Saturday, February 25, 2006

Western Hotel

Many of the, supposedly Al-Queda linked, inmates at Guantanamo used to live in the UK and were acquintances of the 07-07 bombers. Many influential people in the West argue that the children such people have, should automatically have the citizenship of the country they are born in.

Basically such countries with such laws are hotels, not societies.


Don Miguel said...

The U.S. has a problem with this in that many illegal immigrants cross the border just to have a baby so they can get two principal free benefits: a free stay in the hospital to have the baby and a future legal entry in the U.S.

Snouck said...

Hello Don,

good to see you back! Anchor babies. Femke Halsema mentioned those practises in the US, were all those who are born on the teritory automatically receive the US citizensship.

I understand that this is not based on actual legislation passed by US legislators (Minister plus House of representatives, Senate), but on the US judiciary interpreting the 14th amendment in a very activistic way.

Judge's making law and therefore elite law, not taking into account the right of the current citizens of the US whose wages are being undercut by mass immigration, not to mention the tax payer having foot the bill.