Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Suburbs of Paris are the scene of clashes

For 5 days the Parisian suburb of Clichy-sous-Bois has been the scene of clashes between black and brown underclass youth and the Police. The clashes have been so bad that overwhelmed French policemen requisted army assistance to quell the disturbances.

The riots started when two youngsters electrocuted themselves when they were hiding in a transformation house from police searching the neighbourhood. Later the riots were fuelled by a teargas granade that hit a mosque and caused the faithfull to flee.

Both incidents were blamed on police intentions. The police denied the allegations streneously and was supported by Interior Minister Sarkozy. The self-electrocution was caused by the police chasing the killed boys and rioters accused the police of intentionally firing the teargas grenade at the mosque.

It is obvious that there is no trust amongst the immigrant population in the declarations and intentions of the police. The police is seen as an illigimate force or a force of occupation. As the North- and West-African demograph is still showing an upward trend this problem of illigimacy will grow.

On the other hand the present hard-line Interior Minister policies are addressing White French voters that want to be reassured about law and order issues. As crime is very much an ethnic phenomenon, with non-white groups overrepresented in crime stats and crime experience of voters the only way to affirm the rule of law is to crack down on immigrant youth. Which leads to these clashes.

The issue of hard-to-assimilate immigrant groups has become too big and visible to be ignored.

In countries like Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and Great-Britain the problems of Multi-Culturalism have already caused mayor unpleasantness for the political elites. Basically it is blowing up the the faces of the elites whether Leftist or Conservative. It now looks that France is set to follow. The French media has always looked the other way when there were facts interfering with the notion of Multicultural Utopia. This has kept the problem under the rug.

And if I am not mistaken the same thing is happening in the United States and Sweden. We will soon again be able to say: "told ya so".


didymus2000 said...

Goodblog! Tell us more about yourself. Are you right there in Amsterdam?

How will the multiculturalists be overthrown?

My fear is that the multiculturalists (all the Europeans and English speaking countries) elite believe that white people -- their own people -- are evil and cannot be trusted.

They believe that everyone in their own countries are Nazis just waiting to kill immigrants.

It is as though they hate their very skin, people, religion and culture and want to be replaced by people from other cultures.

They seem to be so scared that they are not even willing to defend themselves.

Snouck said...

Yes, I live in Amsterdam, Didymus.
I agree that the elites are with-holding the people from responding to the threat. It IS their ideology that European (derived)ethnics are evil. But as for the elites thinking that European culture is bad, they may say so, but their actions speak otherwise. Moreover that is true for the USA and UK but not for France. I n The Netherlands this idea is also weaking by the day.

The French elites are very proud of their culture and their heritage. Only they want to share it with the whole world at the expense of their own population.

The multiculturalists will be overtrown, because events will show them to be wrong. We saw this at 9-11, with the Katrina storm and with the Paris riots again. As the middle class gets hit by the effects of Multiculturalism they will reject the ideology, just as the eastern Europeans rejected Socialism once they realised it could not be made to work.

And this will happen in Europe rather than in the USA, because that country is too big, there is always an escape. Europe is crowded. We are all cornered cats here. And ethnic identities are very strong here, although people do not realise it themselves.