Tuesday, November 29, 2005

French Intellectual speaks out

The Israeli daily newspaper Ha'aretz carried an interview with leading French intellectual Alain Finkielkraut in which the latter made some un-pc observations. Sez Finkielkraut:
In France, they would like very much to reduce these riots to their social dimension, to see them as a revolt of youths from the suburbs against their situation, against the discrimination they suffer from, against the unemployment. The problem is that most of these youths are blacks or Arabs, with a Muslim identity. Look, in France there are also other immigrants whose situation is difficult - Chinese, Vietnamese, Portuguese - and they're not taking part in the riots. Therefore, it is clear that this is a revolt with an ethno-religious character.
The acceptance of Asian immigrants by the Westerners as workers, collegues and friends shows that White racism as a force to obstruct integration is not plausible.
Moreover, there's a contradiction here. Because if these suburbs were truly in a state of total neglect, there wouldn't be any gymnasiums to torch, there wouldn't be schools and buses. If there are gymnasiums and schools and buses, it's because someone made an effort. Maybe not enough of one, but an effort.
The French really made an effort to make a place for the Arabs and the Africans. The Asians rose to the occassion. The Arabs and Africans did not.
Of course discrimination exists. And certainly there are French racists. French people who don't like Arabs and blacks. And they'll like them even less now, when they know how much they're hated by them. So this discrimination will only increase, in terms of housing and work, too.
Indeed, how can one not come to certain conclusions if one witnesses the hatred these ethnics have for the Europeans and European civilisation.

Still Finkielkraut is alone in his denunciation of the demographic of the rioters. And most of the European press, save Elsevier and HP/De Tijd in The Netherlands did not dare to make similar observations or give Finkielkraut a platform.

Instead the pundit caste, the newpaper and television editors, make excuses for these people. Who refuse the hand outstretched to them by the progressive French State:
But you're not allowed to say that, either. I can't. It's common sense, but they prefer to propound the myth of `French racism.' It's not right.
The media, the keepers of the city square where the affairs of the community are discussed, do not allow a genuine debate. Only certain discussions with certain outcomes are allowed.
We live today in an environment of a `perpetual war on racism' and the nature of this anti-racism also needs to be examined.
This war on racism is a perpetual Jihad on European people, their culture and history. Can we blame susceptible immigrant groups to be fired by this Jihad if the Pundits, the Brahmins of our civilisation a preaching it? Can we blame these groups for hating us if we hate ourselves and the heritage that our progenitors left us? If we fail to pass heritage and tradition on to our posterity?

The aftermath:
In an illustration of the closing of the Western mind Alain Finkielkraut spoke of, he was attacked by an anti-racist group that filed a lawsuit againt him for virulent racism. Finkielkraut retracted and issued an insincere apology.


JKayce said...

I remember a ‘debate’ about the French riots in the Dutch program ‘Buitenhof’ between Abu Jahjah (leader of the Belgian Arab European League) and the sociologist Chambon; of course the riots were reduced to a purely sociological phenomenon which could be solved by political measures such as providing more opportunities, giving preference treatment to the rioting mob (the insanity still perplexes me). This ‘debate’ (which was nothing more than an advertising platform for a typical lopsided left wing view) was a nice example of socio-political engineering, first tampering with the problem definition, and next coming up with a solution that fits perfectly in the agenda of certain political pressure groups.
It’s good to see someone like Finkielkraut stand up and voice an honest and more balanced opinion, but as has been the case for the past decades, any opinion deviating from the prevailing politically correct dogma is seen as a threat and eliminated with whatever force necessary. A sad comment on the ‘democratic’ nature of the European societies we live in.

nouille said...

Excellent article snouck.

I tried on a few occasions to address this topic and point out to a few French people I know that it wasn't a coincidence that the rioters were of muslim/arab background, only to be met with a rolling of the eyes and them explaining that "Les Anglo Saxons" don't understand.

I understand quite well.

I lived in France, and as a foreigner I think I was able to see what sometimes natives can't or refuse to see.

French media and people were too happy to point out after the hurricane in New Orleans the failure of the US social system, yet they couldn't prevent people from dying in a heatwave!

nouille said...

It seems to me white people have inherited a legacy of shame and double standards.

You may debate race in Europe , but only if it is to chastise or point out the inequalities white people perpetrate.

I once heard someone say- "should the sins of the father be put upon the son?"

Esther said...

This is an amazing article.. thanks for bringing it.

how about this:
French schoolbooks must glorify the colonial past

The colonial past will get a positive spin in French schoolbooks. That was confirmed Tuesday by the French parliament.
The law was passed already in Feb., but was harshly criticized by French historians and human rights activists.

The law endagners the signing of a friendship treaty between French and Algiers. Algiers achieved independence in 1962, after a bloody, eight year struggle that was only recently admitted to be a "war" by the French gov't.

The Algerian president Abdelaziz Bouteflika condemned the law as mental blindness. According to the socialists, the law constitutes an insult for the former colonies.

source: De Morgen

nouille said...

k jayce: Abu Jahjah is an agitator.
I lived in Brussels at the time he was encouraging muslims to riot!In Antwerp, with its large north African minority, he has called for Arabic to be recognised as an "official" language!!!


Snouck said...

Abou Jaja is a godsend. The chap is a walking-talking recruitment campaign for Flemish Nationalism.

nouille said...

Snouck: LOL! I never thought of it that way.

I noticed the Flemish provinces of Belgium seemed to have less Buitenlanders than the Wallon provinces. Personally, I felt safer and was treated better in the Flemmish areas, I don't know why that was?