Monday, March 06, 2006

The ideological watershed is shifting

Charles Martel (such a nice name of a great European hero):

the Dutch government talking to Robert Spencer?????

Snouck - that's progress. that really is."

Dutch Government talking to Robert Spencer and Theodore Darymple. Also The Dutch Bookstores are full of Darymple's book "our culture or what is left of it".

And newspapers, Leftist newspapers doing interviews with him and giving his books attention in a grand way. I thought I would never live to see such popularity for a Conservative thinker in the city of Amsterdam. Darymple in (bookshop) Scheltema!

"Driving to the Netherlands, I was surprised by how much the political atmosphere there had changed. Not long ago, the Dutch seemed insufferably complacent, regarding the rest of the world de haut en bas, as if it had not yet reached Dutch levels of enlightenment and generosity. It is amazing what a couple of assassinations can do."

It used to be impossible to talk with middle and upper class Dutchies in the big cities. They had an attitude that all the answers to human existance had been given, and that wisdom and truth had been contracted out to them. And they were definitely willing to discuss the terms of a sublease with anyone.

I am really surprised with the change of attitude of many Dutch people. The press and the Universities are still firmly in the hands of the ideological Left, but they are now full of doubt themselves and on the defensive. Also the increase in media outlets (internet, cable TV) causes the Left to lose its monopoly on thought. But still I doubt strongly that the Right will find answers to the predicament we are finding ourselves in. In the end suffering will show itself to be the best teacher.

We will have communal elections tomorrow. No doubt a lot of the gains by the Right from 2002 will be lost, very often because of the lack of quality of the Right. In the coming years the Right will have to build up a strong cadre of Rightwing politicians, both at the local level and at the national level. The advances of the Right will be slow. In the end it will probably be too slow to stave off disaster. Europe will sink away in ethnic strife and so will The Netherlands with its huge minorities and weak national identity.

It cannot be helped.

Finland, Ireland and Germany will be relatively unharmed, while France, Belgium, The Netherlands and the UK will see civil war. In the end the Europeans will win. Europeans still monopolize fields that really matter like Engineering, The Economy, and the Security Forces. We should be especially wary of attempts to bring the army and police in the hands of Muslims under the guise of diversity.

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