Sunday, November 06, 2005

French riots - caused by crackdown in crime

The riots in the suburbs of Paris are caused by Interior Minister Sarkozy's crackdown on crime, according to the media and the French opposition:

According to Yahoo News:
Sarkozy, whose law and order policies have been criticized by human rights groups, launched a new offensive against crime this month, ordering specially trained police to tackle 25 tough neighborhoods in cities across France.
This is generally accepted to be the direct cause behind the riot. The police cracked down on crime following orders of Interior Minister Sarkozy. Three young boys fled for the police. They were guilty of something. The fury of the population of the suburbs as a result of the crackdown caused the Muslim youth to riot for ten days.

This shows that Islamic youth has a ethnic COMMITMENT to crime. Take their crime away and they respond, as if bitten by a snake. This is a graphic illustration of the relation between crime and ethnic minorities. Decendant fron immigrants from Africa and Middle Eastern countries have significantly higher crime rates than those who belong to the ethnic national core of Western nations. It is not politically correct to say so. Crime stats show it, but crime stats are surpressed. It is in Belgium even illegal to quote them. And crime stats are boring. Lot's of tables and figures. Worse than a balance sheet.

But these riots make the connection very graphic. Very interesting. And very clear. Muslim youth is saying: "Let us rob you. Or we will rise in arms."


Esther said...

After years of ignoring crime and letting such neighborhoods deteriorate to a situation where it's "ok" for them to hold periodical violent demonstrations, the citizens should not be surprised that a sudden crack-down leads to such violent response.

Snouck said...

The citizens who live outside the immigrant suburbs may well be surprised. Because they relied on the press to inform them and the press only reported "happy stories". However the members of Muslim communities have seen it coming and they sometimes told us: "this country will belong to us". They are now defending the areas that they consider theirs from intrusion by a force they consider illegimate. Family reunification policies will claim new areas, hitherto untouched.

Lisa said...

Snouk, your reply here reminds me of a comment comparing the French civil unrest with the Israel-Palestine conflict made by Steve Plaut in Front Page Magazine. He suggests that the French must cede land for peace to solve their "intifada"!