Monday, May 29, 2006

Dutch Internal Secret Service breaks trust

The journalists who were intimidated by the Dutch Internal Intelligence Service (AIVD) recently published their findings on the leaks at the same AIVD.

Joost de Haas en Bart Mos, the reporters, published a groundbreaking article last Saturday in the "De Telegraaf" newspaper on the lax security culture of the Dutch Internal Intelligence Service (AIVD).

A former Secret Agents, a mr. Paul H., revealed that operatives of the AIVD were free to copy and take home copies of secret and confidential documents. There was no system or practice in place to registrater copies.

This practice included operations reports mentioning the names of informers, as was declared by Paul H. to the State Investigative Police ("Rijksrecherche"). This same State Investigative Police interrogation report was again leaked to the "De Telegraaf" journalists!! "De Telegraaf" has been able to peruse the full transcripts of the police interrogation.

Paul H. has been arrested the beginning of May on suspicion of betraying State Secrets on criminal boss, killer and arms trader Mink Kok.

According to Paul H. it became practice to copy secret and sensitive documents after mr. Sybrand van Hulst took charge at the Internal Intelligence Service. This was in 1997.

Remarkably Sybrand van Hulst is leaving the Internal Intelligence Service and is being replaced by Gerard Bouman, the head of the The Hague Police Department.

This means that the Internal Intelligence Service, which is the main tool of surveillance on the Mujahid is seriously hampered in its ability to gather information from human sources on the Islamic Fighters in The Netherlands. Informants must wonder if they will not end as Jules J., the informer who was killed after a security leak in 2003.

Jules Jie

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