Friday, February 27, 2009

Wilders to go to Britain again?

This morning a Dutch Newspaper reported that Lord Pearsons invited Mr. Geert Wilders again to visit Parliament. Lord Pearsons did the same two weeks ago in order for Mr. Wilders to show his film and have it debated. The Dutch Freedom Party (PVV) MP was then barred from entering the U.K. on orders of U.K. Home Minister Jacqui Smith. The grounds for the refusal were quoted to be the "dangers to community relations" and "Wilders incendiary views".

It has now become public that the U.K. going to allow Ibrahim Moussawi, a spokesman of the Lebanese Hizbollah movement, to enter the country and speak to an audience at the "School of Oriental and African Studies" (SOAS) a London University. Mr. Moussawi has called the Jews "a lesion on the forehead of history" and has been a political editor of Al-Manar, a Hizbollah mouthpiece and a fount of Anti-Jewish propaganda.

This morning the "Nederlands Dagblad" a Dutch newspaper reports that Lord Pearson has again invited Mr. Wilders (Dutch) to visit British Parliament. Baroness Neville-Jones, the Tory shadow Minister of Security, critizised the double standard in Jacqui Smith's U.K. entrance policy.

Checking Islamineurope I discovered that the course which Mr. Ibrahim El Moussawi is teaching is also visited by othere Islamists. Click for 1. a full list of the SOAS speakers and 2. the £ 1,890.- attendance fee for the public servants that will attend the course.

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