Thursday, February 01, 2007

Clowns to the rescue!!

The saga of Ewout Jansen and Etiënne Kemerink, the comedians who received death threats from mr. Kabli, a former elder of the Amsterdam As-Soenah mosque continues.

Mr. Kabli said in a recorded interview that those who insult islam should be killed.

This understanding of Islamic law is identical to the understanding of Mohammed Bouyeri who assassinated Filmmaker Theo Van Gogh for making "Submission". Ewout Jansen's father, the orientalist Hans Jansen wrote a commentary on the letter Bouyeri left on Van Gogh's body explaining the teachings of these Muslims and I put up a translation here.

The core of this theology is that those who insult Islam must show their commitment to their denial of Islam by willingness to martyr themselves for their convictions, just as the Jihadi is ready to martyr himself for Islam. The relevant Quran references are 2:94 and 2:95. Click through to my translation of Jansen's commentary if you require a more perfect explanation.

Another example of killing those who make propaganda against Islam is from the Hadith (in the last paragraph of the article in Arab News). Abdullah Ibn Khatal is a Muslim who reverts to idolatry. He has two slave girls who sing funny songs questioning and insulting Islam. The Prophet Mohammed orders both the apostate Ibn Khatal and the comedian singing girls killed. One of the comedian singing girls is killed and the other later receives a reprieve from the Prophet.

"The Prophet’s instructions specified that the two slave girls should also be killed. The man was killed as he was actually holding on to the coverings of the Kaaba. Abu Barzah Al-Aslami and Saeed ibn Hurayth Al-Makhzumi killed him along with one of his slave girls. The other managed to flee until someone sought a special pardon for her from the Prophet, which he granted."

Ewout Jansen and his sidekick Etiënne Kemerink (Dutch) yesterday stated ("Dutch") that the threat as formulated by mr. Kabli is not aimed against them and is not a feud between the members of the As-Soenah mosque and them, but a general instruction to all Muslims who take their religion seriously and against all those who insult and question Islam. Because no comedian in The Netherlands can ignore the rise of Islam ("that would be hypocritical") and comedy consist among other things of questioning and making fun of social phenomena the threat concerns at least all comedians.

We have seen already how seriously Muslims take insult against Islam in the history of the Danish cartoons.

Despite the efforts of Amsterdam Alderman Achmed Aboutaleb for Labour to smother the story it would seem that this is another mine exploding under the Multicultural ideology.

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