Saturday, November 05, 2005

Cultural borders of MultiCulturalism or having fun with Asians

The idea behind multiculturalism is that all cultures are equally competible with each other. So African cultures have no problem interacting with Asian cultures and Middle Eastern Islamic Cultures has no problem interacting with European cultures. This idea or ideology was invented in Canada (hat tip Hogtown front) in order to differentiate Canada from the USA.

Instead of tracing the origins and very rapid spread of this silly Canadian idea I will in this post consider something else. Multiculturalism has no adherents outside the white middle class.

Many people are these days slowly waking up that there is a problem to intergrate third world cultures into Western society, as can be seen by the failure of all Western societies with large third world immigrant groups to intergrate these groups. The only exeptions are Asians such as the Chinese and Indians. There are smaller subgroups of each immigrant group that do thrive, but the majority of these third worlders ends up on the bottom rung.

But even these succesful third worlders have certain beliefs that are completely at odds with the believe that all cultures are created equal. Look for instance at the large amount of vicious anti-semitism in Middle-Eastern countries, such as Egypt or Jordan. Translations of "The protocols of the learned Elders of Zion" and caricatures straight out 1920 "Der Stuermer". Serious stuff.

Much less serious is the fascination many Asians feel for Nazi imagery. Anybody who spent time living and working in the Far East knows that Asians do not have the same sensitivity about the equality thingy that many Westerners have since the 1960s. Japan, Hongkong, China (PRC), Thailand, they all got a thing for Nazi Uniforms, the Fascist salute and German Military stuff. And they think it is funny. It is even used in ads. In 1994 a Guangdong province television station, ran ads in Hongkong (still British) praising the audience they had and saying that if Hitler would be trying to convert Guangdong to his ideology, he would use their broadcasting network to propagate. Cut to masses of Chinese sieg heiling like a bunch of drunken hooligans. Or let's just say hooligans.

The first time I brought up Germany with some female Asian collegue they started giggling and bring the Fascist salute. I spilled my tea. To my embarresment these girls would also bring the salute when I brought them to a German restaurant, much to the shock of the German patrons.

Go to the bookstores. There is a whole genre of Japanese science fiction novels, that concerns future space wars of a kind of Japanese Nazis against.... well, I don't know. I can not read Japanese.

And then there is the fashion of having Nazi parties where everybody dresses up like a 1943 Wehrmacht Officer or a Nazi Party bigshot. There are lot's of shops in Hongkong that sell the uniforms and parafanalia. Fashion and style magazines even do specials on them.

So the whole guilt trip that is the "stick" part of Multiculturalism is lacking in the Far East. The carrot part of Multiculturalism is "food" of course. Somehow I do not see Asians trading their food for Taco's and Kebabs. And importing entire populations to cook them.

But the point of this post is that Multiculturalism only works for white middle class people. It is an instrument of discipline and thought control that works for whites. All the other groups do not subscribe to Multiculturalism which leads them to struggle against the Whites. And against each other off course. The Western media ignores this struggle.

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