Monday, April 16, 2007

Population replacement

Belgium, a country of 10 million people has naturalized 330.000 immigrants in the past 6 years. Every MONTH Belgium naturalises 4.200 immigrants ("Dutch"). There are no requirements to be naturalized. It is not necessary to work or to speak one of the languages of Belgium, or to show any willingness to "intergrate".

The Flemish nationalist "Vlaams Blok" was outlawed for "racism" 2 years ago. The racism consisted of citing government statistics on overrepresentation in crime by ethnic immigrants. The judge concluded that "truth is no defense".

Since then the party has been refounded as "Vlaams Belang". The very rapid increase in "instant Belgians" who overwhelmingly vote for the immigrant bribing Left succeeded in arresting the growth of the nationalist vote in the biggest Dutch speaking city of Belgium: Antwerp. The Belgian media, like the judiciary, gave up any pretence at objectivity and reported the arrest with undisguised glee.

Ethnic Flemish are fleeing Antwerp relocating to rural locations in very significant numbers. This ensures in big gains for the "Vlaams Belang" nationalists in election results outside Antwerp and have given Belgium's political elite cause for concern. Continuing on their authoritarian impulses the political elite has decided to block "Vlaams Belang" again. Wednesday Belgian parliament will discuss a law to automatically bar any politician from office who has been convicted for "racism" ("Dutch").

The law is clearly aimed at the "Vlaams Belang" politicians and disenfranchising Flemish voters. The "Vlaams Belang" leader Filip Dewinter is currently being investigated for stating in the press of being afraid of Islam. "Vlaams Belang" leader Filip DeWinter has announced to consider seeking political asylum if such a law in The Netherland where there is more political freedom.

In my opinion there is no hope for a peaceful settlement of political differences between Europeans and their elites, if the elites continue to block all possibilities of democratic expression of nationalism. Belgium is a very stark example of this refusal.

There is a good commentary on this news by Herr Winn at the KleinVerzet blog "Grief Belgique".

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