Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Imams in Dutch Army

In the beginning of April the Dutch Army was to install its first two Imams to administer the religious needs of its Muslim soldiers and officers. Suad Aydin and Ali Eddaoudi of Turkish and Moroccan background respectively.

The proposed appointment of Ali Eddaoudi as a Dutch Army Imam ran into trouble. Dutch Parliamentarians of the Freedom Party and the Liberal-Conservatives dug up opinion articles written by the Imam in which he said that the Dutch and other Western Armies had no business being in Afghanistan.

The opinion of the Imam is that the West should not interfere in Islamic societies, because Western and Islamic values are too much at odds with one another.

In my opinion the Imam is right. But if Islam and Western values are so at odds then there is no place in Dutch society for Muslims, whether laymen or Imams. And they certainly have no business administering the religious needs of Dutch soldiers. Islam centers on the imposition of Sharia law on societies through struggle or Jihad.

A true Dutch Army does not have religious authorities in its ranks that teach Sharia and Jihad, the submitting of unbelievers under Islamic rule. There should not be a place in the Dutch Army for ANY Muslim religious authorities. It would be against the essense of Dutch Nationalism, our Christian and European heritage.

Furthermore it is my opinion that in order to right what is wrong in The Netherlands we need a total overhaul of mentality to restore Western values in The Netherlands.

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