Thursday, January 25, 2007

Muslim talks big, Muslim weasels out

Amsterdam mosque issues death threats against "those who insult Islam".


The person who is being threatened, Ewout Jansen, is the son of Dutch Islam-expert Hans Jansen. Hans Jansen wrote the commentary on the letter Van Gogh's assasin Mohammed Bouyeri left on the filmmaker's body. I translated the commentary and published it here.

My summary. Fledgling comedian Ewout Jansen, makes "goat jockey" jokes about Muslims. Muslims in the audiences issue threats. Student paper Folia asks for interview with imam of As-Soenna Mosque. Imam turns up with As-Soenna spokesman / translator, Mr. Kabli. Folia interviews first imam, then the translator. Translator says serious Muslims should attack and kill "those who insult Islam, the religion of peace". Just as the letter Assasin Bouyeri left on Van Gogh's body says.

There is an uproar in the press after Folia publishes the interview. Alderman Achmed Aboutaleb visits the mosque to have tea with the imam. He dissembles and declares to the Amsterdam city council that the translator was just a visitor to the mosque and has nothing to do with As-Soenna.

Alderman Aboutaleb is a prominent Amsterdam Labour politician, who is bound to go into national politics in a few years. He is the great white hope of the struggling Labour party and commands the Morroccan Muslim voter base in the big cities. He is the face of the sophisticated Muslims, who pretent moderation and who know that nothing will endanger the chances of the umma to gain power so much as firing too early and shooting their bolt.

But that is what a lot of the common Muslims do all the time. They are unthinking and robotic in their quest for power and their moves are utterly predictable. Which begs the question: "why are so many people still deceived?"


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