Monday, November 21, 2005

Sharon withdraws from Likud, to form new party

In a move that can only be described by "as audacious as it is unexpected" Ariel Sharon, PM of Israel and party leader of the right wing Likud Party is leaving Likud, forming a new centrist party and is calling for new elections in 90 days. The motive for the move seems to be the wish on the part of the former general to make more territorial concessions, this time on the Westbank. The Likud has already great difficulty to digest the Gaza withdrawal. The new elections are slated forMarch.

Sharon's plan appears to be to capture a sizable portion of the moderate right-wing and the moderate left-wing vote on is reputation of a hard-headed, security-concious soldier and to enter into a coalition with left-wing parties Labour, Merets and Shinui. He is turning his back on right-wing ideology and does not hold on to the land. If Sharon will be able to form a strong Centrist coalition he will undertake bold diplomatic moves to come to terms with the Palestinian government and the Palestinian people.

There is a possibility of chaos on the right-wing now that powerful Likud leaders are contemplating defecting to Sharon's new party.

It remains to be seen whether the Palestinians will be satisfied with new concessions. If terrorism continues after a handover of Jewish settlements a large portion of the Jewish population, which is right-winged and religious will strengthen their hawkish attitudes.

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