Friday, February 17, 2006

Fortuynist Gaffe?

The Alderman for Public Health of Rotterdam, Fortuynist Ms. Marrianne van den Anker was interviewed by the Rotterdams Dagblad, concerning Public Health problems amongst Rotterdam youth. The problems had been revealed by a Public Health Monitor amongst 10.000 Rotterdam youngsters. Ms. van den Anker reviewed (Dutch) some possible responses by the Department of Public Health of Rotterdam. There are problems of addiction, HIV-infection, abuse, sexual abuse and violence against children, children being left to fend for themselves at a very young age and children of parents who are retarded, who are not treated as human beings by their parents.

To counter these problems Ms. van den Anker was in favour of compulsory anti-conception and forced abortions on pregnant women who could not take care of their children. Ms. van den Anker specifically singled out Antillean (Caribbean Black) women who are addicted, HIV-infected and have several children, without knowing who the fathers are and children of retarded parents.

There is no doubt that the problems shown by the Rotterdam Health Monitor are very real. They have been ignored for a long time and been allowed to accumulate. A cousin of mine who works in Rotterdam as a special educational and care worker for teenage boys who drop out of school and turn to crime told me that IQ-tests reveal the extreme low IQ-scores of the youths concerned, with his charges score as low as 49 IQ points. These IQ-tests had been forbidden by the socialist borough, but have been reintroduced after the entry of the right-wing coalition in 2002.

The message of Ms. van den Anker is causing waves in the Dutch media and politics. There are comparisons to Nazi-Germany. In this case the comparisons seem to be spot on for once. It is just one of the many examples showing that the right-wing movement in The Netherlands is not a Conservative movement and that the socialist instincts have a hard time dieing out.

Having said that I really have no clue what should happen to counter the problems shown up by the Rotterdam Health monitor.


Charles Martel said...

"To counter these problems Ms. van den Anker was in favour of compulsory anti-conception and forced abortions on pregnant women"

Good god. That certainly is a Nazi attitude.
Forced abortions? jeez. i shudder just thinking about it.

I really hope that sort of lunacy never happens in the Netherlands.

perroazul del norte said...

Compulsory sterilization via legal due process seems the most humane thing to do in these cases, but this woman seems crazy to suggest forced abortions. Maybe the growing practice of euthanasia in Holland has caused her to lose her judgement. Or maybe she's just getting into right frame of mind for the Beijing Olympics.

JKayce said...

It’s the death culture found in both leftist and right wing camps once again stirring its ugly tail.

Both the extreme left and the extreme right keep each other alive through their violent emotional reactions against each other. It’s about hating one side so much that one is thrown off balance and falls into the opposite camp, which really has the same heart only it’s dressed in different clothes.

It’s good to be aware that right wing does not necessarily equal true conservatism. With so many posers under the banner of right wing and/or conservatism the voter often is left with a feeling of nihilism, powerlessness, a feeling of ‘what’s the point, the more things change, the more they stay the same, so why bother to vote anyway?’
Of course this works only in the favor of the undermining forces and enables them to continue in the same vein.