Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Paper Poles

The Moroccans who killed Joe van Holsbeeck turned into Poles yesterday. I did presume they would be Paper Poles. By that I meant they would not be ethnic Poles, belonging to the ethnic core of Poland.

Today it turned out the Poles are Gypsies. Zigeuner. Ciganes. The Gypsies have a long history in Europe of living from theft. In fact one of their myths speaks about how a gypsy stole the nails off the cross of Christ, which is taken to mean that they have special dispensation by the Lord to steal.

They are often great musicians too.

Something else. Many Moroccans are now demanding apologies, because witnesses, police and media assumed that the murderer was a Moroccan and the assumption proved incorrect. "Assumption is the mother of all F###-ups".

So why was it that everybody, including the spokesmen for the North-African community assumed, it would be North-Africans who dunnit?

Because most of the muggings and knifings are done by North-African scum. The Dutch Statistical Institute SCP last year published an ethnic crime report. The figures were taken in 2002. Male Morroccans in the age group 18-24 which is the approximate age group of the train station killers appear in the crime stat with a rate of being a heard as a suspect of a crime of 17,9 percent. Against 3,8 percent for Dutch. And prisons in Belgium and The Netherlands are predominantly populated with Muslims, particularly of North-Africans.

And their communities seem (Dutch)to condone crime. Regard it as excusable. The page gives a radio interview of a Moroccan lad of 10 from my neighbourhood, whom I know by face. After the killing of a Moroccan boy the interviewed Moroccan lad insisted that "everybody steals". Therefore it was wrong to kill the thief.

These communities therefore consist of the Scum of the Earth. Apologies are not made to such scum. It is these communities that should apologize to the native Dutch. For existing here. Bastards!


Mario said...

Hi Snouck.
I read on some other blogs that some smart guys start demanding also for east europeans to go home. Because they concluded that also east europeans are dangerous (those 2 gipsies from Poland). I think they are right. I think everybody must stay in his country and do everything to defend it. I am sure that muslims will not do the same, but I realy start thinking to go in my country if somebody will ask for this. At the end, everybody must be able to protect his own family, country. In Romania we have a word: the nation who cant protect against invaders and hope for somebody else to help, dont desearve to survive.
I hope that nobody will ask me to lieve, because I will at first sign.
And I think that those that want to make this idea heard are not west europeans. Somebody know that east europeans are not so easy to scare.

Snouck said...

"In Romania we have a word: the nation who cant protect against invaders and hope for somebody else to help, dont desearve to survive."

Thats right!

The benefit for Western Europe of the influx of Eastern Europeans is that the Eastern Europeans are crowding out the Muslims.
The Eastern Europeans and the Western Europeans are brothers. It should be the decision of the host country's population if guests are allowed and not the decision of the politicians.

Mario said...

I know Snouck, that is what I am saying. If the political decision will ask me to lieve, I will. And I am sure that like me, many. But I am affraid that this will be a way for others to take control. Helping you today is helping me tomorrow.
Sometimes I'm so upset because of some guys. They talk without thinking.
They cant see from where all those "ideas" come.