Sunday, April 19, 2009

Eliminating the outposts

Built and strengthen alliances, weaken the alliances of the opponent

Militant movements in the Third World build strategic alliances with Anti-Western groups within the West.

Examples are:

- the Viet Mihn which allied with tha Anti-War movement in the U.S. to weaken the support of the American population for U.S. involvement in the War between North- and South-Vietnam.

- the struggle between Zimbabwean and South African Black Nationalists against the Afrikaner and Rhodesian White Minorities ruling those societies resulted in boycotts, economic collapse, demoralisation and the consequential toppling of the White Minority Governments in Southern Africa.

A new alliance on an old front

And now the Muslim Middle East, particularly the militant Palestinian movement is working on creating an alliance with the treasonous Left in the West. Together they form a new Anti-Western Lobby. Part of the great Treason Lobby. A typical organisation representing this Treason Lobby is the BDS (Boycott, Disinvestment, Sanction) Movement.

The BDS is holding a congress in Geneva on 18 and 19 April. They are preparing the ground for the United Nations' Durban Review Conference, which is a successor to the 2001 Anti-Racism and Anti-Discrimination Conference in Durban, South Africa. This conference is also organised by the UN.

The Muslim world has a lot of clout against Israel in the UN, because the number of Islamic Countries, each of which can vote in the UN General Assembly.

The Israeli - US alliance

Israel has long counted on the veto power of the USin the UN councils. The US announced yesterday that it will not attend the Anti-Racism and Discrimination Conference.

If the alliance between the US and Israel is undermined, Israel will become isolated, unless it finds new alliances. A boycott and desinvestment of Israel may demoralise the Israeli population and elite to such an extend that they merge Israel with the Palestinian entity into one state. This would be the end of a State that sees itself as the Jewish State, the main representation of the Jews on the international, security and political level.

The planned Endgame for Israel

The goal of the BDS is to deligitimize Israel as a separate and therefore racist and discriminatory entity. Israel would lose the support of the US public. Both gentile and the intensely liberal US Jews. There are already Jewish groups organised that are against the existence of a separate Jewish state, in the US, Europe and Israel itself. The latter is perhaps the starkest example of a Treason Lobby that we have. It might weaken the support of the ethnically Jewish population of Israel for the Jewish State.

The Muslim community in Europe flexes its muscle

Recently the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) launched an offensive against Hamas in the Gaza strip, with massive firepower and an armoured ground assault. To retaliate against the bombardments of Israeli towns with rockets. And for electoral reasons, by projecting a tough image for the Leftist (Kadima) parties.

The hamfisted Israeli action led to demonstrations in Western cities. The usual Leftist demonstrators saw their ranks swelled by large numbers of Muslims living in European Urban areas. The protestors managed to get the London police on the run. This causes great pressure for European governments to sever their links with Israel.

A Backlash

On the other hand the demonstrations caused dissatisfaction amongst the ethnic European citizen of European nations with large Muslim immigrant communities. Westerners instinctively identify with other Westerners and ethnic Europeans feel less secure in their homelands than during the struggle for Southern Africa.

Dutch Right-wing populist Geert Wilders and Vlaams Belang politicians supported the Israelis. This move was supported by their electoral bases.

Today the news came out that the Dutch Foreign Minister, Mr. Maxime Verhagen, declared that The Netherlands would not attend the Geneva Anti-Racism and Discrimination Conference. He was quoted; "these countries were planning to use the summit to put religion above human rights and rein in freedom of speech". Mr. Verhagen is a Christian Democrat and his party needs to have a strong profile against Geert Wilders' Freedom Party (PVV). Freedom of Speech is a typical point where centrist parties such as the Christian Democrats are seen as weak by Dutch voters who are defecting from the Christian Democrats to the Freedom Party.

It is sure that Israel will remain a flash point for conflict in the struggle by Islam to dominate all societies in the world. Islam can not countenance that there is a formerly Muslim-ruled territory ruled by unsubmitting Infidels.

A Western Patriotic Alliance

But the Middle Eastern conflict has become linked to Europe through immigration and Muslim colonisation on Western land. A formal or informal alliance between certain European groups and Israel, could provide a counterweight to the Muslim-Leftist alliance.

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