Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The ripest plum in Europe

Tuesday and Wednesday twenty European countries, Australia and the US will conduct (Dutch) staff exercises and wargames in the port of Rotterdam. The port of Rotterdam is the biggest port in the world. The goal of the exercise is the detection and tracking of biological and nuclear arms being smuggled in on containerships. Containerships have to be brought to port in order to be searched by security forces using mechanized and electronic security measures built in ports. They can not be boarded at sea due to their vast size.

Security experts will be taught how to minimize dangers for the population.

The Rotterdam police, fire brigade, Bomb squad partake in the exercise.


nouille said...

The Port @ Rotterdam is the finest in Europe, very modern. I dare say the finest in the world.

Snouck said...

Yes, cloggies are good at moving boxes. If we would excel at Software engineering I would be more impressed.