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Leeches and wood choppers

I while ago I heard in a tram two Morroccan girls discussing how smart their father was. Father received 75 percent from the money he used to earn as a worker in a logistics centre. The benefit was granted because of health problems that made it impossible for him to work in his old job. But he was offered other jobs now and he was dodging those jobs because he did not want to work.

Shortly thereafter I encountered two Moroccans who dissapeared from their jobs. Really young chaps, in their mid-twenties, who had been working for less than 5 years. Both were receiving benefits for "health problems". One of the employers bluntly told me that he had seen it happening with quite a few Moroccans in his employ. He thought that they were scamming the system and know how to get doctor's certificates.

All in all the work participation rate of Moslims is very low. Something like 50 percent.

Today I checked a Danish blog: Viking-observer and Viking cited some interesting statistics from India which has a substantial Islamic minority. It has been living there for a thousand years. They ought to be intergrated by now.

But in literacy and in work participation India's Muslims are at the bottom of the pile.

Islam teaches the believers that the way to riches is robbing other groups and gaining jeyza taxes from Dhimmis and war booty. Labour is not appreciated as a way of gaining an income. The problem for Muslims is of course that it does not work anymore once a county becomes majority Muslim. Then they have to stand on their own feet or become vampires sucking from vampires.

Western Culture is a fusion of Germanic and Christian values.

Christianity teaches that the believer has to be the best that they can be, that the believers have to commit "ursury on the talents that the Lord gave them" as Jesus has said (Mattheus 25:14-30).

Germanic values tell us: "Go chop wood for the fire, and you will get warm two times, once from work, and once from burning the logs. Odinsstrength, this land is cold!"

East is East and West is West and never the twain shall meet.


eyesallaround said...

Wow! Very interesting data! In the US we could never gather such data because we refuse to gather data based on religion, which is an extremely stupid idea. Good for India!

I've been seeing various things from India which really gives me great hope for their country. They truly follow "common sense" in many ways.

This data does indicate that it's a religious / cultural issue and not a racial one (Someone in a previous comment section was arguing that it was ethnic, not cultural).

You know, I think the solutions are going to come from the poorer nations. They don't have the luxury to believe in all this socialist BS. It takes a nation of spoiled brats to believe in the great lie of socialism.

Three cheers for India!!

eyesallaround said...

There's a pretty good article over here:


Snouck said...

Eyes all around,

check some of Steve Sailer's writings on the importance of genetic distance and IQ difference.

Genetic distance matters because people who are genetically closely related will establish more trust between each other than people who are less related.

IQ matters because IQ is not distributed equally amongst races and nations. If large amounts of people with a lower average IQ are made citizens of a nation this has repercussions for their ability to compete and be equal with the general population. Without hope to be able to compete immigrants will resort to violence and deceit to get "respect". Just look at the black ghetto niggaz accross the Western world. These people are not Muslims, in fact Islam would for them be an improvemnt.

Finally check Daniel Chapter 2 and read the whole chapter carefully. Then tell me what you think. Seeing that you have eyes all around you should be able to see the relevance of the prophesy.

eyesallaround said...

I've read Daniel 2, but don't see any "racial" messages therein. I think the iron (Western culture) being mixed with clay (Arab/muslim culture) does describe Europe, but I still think it is religion/culture they're referring to not racial. Technically, the Jews are "semites" just as the Arabs are. Yet the Jews are extremely intelligent and the Arabs are extremely ignorant.

I'll check out the link you suggested.

eyesallaround said...

For what it's worth, I have a tendency towards racism also. My grandparents were all immigrants from Norway at the turn of the last century. I'm drawn to blue eyes and blond hair like iron shavings to North/South poles; however, I've seen too many instances of people doing well when given a fair shake.

I consider the black ghettos a demonstration of everything that's wrong with the "left". All of the lefts insane ideas were implemented with the black poor. They are now much worse off than they were in the 60's. The great "card" the left plays (which might be the most detrimental) is that minorities are victims. As soon as someone believes that lie, they might as well just "curse God and die." (Job 2:9)

It's sad, but shows what the left can do to society when allowed a free reign.

José said...

Some considerations:
-India is quite a Socialist country, but History has shown them what is Islam. They face also an awful threat with Islam, their Muslims are around 100 milions and Pakistan has nukes.

-East is East and West is West and never the twain shall meet.

I don´t agree, in non-Muslim Asia there is a certain possiblity of material progress, China, Japan, South Corea, Malaysia and others are an evidence.

hikingguy said...

Like your blog, but have to disagree a bit about race and IQ. Here in the USA, one can observe a huge difference between recent immigrants of African descent and the sad products of forty years of welfare. African and Caribbean immigrants bust their collective ass. They are an asset to my country. They'll do well here. Consequently, many professional victims among African Americans hate them, because they prove that effort and honesty trump sloth and crime. Whatever it is that IQ measures, it's not nearly as important as simply showing up and working.

eyesallaround said...

I'm with hikinguy. I don't know whether it was here that I mentioned it, but my best friends are 1st gen immigrants from Vietnam and Ethiopia. Both have put themselves through university (biology and computer science) and both are loyal Republicans.

The ghettos are the playground of the democrats.. sad but true..

eyesallaround said...

I still would like an explanation of Dan 2. I just don't see it... but am ALWAYS OPEN to interpretation of scripture...

GayLikeAFox said...

No one will deny that the welfare state breeds dependence, and that blacks would do better in this country if they adopted different cultural mores. But to deny inheritable IQ differences between the races is just silly at this point, considering that over one hundred years of scientific evidence all points to the fact that there is about a fifteen point difference in mean IQ between whites and blacks, AND that this difference persists in its entirety even in cases of interracial adoption - in other words, when blacks are raised from infancy by whites, they still lag behind their peers by fifteen IQ points. How, then, can it be the result of the environment or culture?

None of this is to say that there aren't very intelligent blacks and very stupid whites. I'm sure that most of the blacks who come over here from Africa are quite bright. But the continent has hundreds of millions of people, and you can't judge the intellectual capacity of those hundreds of millions based on a few dozen university students you have personally encountered. That is where scientific research comes in, and all the research that I have seen shows that black Africans have the lowest average IQ in the world.

Furthermore, it's worth mentioning that even very intelligent blacks will have descendants that regress to a mean IQ of 85, just as very intelligent whites will have descendants that regress to a mean IQ of 100. So importing highly intelligent blacks, in the long run, really just displaces the problems that low IQ blacks cause this country further down the line.

Eyesallaround and Hikingguy both need to do some real research on the issue of race and intelligence, and break themselves of the habit of believing what would be nice, as opposed to what rigorous scientific research has shown to be the case. I'm sorry, I know I am coming across as a jerk. I'm really not. But it is really too important an issue for us to run away from.

ik said...

Snouck - I posted this comment at Viking-observer - I went there from your blog so I am posting the same comment here

Actually the reality is even worse

1. The Muslims were the ruling elite in India for hundreds of years. The Hindus retreated to the vilages/small towns. All our universities were destroyed completely and all the books were burned.
2. After the British came they ruled by favoring the Muslim minority (just like the Sunni minority in Iraq)
3. The Indian government run by dhimmis openly takes money raised in Hindu temples and uses it to fund Muslim mosques and Madrassas. Any Hindu temple which gets lots of money from pilgrims is "nationalised" and taken over by the government. No Muslim/Christian institution has ever been taken over by the government. Historically the temples used to be centers of education and cultural excellence (music/dance/painting)
Here is an article that points this out

4.The first Prime Minister of India in 1947 Jawarhal Nehru was a communist in his heart and he deliberately wrote up Article 30 in the Indian Constituion just to screw the Hindus
Article 30(1)
According to its current interpretation by the courts, the state must financially support schools run by minority religious groups but not those by the majority religious groups.

5. Article 29 which protects the minorities' right to establish and administer educational institutions is not available to the majority. Thus it was that the Ramakrishna Mission (a Hindu group) sought and got recognition from the state High Court as a non-Hindu minority! (This was the only way in which they could legally run schools) - Compare this with the situation in the West where the Churches run schools with money raised from attendees (?)

Because of points 4 and 5 above different Hindu sects keep trying to get themselves legally classified as minorities.

So the Hindus/Buddhists/Sikhs/Jains have the entire system stacked against them and still they rise to the top

Despite his the Muslims end up at the bottom of the heap.

Also in India everybody (Hindus/Muslims/Christians/Sikhs/Buddhists/Jains) are the SAME RACE (of course some of the Muslims have fantasies of being descended from Arabs)

And now the icing on the cake by the present government

UPA’s plan for minorities: we will fix govt spending as per their population share

A very large percentage of the underworld is also run by Muslims - so there you have it public charity or extortion.

So it is RELIGION and CULTURE (at least as far as India is concerned)

PS-By the way you should also look at the population growth rates mentioned in the census for the different religions.

Snouck said...


"1. The Muslims were the ruling elite in India for hundreds of years. The Hindus retreated to the vilages/small towns. All our universities were destroyed completely and all the books were burned."

"A very large percentage of the underworld is also run by Muslims - so there you have it public charity or extortion."

Welcome IK, thank you most graciously for your presence and contribution, which I read with great interest.

Interesting to see that you write that the Hindu's repositories of knowledge were destroyed and that the Hindu's retreated to the countryside. We see this pattern also in Europe, with the Muslims taking over the cities and as such "decapitating" our nations.

I had already noticed in the Dutch newspapers that most Indian big time criminals have Muslim names.

What about the media in India? And the film industry are they making films about the Muslims in the underworld? What about the BJP. Are they exposing the agenda of the Left and the Muslims?

ik said...

Snouck,-sorry about the long comment
two part Answer
1. References (if you already know these ignore them)
There is a Flemish scholar of India/Hinduism called Dr. Koenraad Elst who has written lots of articles on Hindu Nationalism (also some articles in Dutch). Here is his web site
He is popular in Hindu Nationalist circles.
His book links have the entire text of the books on the web.
He is also on the conributors list at Brussels Journal.
An intervew with him

A particularly interesting book by him is Negationism in India

A site with lots of free books about India/Hinduism is

2. My opinions
Media In India
Almost all of the English language media has been taken over by the leftists/dhimmis. They might keep one or two nationalist authors as tokens. Only one newspaper is non-dhimmi
The local language media used to be free till the 1980's - then the leftists noticed that and spent the next 20 years infiltrating everything and now it is totally useless. TV is even worse off - the main media channels like NDTV are open by relatives of Hard Code Marxists.

Film Industry
Every language in India has its own film industry. The big four are Hindi (nowadays known as Bollywood), Tamil, Telugu and Malyalam (TTM). The other languages make on a smaller scale. Tamil/Telugu and Malayalam movies as far as I know have not been taken over by the Muslim mafia. The Hindi movie industry has been almost completely taken over by the Muslim mafia. Take a look at this,00110003.htm
The TTM industry needs lower budgets since they work in a very professional and disciplined manner (entire movie shot in 1 month) so no need to turn to the mafia for money - but they tend to be parochial/local issues to reach the masses.
The Socialist /CommieLite govt in 1947 decided that movies/building houses were not legally classified as industries. Hence they could not raise money on the stock market and they turned to the mafia for money as no banker would lend for high risk projects like movies. so movie has to show 1 good muslim for every 1 bad muslim.

run by 85-90 year old gerontocrats who refuse to let go of power. Most of the leaders grew of age when India was under foreign rule and hence cannot overcome "slave mentality" Also a lot of their leaders desire/need to be loved so they are not true rightists. In fact left/rigth classification does not fit in Indian culture - Indian elites have force fitted it from above-no ground level existence. Real classification should be dhimmis/non-dhimmis.

End with some VS Naipaul quotes

"Islam is in its origins an Arab religion. Everyone not an Arab who is a Muslim is a convert. Islam is not simply a matter of conscience or private belief. It makes imperial demands. A convert's worldview alters. His holy places are in Arab lands; his sacred language is Arabic. His idea of history alters. He rejects his own; he becomes, whether he likes it or not, a part of the Arab story. The convert has to turn away from everything that is his. The disturbance for societies is immense, and even after a thousand years can remain unresolved; the turning away has to be done again and again. People develop fantasies about who and what they are; and in the Islam of the converted countries there is an element of neurosis and nihilism. These countries can be easily set on the boil."

I have to stress that I was traveling in the non-Arab Muslim world. Islam began as an Arab religion; it spread as an Arab empire. In Iran, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia the countries of my itinerary I was traveling, therefore among people who had been converted to what was an alien faith. I was traveling among people who had had to make a double adjustment an adjustment to the European empires of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries; and an earlier adjustment to the Arab faith. You might almost say that I was among people who had been DOUBLY COLONIZED, doubly removed from themselves.
Because I was soon to discover that no colonization had been so thorough as the colonization that had come with the Arab faith. Colonized or defeated peoples can begin to distrust themselves. In the Muslim countries I am talking about, this distrust had all the force of religion. It was an article of the Arab faith that everything before the faith was wrong, misguided, heretical; there was no room in the heart or mind of these believers for their pre-Mohammedan past. So ideas of history here were quite different from ideas of history elsewhere; there was no wish here to go back as far as possible into the past, and to learn as much as possible about the past.

Snouck said...


thank you for your post and the link to Koenraad. A treasure trove.....

I bought and read the books on Islam by V.S. Naipaul. Real eye openers. Because Naipaul is Caribbo-Indian he often gives a perspective that a Westerner will be blind to, which makes him a true enricher.

Thanks for the other link too. I have not read them all yet. I hope you understand :-)



Snouck said...

"I've read Daniel 2, but don't see any "racial" messages therein. "

Well, it begins with the meaning of "racial". The meaning of "race" and "racist" has become totally obscured. Originally the word had the meaning of a people who were related by blood. So there was a Dutch race and a English race. In the wars between the Dutch and the English (17th and 18th century)there was already talk of a race problem, meaning marriages between Dutch and English and the loyalty problems for the offspring. In those days the idea of loyalty to blood relations was as uncontroversial as loyalty to family is now. The same goes for the time of the bible.

Later the term race increasingly started to refer to the Black and White divide and so the concept of Race started to become applied only to those VERY different races.

Let's go back to Daniel.

If one reads the whole book it is clear that the whole book is a comment on living in a Multi-Ethnic and Multi-Cultural empire. The Jews are accustomed to self governance in their own Israelite Kingdom, but after the capitulation of their Capital Jerusalem in 586 BC the elite population of the Jewish capital is deported to Babylon the capital of said multi-ethnic and multi-cultural empire.

The empire like all empires houses many nations of people who do not look at the people of other nations they live with as people they share common interests and a common destiny with. So there is distrust and ethnic competition.

Daniel and his friends are taken as councils for the Emperor Nebuchadnezzar. Obviously the Emperor needs experts to advise him how to govern the peoples that have been incorporated in his empire. Something must be troubling the emperor because he has nightmares and they trouble him. So he asks his sages what his nightmare is and what the interppretation is. Only Daniel knows the content of the dream. The giant has a golden head, the parts below his head are made of baser materials than gold. Silver, bronze, iron, and iron mixed with clay.

The way I have been told the prophesy must be interpreted is that each metal represents a type of empire. Iron and clay represents an empire with ethnic groups that are too dissimilar to become one. The operative verse is verse:
"2:42 And as the toes of the feet were part of iron, and part of clay, so part of the kingdom shall be strong, and part thereof broken."

So the constituent parts of the empire sshall partly be capable and partly be weak.

And the parts that constitute the empire are:
"2:43 And whereas thou sawest the iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves by the seed of men; but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron doth not mingle with clay."

So these ethnic groups that are part of this type of iron and clay empire will not become one EVEN THOUGH THEY INTERMARRY.

CONCLUSION: the Bible here instructs the reader that not all ethnic groups can become one nation. And the reason is that the clay is weaker than iron.

If you read the whole book of Daniel, most of it is a commentary of the conditions of living in a multinational empire. Like most of the Western world has now become.

Chapter three, the construction of a idol representing Emperor Nebuchadnezzar is a clear comment on the personality cults of multi ethnic empires. Because the inhabitants of the emperor are so dissimilar they only way to get them to march in one direction is by giving them a God-King to worship.

This is also why democracy in Iraq or Afghanistan or Yougoslavia does not work. Such multi ethnic nations will explode once there is no oppression keeping things together.

This is also why a policy for mass immigration is a campaign for political disenfranchisement of a free people. When the people start waking up to the problems that the presence of large masses of stranges in their midst pose, it has become time to take away their rights in order to keep the peace. And because not all the people wake up at the same time the policy can be effective unless the elite that brought it about is not aware of what it is really doing and does not really have the will to keep the empire together.

eyesallaround said...


I just read your answer here today (I was going to send you a message: Nouille isn't going to like my form of resistance in your latest post! Hee, hee)... and I figured she wouldn't come this far down the posts:>)

Then I read what you've written here. I think it's brilliant! It makes sense why democracy sprung forth from Christian nations. We have THE God King. Very nice. I might post it on my blog, if you don't mind. If you do mind, simply say so in your recent post comments. I doubt I'll make it all the way back down the list to this comment section.