Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Sinking feeling

I get a sinking feeling at the pit of my stomach:

"The Royal Navy has appointed its first Muslim Rear Admiral, Pakistan-born Amjad Hussain, a British newspaper said Friday, April 14."

This is all going so fast.

"Rear Admiral is the fourth-highest rank in the Royal Navy, equivalent to a major-general in the Army or an Air Vice-Marshal in the Royal Air Force."

Conventional armed forces are getting increasingly less relevant. That is little consolace.


Charles Martel said...

he's been in the UK since 1962. so , he's not part of the younger , more radicalised generation.

i wouldnt worry about it. he wouldnt have reached that position if he insisted on praying 5 times a day to Allah.

José María said...

What do you dislike that he might be Muslim or that he is from Pakistan or both? Do you fear he could be disloyal to Britain or it is only a general distrust on foreigners in the West?

I would like adding that even people so "free-minded" like you sometimes look like you only see problems with an ethnic group but don´t have the same doubts with around 6 milion American Jews, many of them with dual citizenship, whom are they loyal? To America or to Israel?

Snouck said...

"Do you fear he could be disloyal to Britain or is it only a general distrust of foreigners in the West?"

Both. He could open doors for Muslims. Doors to acceptance. To appointments. To arms.

The British Navy has access to an American facility storing nuclear weapons in Georgia. Connect the dots....

And it would be interesting to know where people s loyalty lies when the chips come down.....