Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Islamic Protection

Winston Smith:
"What do you think about Verdonk's decision to end the moratorium on extraditions to Iran? There are some Iranian Christians at risk of being persecuted if they're sent back, as well as some gay people. Opposition political parties are united against her, as are some VVD members (among them Hirsi Ali), and the Raad van Kerken.

So, should the Christians and gays stay in the Netherlands even though they've been refused asylum, or should they be sent back to almost certain death?"

I do not know about Verdonk's decision on extraditions to Iran.

Should we protect these people because they came to our territory? I do not know? I do not know them. I do not know if they are good people. Iranian Christians. The Godfather is a Christian too. There are millions of people living under very difficult conditions around the world. Most of Africa is a basket case, a slaughter house. Should we bring them to The Netherlands and protect them? It would be the end of our society. Why single out these Iranians?

The way I see it is that questions like these should not be decided by a bureaucrat and according to rules. But by a vote by a community. If these people want our protection, than it should be the Dutch who decide and not the immigrants and not the bureaucrats.

And this is what happening anyway. I will tell you an anecdote.

Half a year ago I was contacted by a Turkish friend, who had gone to Belgium to set up a business. He had gone broke and came back to Amsterdam. He was happy to be back. We went to the Rembrandsplein and drank tea. At 02:00 o'clock we parted in front of the Synagogue, he went home and I did. He said: "so nice to talk Dutch, you are the first Dutchman I spoke in a month".

The idea with giving people citizensship, which will inevitably happen if these Iranians stay in the Netherlands long enough, is to make them parts of the Dutch community in a meaningful way. These days there are so many foreigners in our land, with our without passports that citizensship has become meaningless. New arrivals come here, work here live here, but they do not meet any Dutchies. The Dutch community has turned its back on the immigrants, whether they are Black or Muslim. Neither Verdonk nor citizenship squandering bureaucrat nor nationalist blogger can change that.

The situation between secular Turks and religious Turks is very, very bad. Another Turkish friend is a secularist Turk and in a discussion with me said that the situation in Turkey is so bad that the Dutch MUST help Turks by giving them free access to our country.

She got into a furious row with me. NOBODY tells me or my compatriots who belongs to our community. No minister, no bureaucrat, no Winston Smith. If you will try to force this on me or my compatriots I will become your doodsvijand (enemy to death). I have ended my friendship with that person on the spot.

As far as Middle Eastern Christians goes, I was taught about Islam by Wasken, a Armenian classmate when I was a teenager. I personally like Middle Eastern Christians a lot. But I would not want to force my preferences on my compatriots. So it would have to be put to a vote. The community that accepts the immigrants should also be responsible for the immigrant's upkeep and health care.

This is how it was before 1965, before we had a welfare state. Under such a structure there will be immigration too, but it will be on a managable level and people will soon find out which candidates suit them and which not.

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