Monday, February 11, 2008

Stealing their Thunder

The Netherlands is waiting for Wilders' movie on Islam. The leader of the Freedom Party (PVV) has now released the title of the movie and revealed a wisp of its ending.

The film is to be called "Fitna". It is an arabic word with a particular meaning in Islamic theology. It is similar to the "Tribulation" in Christian theology, the expectation of Ordeal, Anarchy and Temptation at the end of Time, as seen by the prophets.

"Fitna" is also used for disbelief, sin, schisms and civil wars amongst Muslims. According to Wikipedia "Fitna" is the
jihad which returns as a boomerang inside and weakens the community. The fitna is the ulemas' obsessive fear since Islam exist.
Mr. Wilders said in an interview:
the word "Fitna" is a mirror. Islam (Dutch) is our trial by Ordeal, our Tribulation.
He continued:
the film ends with a shot of the prophet. Something happens to the portrait. I will not say what it is.

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