Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Moroccans turn out to be Poles

The two Moroccans who killed Joe van Holsbeek in the Brussels train station turn out to be Poles!

Damn Moroccans! One can not trust the buggers! How did they turn themselves into Poles?

Something stinks here. Everybody who saw the security cameras films assumed they were Moroccans. The people on the film did not look like ethnic Poles to me. Paper Poles then?

Let us see how this story unfolds, shall we?

In 2002 in my neighbourhood of Amsterdam-East some lads burglarized a house, raped some Dutch girls in the house and caught the whole miscreancy on video. The police later said that the lads were Dutch, but it turned out that they had Turkish names. Second generation immigrants. Papier is geduldig....

And as far as Moroccans is concerned: I spit on them and on their honour.


nouille said...

That's it, just that the kid is a pole?? I thought it was 2 people , now it's 1?

Hmmmmm, I'll wait to hear more.

nouille said...

The Brussels public prosecutor's office has apologised to Belgium's North African community.

nouille said...
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Pim's Ghost said...

Is it just me, or is the general tone getting more angry and severe? Could the powder keg be ready to explode?

Odd how they downplay those events or flat out change thm around. Same in the U.S.A. Or course the DC Snipers weren't Muslim Terrorists who wanted to hurt, terrorize and murder Americans and our interests. No no. And the nice Egyptian man who shot up the Israeli airline El AL ticket office at the LA Airport on our National Holiday of our Founding, the Fourth of July a few years back, no larger grudge there. Just some lone nut, right? Keep it up MSM. We'll keep putting the truth out there.

Good work Snouck. Keep the truth posted for us.