Saturday, April 18, 2009

The State of the West

Standing up for your country is taboo

Standing up for the West brings few benefits for those who engage in it. It does not bring quick fame and fortune. On the contrary, Patriotism and a Pro-Western attitude brings many disadvantages. Many people avoid standing up for country and culture.

Mr. Steinar Lem is a brave Norwegian Environmentalist who wants Norwegian society protected from mass immigration. A translation of an article by him in the Norwegian press was featured on the Gates of Vienna blog.

“Oslo will soon have a majority of non-Western background, and in due course the same could happen to the whole country during this century. Most non-Westerners have a Muslim background. The consequences will be dramatic.”

Social ostracism

The dogma of the desirablility of non-western immigrants is strong. So strong in fact that Mr. Lem challenges it because he has no future anyway. He will die in one or two years: “If I had not been seriously sick with cancer and been working, I could not have written this”

Using pseudonyms

Others are less circumspect. Dennis Mangan, an American blogger writes under his own name. He recently featured an article about the merits of writing conservative opinion articles under pseudonyms rather than under one's own name.

I am not really a 70 year dead guy writing from the other side of the great divide. My nom de plume is of the great Dutch orientalist Snouck Hurgronje. I would say it is braver to write under one's own name. And it can have a positive effect on people, when they see people standing up for the national question and the Cause of the West.

As the West suffers more and more damage it is to be expected that more people will publicly support Western Patriotism. It is through suffering and defeat that Western Patriotism will advance. The question is, whether the Patriots will be on time to save a sustainable piece of what they cherish.

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