Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Working class whites riot in Utrecht

In the Utrecht neighbourhood of Ondiep saw riots in the past two days after the police shot a man, Rini Mulder. The man had been fighting with a group of immigrant youths who were intimidating the Ondiep residents on Sunday. They had attacked a pregnant Dutch woman. When police arrived Mr. Mulder raised his arm to indicate that he had called for them. A policeman shot and killed him. The policeman is a Muslim, like the youth that was raising hell.

The killing caused fury amongst the working class White population. Mr. Mulder had been popular amongst his peers and they blamed the police for being too cowardly to touch immigrant youth. Killing Mr. Mulder was the spark that ignited the riots. A former police station in the neighbourhood was burned down on Sunday evening. Football supporters joined the fray and confonted the police. The mayor of Utrecht cancelled a consultation with the Ondiep residents out of fear. After Sunday the police cordoned the neighbourhood off. Despite the cordon there were renewed riots (Dutch) on Monday and Tuesday night. Last night there were 130 arrests. 60 of these were Ondiep residents, the rest are from other parts of the country, and mainly "football supporters" according to the MSM.


Karridine said...

My Brother, keep up the clear-headed, rational reporting. Don't spin, but unravel any inconsistencies if you can.

I am watching from Islamo-fascist Thailand, about to have an "Utrecht Moment" of its own...

Found you through LGF. Good work, Bud!

Puckpan said...

Thank you - thank you. This is very important reporting.

Revolt against the governments who betray us.

Rob Spear said...

Yes, thank goodness. And so it begins.