Tuesday, November 08, 2005

French damage

The number of cars torched in Paris is about 900 to 1.300 per night. On average let's say 1.100. And before the riots it was 100 per night (that's only 36.500) per year. So the increase from the normal situation is 1.000 (neat, innit?). At a cost of 20.000 Euros or Dollars per car that makes 20.000.000 per night. 220 million in 11 nights. To burden the concerned citizenry. Who share it with the insurance companies.

And the insurance companies have real power. The citizenry do not. There are only a few of them and they talk to the Minister of Finance and Bank Nacional directly. Imagine the confrontations that are going on now in the French Cabinet, the Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Social Affairs, Foreign Ministry etcetera. I will bet they are having second thoughts about mass immigration and "Republican Neutrality" now.


Wiag said...

At a cost of 20.000 Euros or Dollars per year that makes... - should be 'per car' probably.
Looks like the France in the 18th century all over again, albeit with 'slightly' changed demographics...

Snouck said...

I stand corrected.