Sunday, November 20, 2005

Shooting in Rotterdam pub

In a shooting a woman and two men were shot in a pub in Rotterdam. The owner is one of the persons killed. A fourth person got heavily injured and is still in hospital. The pub, the "Inn and out" is owned by a Capeverdian (Cabo Verde) and mostly frequented by Capeverdians, Surinamese and other black ethnics plus some whites and Muslims. On Saturday morning 05:00 the pub was held-up by 4 men with assault rifles. The attackers were also black. The attack was supposed to be carried out in connection with attempts to blackmail the pub owner. The attackers tied up the guests and took the valuables guests had on them. They also tortured
the pub owner. At some point during the ordeal the robbers got angry and started firing wildly around them.

There were also reports that the robbers fired their weapons outside the pub.

Amongst foreign ethnic groups in Western societies mafias often flourish. Ethnic gangs carve up lucrative criminal trades among themselves. Often particular ethnics groups have their own rules and bylaws. Antillian gangs are noteworthy for their violence and use of fire arms. The use of assault rifles is very unusual as normally cheap pistols and knifes are used.

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