Monday, June 19, 2006

Dutch Military hates Multicultural Society

Researcher Rudy Richardson published a report today about attitudes towards non-whites and Multiculturalism in the Dutch armed forces. The report was quoted by Algemeen Dagblad and widely quoted by the Dutch media today.

It turns out that more than 75 percent of the lower ranks and a "large majority" of the higher ranks of the Dutch armed forces are hostile to the Multicultural society. They think the armed forces should remain a white bulwark and not increase the present 8 percent non-whites that are in the defense forces.

A majority of the generals, officers and the lower ranks is also hostile to Multiculturalism and supports the widely held notion that intergrating Black, Turks, Moroccans ("Turkse, Antilliaanse, Arubaanse, Surinaamse en Marokkaanse collega's") into the army leads to an increase in trouble and a loss of trust between comrades. The hostility increases the lower in the ranks the researcher gets.

The situation has been long reported to be similar in the police. Although the police makes an effort to increase the ratio of non-whites to Dutchmen in the police the turnover of new policemen is so high that the non-white to white ratio of the police does not exceed 10 percent.

The hostility is particularly marked towards Muslims, who are widely regared to be "terrorists". But it also extends to other non-Europeans, such as Carribean blacks.

Interestingly the number of Indonesian officers and NCOs exceeds their percentage of the total population. The loyalist Indonesians who came to The Netherlands after the collaps of the Empire in the Far East were often servants of the crown, serving as bureaucrats or soldiers in the colonial administration. There have not been similar problems between the Indonesians and the Dutch in the military as between the more recent immigrant waves. This means that the hostility can not be put down to "racism" as a the pc media is naturally doing.

Researcher Rudy Richardson thinks the situation must be corrected by "education" and the usual bollocks. Yeah right. We can not think for ourselves.....

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