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Banning speech - banning prophesy

Fjordman the blogger from Norway wrote a piece exposing the fellow travellers of Islam called: "I am a terrorist groupie, hear me roar"

The title says it all. Go and read it anyway. That is an order!

Where was I? Where are my pills?

O yes. Fjordman. Let's lift a part out of the article that deals with the heroic work of people who opposed Multiculturalism in the beginning, the Genesis of the resistance against the suicidal Left. The first blossoming of the force of Life in the great rotting corps, the fallen tree of Christendom. Seedlings like "Carl I. Hagen, Pia Kjærsgaard of the Danish People’s Party, Pim Fortuyn, Theo van Gogh and Geert Wilders".

The seedlings of a new Europe

These seedlings were set upon by the Ravens of the Left. Any opposition against Multiculturalism, the great ideology of the Left met with hysterical opposition, public trials by the press and the intelligentsia, hell bent on taking us all with them into the end of history. The end of our history.

One of the oddest seedlings flowered in The Netherlands in 1990. A man called Mohamed Rasul wrote a book called: "De ondergang van Nederlands - Het land van de naiëve dwazen" or "The coming downfall of the Netherlands - The nation of gullible fools".

Gullible Fools - Harsh but Fair.

The author, a Pakistani called Mohammed Rasoel or Mohamed Rasul wrote a short book on the threat of Islam, the treat of importing millions of Muslims into a nation and a culture that had gone too soft to defend itself. The book was published in 1990. Or in 1987. It has not been translated into English, although the author originally put it into together in bad English and had it translated by René Kurpershoek, who perhaps had a significant contribution in its composition. The real name of this "Prophet Mohammed", for that is what nom de plume Mohammed Rasul means, was Zoka F.

Counter Qoran

It was Rasul's intention to write a counter Qoran - his own Satanic Verses. He began writing about growing up in a Muslim family in Pakistan, growing up to be a Pakistani, travelling to Europe and arriving in the best and most gullible nation after the Scandinavian countries: The Netherlands.

He sees the Netherlander through the eyes of an outsider and shows their great points: easygoing, self-critical, calm and ready to excuse any fault in a foreigner in order to exell at the highest virtue of Dutch society in the 70ies and 80ies. Tolerance and understanding of the Holy Other. To be not Nazis. To be anti-Nazis. To be members of the "post-war resistance".

Rasul prophesies: by taking the negative of Nazism as a blueprint of society, the gullible Dutch will eventually end up at the same station as the Jews. He makes more prophesies, some quite obvious to many observers for instance to me at the same time, a teenager growing up in The Netherlands, others quite perceptive due to the islamic insider perspective:

- there will be more crime, fuelled by moslim crime
- the Dutch will become more criminal too
- the Dutch will become cynical and untrusting, less gullible
- the value of a witnesses in courtcases will diminish,
because Muslims lie and deceive
- Dutchmen will lose the "look of innocence in their eyes"
- Dutchmen will become irritable and aggresive
- Corruption will become epidemic
- Islamic groups will impose parts of Sharia on Dutch law
- Different Muslim groups will clash with each other and not just with the Dutch
- The cosiness, the sense of humour, the sense for freedom of the Netherlanders will dissapear

And others. And all this to no gain as Rasul points out. Because there is no gain in replacing a native population and they will not adopt the laws of the host population because those laws are weaker and less dominant than the laws of Muslim populations. Laws travel with populations. Rasul points out there would have been no Mafia in the USA if they had kept the Italians out. And lots of Americans would have been better off that way.

Again: the Dutch are so scared of treating other like the Nazis treated Jews that they will be like the Jews themselves.

Meanwhile, in 2006 all those Muslim fruits have come to fruition.

In the middle of the book Rasul describes the phenomenon of Political Correctness, which was still nameless in 1990. He shows how anyone critisizing Islam will be ostracized from civilized society, will be sued, and found guilty by a Dutch Judge of "Discrimination". This is the same that the illustrious Fjordman says in "terrorist groupie"

Only Rasul said it in 1990. Or even in 1987. A few years after Marcus Bakker managed to get article 1 of the Dutch Constitution amended in a way inspired by the Soviet Communism.

The Gem: the proof of Rasul´s allegation.

Rasul was proved right. He was attacked by Dutch journalists and academics for his stance on Islam and Muslims. He appeared in talk shows in disguise.

Koenraad Elst, of Brussels Journal writes:
The Dutch press frantically tried to uncover his real identity; a television talk show host tried to grab his passport and pull off the shawl with which he covered his face; a Muslim politician was ostensibly willing to talk to him, only to pass his teacup onto the police for the fingerprints.
The Anne Frank Foundation, whose directors were the high priest keeping the mysteries of the cult of Anne Frank, guardians of the taboo of the Holocaust sued Rasul in 1992. Rasul was convicted of
discriminating Muslims
of making
sweeping statements on Muslims
. Rasul´s commentary:
It proves that the general thrust of my book is correct, that Dutch society is changing and becoming less tolerant. Freedom of opinion is already being sacrificed. I don't blame this state attorney, he is a nice man but rather dumb and naïve like most Dutchmen. . . . Muslims are allowed to shout: kill Rushdie. . . . When Muslims say on TV that all Dutch women are whores, it is allowed. . . . It is ridiculous and scandalous that I have to justify myself in court for discrimination of Muslims.

Aftermath: the 90ies

The story did not end there. For a while leftist intellectials such as Teun A. van Dijk started a witchhunt against Dutch writers who were accused of having actually writte "the impending downfall of The Netherlands". As a proof Teun van Dijk wrote "analyses" of the writing style of for instance Gerrit Komrij. The witchhunt had a intimidating effect on discussion of the growing Muslim communities in the 90ies. Komrij has a sharp pen and defended himself ably against the mediocre Van Dijk.

Perhaps he was chosen to be attacked because he had scathingly attacked Multiculturalism. He became the "national poet" in 2000 (I think). On 7 May 2002, the morning after the assasination of Fortuyn he wrote a searing poem on the klammheimlicher joy of the established politicians in his poem: the Established Politician (Dutch).

The poem appeared in the NRC Handelsblad, the newspaper for the "intellectual". And for me. On six o´clock in the evening on May the sixth on the moment that Pim Fortuyn´s body hit the pavement, killed by 6 bullets, the NRC Handelsblad hit the doormat in thousands of Dutch homes. The editorial written (Dutch, Theo van Gogh´s site) by Folkert Jensma, WARNED the Dutch voters against Fortuyn:
sixty years after the war it may be a Prime Minister Fortuyn with a wreath at the national monument, a man who thinks Islam is "backward" and people from Turkey and Morocco do not belong in "modernity"? (...) It is the pride of The Netherlands that we do not prefer one culture over another culture. That people are treated equally in an open society. That we keep far from racists and xenophobes. It is a DISGRACE that we have to remind a politician in our midst of those matters sixty years after the war.

Editor Folkert Jensma made all the effort to create a piece the Völkischer Beobachter or Pravda would have been proud of. Not that it is anything special. Our elite is decadent and has turned its back on us. Their inability to formulate societal goals and hatred (Dutch) of those who do try to bring our Civilisation back to life are proofs of that decadence. The utterances of pundits and politicians had become more and more rabid as the number of people who said they supported Fortuyn went up and up. A hatewave was going through the country.

Getting back to Rasul and Fjordman. Fjordman selects a quote about European Civilisation "that Europe has made repentance for old sins, perceived or real, the central point of its identity, and something close to an obsession."

It is either the Crusades, or Colonization, the Holocaust or the Moral Equivalency canard. It does not matter what it is. Europeans are not permitted to think that their nations should be perpatuated. Europeans are not permitted to think that the effort of survival can be worthwhile. Basking in "unearned guilt" is the way to go.

It is the easy way to a position of individual moral superiority. The difficult path is the path of a shared destiny as Westerners, a morality of individual sacrifices on behalf of a collective, like family, people, nation and religion.

That is just too much EFFORT.

A postscript on Zoka F. or Mohammed Rasul. He is still there. He was later convicted of sexually harassing some women, who he had hired to pose for him. It is a strange story. I really do not know whether he wrote that book himself or whether a Dutch writer was behind it.


nouille said...

Powerful stuff my friend.

this stood out for me.

It is either the Crusades, or Colonization, the Holocaust or the Moral Equivalency canard. It does not matter what it is. Europeans are not permitted to think that their nations should be perpatuated. Europeans are not permitted to think that the effort of survival can be worthwhile. Basking in "unearned guilt" is the way to go.

Pim's Ghost said...

Brilliant analysis. Jensma's writing on 6 Mei is detailed also in Bawer's new book While Europe Slept, which Fjordman also notes in his article. As are her attempts afterwards to backtrack a bit. I do think that your Volkischer Beobachter comment is perfectly in line. This is the banner that such fools have taken up, though they will deny it to their last breath.

RobertinArabia said...

Recently visited Bahrain and Oman. Islands of tolerance in the Islamic world. Christian churches and Hindu and Sikh temples are open.
I was astonished to see Sikhs wearing their turbans in Oman.
Saudi Arabia is not like this!

RobertinArabia said...

On the other hand.....

Esther said...

Hi Snouck,

I read the booklet, and I just have two comments:

1. I liked Rasul's idea that it's all a matter of degree. Ie, that you can't compare one Dutchman going on a killing spree to a high percent of the entire population doing the same. And yet, he then goes on to "sin" in the same way against other. Putting the English in the same boat as the Muslims because they like hunting?? I can understand he sees the Dutch as the best nation on Earth, but how can he put the English and Americans together with Muslims and say: here, they're all bad?

2. In his "end of world" prophesy for the Netherlands he ignores that fact that the Netherlands is surrounded by other countries. If Sharia law is enacted in the Netherlands it would have repercussions in all of Europe.

In any case, a lot of what he says about Islam vs Freedom of Speech seemed to be taken straight out of the 'cartoon affair'.


Snouck said...


1. you are right about that.
2. I am not sure if that would be the case. There are already Western countrties (like Canada) who partially recognise Sharia for certain areas (family law). US Muslims are trying to create separate societies which are ruled according to sharia. In certain European (France, NL) urban areas sharia is law de facto although not de jure. It seems that Islamisation is a creeping process.