he has to say.

At a certain point I asked him: "what if Islamic Immigration is not stopped or stopped by the time that Islamic Communities comprise more than fifty percent of the population of The Netherlands or of Europe?" His answer was that as long as Whites control the economy, justice and army and police there is alway time to regain control of society. And this answer came quick and without hesitation. Obviously he must have considered the question and wondered if he should not remigrate to Israel with his wife and children looking European demographic realities in the face and what this means to Jews.

And of course he is right. Riots such as we have seen in Birmingham, Arhus and in France open the eyes of many people. Unfortunately as I have pointed out on 2 November the Dutch media are still almost exclusively pushing the Multicultural Agenda. The same goes for the rest of Europe, only more so! Immigration is becoming increasingly a issue in elections and is strongly slowed down in countries such as The Netherlands and Denmark. Most probably this will happen everywhere where the powers that be overplay their hand and are corrected by a backlash from the voters. Most likely this will now happen in France too and it is likely that Belgium will follow suit.

So that gives us time to prepare for the cultural change that has to follow and that will dislodge the followers of the Multicultural Cult from the commanding heights of our cultures. Those commanding heights are the academia, the media and entertainment sectors, the arts and the rest of the educational system, the places where our culture is conciously shaped and passed on. Where chauvinistic pro-western voices are sadly lacking.

We can outflank the enemy using the internet. And other new media. The media landscape is transforming and it is difficult to keep up with new technologies, new media not yet dominated by the State and the Cultural Left.

This should be our goal. Just getting anti-immigration and anti-multicultural political parties in parliaments is not enough. Politicians are on their own not capable to come up with answers to drive significant pro-western attitudes in society.


Desmond Jones said...

Professor Kevin MacDonald writes,

"Whether Western individualistic societies are able to defend the legitimate interests of the European-derived peoples remains questionable. The present tendencies lead one to predict that unless individualism is abandoned the end result will be a substantial diminution of the genetic, political, and cultural influence of European peoples. It would be an unprecedented unilateral abdication of such power and certainly an evolutionist would expect no such abdication without at least a phase of resistance by a significant segment of the population—presumably the more ethnocentric among us."

In his article, he describes how "altruistic punishment [is] so characteristic of contemporary Western civilization."

This portends, that white groups, like the Puritans in New England who destroyed their co-ethnics in the Anglo-Celtic South, are capable of meeting out altruistic punishment to co-ethnics who do not conform to certain ideals, in defence of genetically distant groups (i.e. Muslims). The Jews will survive the onslaught because of their hyper-ethnocentrism and very high IQ.
However, the pronosis for white gentiles is not very rosy even if co-ethnics control the police and the military.

nouille said...

Perhaps ridding Europe of colonialist guilt would be a good start.