Saturday, April 18, 2009

Expelling Criminal Foreigners from The Netherlands

Youth gang members are to be expelled

Police of Amsterdam-West is using expulsion as a weapon against criminal foreigners. Two Moroccan Muslim brothers (Dutch), around 20 years of age, with long rap sheets are facing possible expulsion. Interestingly enough the move is advocated by an ethnic Moroccan local Councillor, Mr. Achmed Marcouch.

The brothers have been in The Netherlands for 15 years. They forgot to renew their residence permits. Usually the Immigration Department does not process expulsions for people who are in The Netherlands for more than 5 years.

Illegal AND criminal: what are they doing here?

I would say that it is strange that illegals, criminal or not, are not expelled as a matter of principle. Tha fact that the two are violent criminals makes their expulsion particularly damning. Dutch public officials are not doing their duty: protecting the security and property of the Dutch people.

More to follow?

The gang to which the two Moroccan brothers belong consists for about 80 percent of people without Dutch nationality. I do not see any reason NOT to expel every last of these criminal foreigners, who ruthlessly infringe on the rights of Dutch citizens.

Amazingly several public officials have reacted negatively the plan to expel the Moroccans.

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