Sunday, November 27, 2005

Conservative Dutch group attacked by Antifa

Friday night a group of black clothed "Antifascist" thugs attacked 2 members of a Utrecht based Conservative group "Platform De Krijger". Two girls that were with them were pushed against the street and each Conservative man was beaten up by several men. The attackers were discribed as typical "squatters". People from the neighbourhood came to the aid of the men who were wounded after the attackers left. The police and an ambulance were called. One of the Conservatives had to be hospitalised. During the attack the squatters called Leftist slogans and one attacker was recognised as squatter "Dave". The Conservatives had received several threats and suspect that the attackers live in the squatter houses "ACU" and "Ubica" in Utrecht.

Kevin Heller, a spokesmen for the Animal Liberation Front and "Dave" are conducting a hate campaign against patriotic young activists such as the two victims. They have formed a unit of political thugs called the "Black Block" or the "Zwarte Blok". The members of this band of thugs are dressed in black and hide their faces with Balaclava's or Palestinian Covers.

A few days ago a 41 year old leftist activist Louis Sevekes from the radical "squatter" and Extreme Leftist Fringe was murdered in Nijmegen. It is unclear who is responsible for the murder. Witnesses agree on a man with a sports bag.

Political violence is the new rage in The Netherlands. This started with subsidised Leftist groups that targetted nationalist groups in the mid 1980s. In 1986 squatters set a hotel on fire in Kedichem where a Dutch Nationalist group CP'86 was having a meeting. The wife of the party leader had to jump from the second floor of the hotel and lost a leg. At the time the thugs (Antifa) were subsidised by the government and shielded from police action.

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