Saturday, November 05, 2005

Samir Azzouz, terr of "Hofstadgroep" fame planned to attack Israeli Airliner El Al

Samir Azzouz the "Hofstadgroep" member was preparing to attack an El Al plane.

Also there were plans to assasinate Dutch politicians and to plant bombs in public buildings. The man was looking to obtain explosives, handguns and AK-47 assault rifles. There were already handguns, explosives manuals and parts in his posession. Samir Azzouz was enrolled in a Laboratory school which is a polytechnic that teaches applied Chemistry and has store room with ingredients for explosives.

Dutch television program NOVA, a newscast program, have laid their hands on the police and secret service dossiers that state this. It is funny how these television programs get their hands on al this confidential information. Will this not affect the chances of getting these people convicted and put away?

Samir Azzouz was arrested again when he had recorded a video in which he makes his testament.

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