Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The last days of the Dutch Right-wing government

The Dutch Right-wing coalition government is falling apart. The coalition which ran The Netherlands since the 2002 Pim Fortuyn revolution has been uninspired due to the personality of its dull "leader", the Christian Democrat Balkenende. With the nearing of the 2007 elections and the success at the municipal elections a month ago, the PC wolves are now ready to try their luck at the sledge born convoy, yapping at the legs of the pulling-horses.

A few days ago a number of politicians of the whole political spectrum of the old guard published a manifesto calling for what they called a kinder, more sensitive tone of voice in the immigration debate. What they want is a return to full blown Political-Correctness.

To back them up an advisory body or government think-tank published a report on the policy of integrating Muslim immigrants into Dutch society. The Scientific Council for Government Policy It said that Dutch politicians are engaging in Muslim and Islam bashing, is caused by their ignorance of Islam. This makes us wonder about the knowledge of Islam of the Council.

This is a combined operation between the political and advisory fringes of the broader political complex in order to influence public opinion and exert pressure on the core political body, the present elected legislative politicians a part of the maneuvering for position for the 2007 elections.

Meanwhile, our lord and leader is in Indonesia, like Great-Britain a former colony of The Netherlands and the biggest Muslim country in the world. Balkenende calls Islam a RoP and says he feels all sad and tearfull when Islam is critizised. We are sorry we hurt your feelings, o fearless! Thou art our rock and refuge in days of fear and darkness!

Geert Wilder and Maxime Verhagen came out strong against the Scientific Council. They accused the Council of meddling in politics avoiding mentioning the powers that were behind that. Also Geert Wilders trashed the notion that Islam is not dangerous, calling it the biggest threat of violence to the world.

It is remarkable that the leader of the Christian Democrats said what he said, because it shows a rift in the opinions between himself and the Prime Minister. It also shows that the election campaign for 2007 has started in earnest now and that politicians are jockeying for position. And the Politically Correct old guard has not at all abandoned the ideas of Multiculturalism and they are trying to reinstate their ideology and probably want to push younger candidates of the old political cartel who can carry the torch of Multiculturalism into the future.

Their hopes will prove to be vain.


John Sobieski said...

Let's see. France surrendered to the Mobs. Italy - voting in the socialists and communists. US - our President and his Democratic 'superbestfriends' Kennedy and Hillary and Republican Spectre are pushing a 'let them all in' immigration policy, England - arresting those who criticize Islam, Netherlands - the anarchists believe they can take control and protect Islam and Muslim immigration.

I feel like I am in the handbasket of Western civilization being tossed into hell. One of my goals in the next few years is to buy me a house and a few acres at least 20 miles from the nearest city of about 100,000 to 250,000. I need some escape time every weekend from the madness and mo'taxes of the city dwelling elites (I dwell in a city of a million liberal nuts now but not forever.)

Pim's Ghost said...

Another excellent analysis, Snouck. And you're quite right, these idle hopes are just that. If the dreams of multiculturalism ever came to fruition for the politicos who so want them they would end up unrecognizable to say the least. But people are not, for the most part, looking for reality in the issues that face them in the West at present. People wake up just long enough to devise the political spin they appoint to each issue as these dreadful stories keep rolling our way. You'd think that they had learned by now. Now THERE'S a fruitless dream, waiting for the masses to awaken.

Nevertheless, you are wide awake and more people need to get to your site to be properly educated. Great post, Snouck.

Snouck said...

The good news is that the leader of Labour, Wouter Bos, obviously does not believe in Multiculturalism anymore and has strong doubts on immigration. Wouter Bos' Labour is desperate for a strong partner on the right to form a coalition with. He is not going to govern with the Greens, who are real Multiculturalists.

The thing is Labour in Holland understands that in order to make the system work you need free enterprise and a strong middle class. The Dutch economy has already been liberalised in a way France and Germany can only dream of. Many in Labour also understands that society cannot handle many more immigrants. They are still whispering some of the socialist tripe just to satisfy their morally superior Leftist cadre and backers. But they do not believe in it themselves.

The people like Labour because they are fed up with the present Government, which are unable to express any kind of direction or enthusiasm. It is telling that Verdonk is the only popular figure in the Government. So the support for Labour does not mean support for Leftism or Liberalism. It means just that many people are fed up with the uninspiring figure that are pretending to lead us now.

Pim's Ghost said...

In other words, Labour is truly a political party there now, and not just an ideology playing to it's constituents, but rather to the political game? That would be a rather typical state of affairs. Verdonk seems like rather a tough nut. I'm glad that she has support.

Anonymous said...

Great post, Snouck. It will be interesting to see what happens in the Netherlands next year. It is somewhat disheartening to hear of the weakening of the Right-wing coalition, but what you say may be for the better in that a stronger, more vocal person will come to the fore. Let's hope.

I do believe France has elections in 07 as well. Interesting to see Le Pen's support after their recent "war". Do you have any info on that being relatively close by? All I hear is Sarkozy, who is no friend to whites or Europeans.