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Friday, February 16, 2007

The family business

The Chairman of the Lower House, who muzzled Freedom Party's Sietze Fritsma when he was putting forward a motion about double citizensship yesterday is a member of the Labour Party, Gerdi Verbeet. She is de sister of Martin Verbeet, a Labour politician in Amsterdam district Oost/Watergraafsmeer, the district where Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh was murdered.

Marti Verbeet was the person who forbade the placing of a memorial to Theo van Gogh (Dutch) because it would be "too inflammatory" towards the Muslims in the Oost/Watergraafsmeer district.

Many of these Muslims also have dual citizensship.

These Muslims are so loyal to our society that politicians fear they will get out of control if they are confronted with a memorial that commemorates a victim of the Islamic Jihad.

That say it all, does it not?

Silencing the patriots

Yesterday during a debate initiated by Geert Wilder's Freedom Party (PVV) on loyalty of Dutch citizens a reference was made to the double loyalty of two soon to be Deputy Ministers.

These Deputy-Ministers are: Achmed Aboutaleb and Nebahat Albayrak. A Morroccan and a Turk. Both are Labour politicians and both delivered considerable block votes to their parties. Both are legally Dutch citizens. The Netherlands, like almost any Western country hands out citizensship in the way old ladies hand-out candy: with both hands.

Parliamentarian Sietze Fritsma of Geert Wilder's Freedom Party (PVV) stated that the appointment of the two Non-Dutch Deputy Ministers was onacceptable due to the fact of their double loyalty to two countries.

This lead to the chairman of the Lower House: Labourite Gerdi Verbeet to SILENCE Mr. Sietze Fritsma. Mr. Fritsma was attacked by various Parliamentarians of government parties and he was said to be "discriminating" against the Muslim Deputy Ministers.

Geert Wilders himself attacked Gerdi Verbeet, saying that the chairman put party politics for the interests of Parliament and its function of representation of the voters.

Geert Wilders and Sietze Fritsma received strong support from Dutch men reacting on forums and polls on the internet.

Their concerns are real and there are two recent examples of the treasonous double loyalty of the two Turkish and Moroccan politicians:
- The denial of the mass murder of Armenians during the First World War by Nebahat Albarak during the election campaign.
- The cover-up of the declaration that those who insult Islam must be killed by Achmed Aboutaleb.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Aboutaleb, the Trojan

The new cabinet for the Balkenende government has become public. Contrary to what I wrote previously Achmed Aboutaleb, the focus of the Muslim voting block that is becoming increasingly powerful in urban zones of The Netherlands, was not made a Minister. Instead he will be a Deputy Minister ("Staatssecretaris") of Social Services under Minister Donner. Piet-Hein Donner is the former Justice Minister, made infamous by his remark that Sharia could become Dutch law through the democratic process.

In view of the very high rate at which Muslims receive welfare from the Ministry of Social Services, Aboutaleb will be able to argue to his voters that he is taxing Dutch infidels to support them, which follows Islamic law.

Achmed Aboutaleb will be groomed for a higher position in the Dutch government by Piet-Hein Donner, who is a heavy-weight in the Christian-Democratic party. In view of what Donner has said about the prospect of Sharia becoming constitutional in combination with the fact that the government is throwing the country wide open to further settlement by non-Europeans, these developments are signally important.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is at it again

Laurence Auster of VFR has the news.

In an interview with a clueless Glenn Beck on CNN Ayaan said:
"ALI: I don`t have a problem with an Islamic Sharia or Islamic thinker society. What I have a problem is that is that Islamic thinker society depends -- has a front face saying we want to debate and we want to go achieve our dream through a dialogue. And on the other side they are supporting terrorists and threatening people, calling everyone who wants to debate with them Islamophobes and racists. That`s what I have a problem with."

Sharia in the West is okay, as long as it is advanced peacefully.

Abolishing The Netherlands: a new blueprint

The nitty - gritty of multiparty democracy

Because The Netherlands has a multiparty system its electoral politics are considerably more complicated than those of countries like the UK or USA.

After the national elections on 22 November 2006 it turned out that the political landscape had fragmented. The "national consensus" has broken up and parties that oppose the weakening of the national state by granting power to supra-national organisations such as the EU strengthened. This happened on the Left where the socialist SP gained. And on the Right where the hardline Conservative PVV Freedom Party appeared in a strength: 9 seats. The centrist EU aligned parties weakened.

It is not so that immediately after the election a new government can take power. In a multi-party system government is by coalition, and coalitions are alliances. Alliances may require time to be put together.

The agreement or 4 year plan

Since the 1980ies Dutch coalitions prepare their 4 year government stint carefully. Politically important matters are covered in an agreement called "regeeraccoord". The previously agreed "regeeraccoord" is almost a blueprint for the government during the reign of a coalition. Parliament is reduced to rubberstamping laws that result from this agreement for the next 4 years, unless the goverment falls.

Because of the sheer difficulty of creating an agreement that looks 4 years in the future, putting together a coalition takes months. Right now a coalition of Christian Democrats, Labour and Christian Union has been put together. An agreement has been sussed out and has duly been leaked to the press.

Talking heads

It is now time to put heads on the agreement. J.P. Balkenende who has been in charge since 2002 will the new premier. The leaders of Labour and the Christian Union, Wouter Bos and André Rouvoet will both be Vice-Premiers, causing addition instability in this coalition.

Ministers and block votes

And then it is time to look at the ministers.

In the municipal elections of March 2006 the increased power of the immigrant voting blocks in the major cities came to the fore. Parties need popular immigrants in order to attract these voting blocks. It is the Left which gets 99 percent of these immigrant votes. So they have to appoint Aldermen and Ministers in order to show to the immigrant colonists that their voted have not gone unheeded.

The buzz of this phase of the 2006 election coalition formation is that the Minister of Intergration will be no other than: Achmed Aboutaleb, the Amsterdam Alderman(Dutch).

Achmed Aboutaleb

Achmed Aboutaleb was born in Beni Sidel in Morocco on 1961. He emigrated to The Netherlands at the age of 15, where he succesfully completed the Polytechnic (HTS).
He became a journalist and was scouted by a prominent Dutch feminist and Labour politician whose spokesman he became. Afterwards he became director of FORUM a multicultural institute which is funded by government subsidies.

The Dutch political class loses control of the cities

After the attack on the USA by Al-Qaeda in 2001 there was widespread unrest in The Netherlands with strong hostility between the ethnic Dutch and joyful Muslim immigrant communities. During this time Labour mayors in the big cities, with large immigrant populations realised they have no access to their voters, who are Muslims and whose heartstrings are pulled by their religion and ethnic affections. Mayor Cohen of Amsterdam visited mosques in Amsterdam together with Fatima Elatik a Moroccan politician in local Amsterdam politics (Stadsdeelraad Zeeburg). Mrs. Elatik does not have the necessary gravitas to represent Labour though.

When a Amsterdam Labour politician (Rob "F###ingMoroccans" Oudkerk) made a slip an opening appeared in the Amsterdam Labour hierarchie. At roughly the same time Theo van Gogh was assasinated by Mohammed Bouyeri. Aboutaleb took charge and moved into Oudkerk's slot. He became a prominent member of the Amsterdam Labour clique. His position was confirmed after the 7 March 2006 elections, when he received a massive block vote from Moroccan, Turkish and other Muslims.

He is now being mentioned for a position as a Minister or Deputy Minister on the Intergration and Immigration Ministry, the old ministry of Rita Verdonk. But Mr. Bos, the leader of Labour wrote in a book written to assist the 2006 election campaign that he would like to have Aboutaleb on the Ministry of Education, rather than on Immigration. So it is unclear where he will pop up.

Throwing the city gates wide open

To make matters worse the coalition agreement mentions amnesty for failed asylum seekers, no obstacles to family reunification and a special program to allow "seasonal migrants" from Africa and Asia to work in The Netherlands. This is in addition to the open borders policy for Eastern Europeans. In effect the 2006 coalition agreement abolishes The Netherlands by willful abrogation of control over its borders, a control that had been more or less regained after the 2002 "Fortuyn" elections. 50.000 asylum seekers who failed to gain aylum because they did not qualify will be given full asylum seekers status leading to citizenship. And chain immigration of their relatives in due course which will explode their numbers and power.

The pro-ethnic lobby crosses party lines

There is broad support for Aboutaleb as a minister. Christian Democratic leaders petitioned the national leadership to appoint at least one Muslim minister. Currying favour of the strengthening immigrant vote, while leaving the doors wide open to further immigration and a further strengthening of the voting block not under the control of ethnic Dutch politicians. These people are willfully digging their own demise, which is their privilege.

But do they have to drag us, their people, with them?

Thursday, February 08, 2007

After the beep

Hans Teeuwen is the comedian who takes care of the press contacts of Ewout Jansen and Ettienne Kemerink. They are the comedians who were told by a member of the Amsterdam As-Soenah mosque that they must be killed by pious Muslims for ridiculing Islam.

His voice mail now says: "leave your death threats after the beep".

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, consistent enemy of the West

Many in The Netherlands, the USA and other Western societies have embraced Somali Islam critic Hirsi Ayaan Ali. This is because of her courageous stand against Islam and the danger that Muslim colonies on Western soil pose to Western host societies.

I have pointed out that she is both an enemy of Islam AND to the traditional societal underpinnings of the West such as its spirituality and core populations.

She has supported action against SGP, a Dutch Christian party which discriminates against women (they are not electable and not supposed to vote). And she thinks Flemish anti-immigration party Vlaams Belang should be banned, due to its hostility against the immigrant invasion of Flanders (Dutch-speaking Belgium).

She has done it again (HT, Laurence Auster): in an interview with London-based Metro she equates Catholic Christianity with Islam, Communism and Nazism: "Do you see any positive sides to Islam?That’s like asking if I see positive sides to Nazism, Communism, Catholicism. Of course Islam preaches generosity and kindness and taking care of the poor and elderly and so on – but these values aren’t limited to Islam. If you weigh what is provided in terms of kindness and humanity against the evil that can come from a society built on radical Islam, you will see that liberals must stand up to this like they’ve stood up to other ideologies."

The real reason why Westerners embrace an immigrant like Ayaan critizising Islam, is that Westerners are lacking in balls. They fear Islam, but they fear being ostracised by the PC community for critizising their Holy Cow: the non-Western immigrant. So they run after any immigrant who will do the dirty jobs they themself do not want to do: taking on the PC-monolith.

Westerners better get their spine back and defend their rights from encroachment by the State and the colonies of immigrants. Or they will end up with no rights and no future.

Monday, February 05, 2007

On the run

According to newpaper Metro (paper version, Februari 5th, page 13) Comedian Ewout Jansen has left The Netherlands and handed over all press contacts to fellow comedian Hans Teeuwen.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Goat Jockey Saga

Schools are now refusing performances by Ewout Jansen and Etiënne Kemerink (Dutch) due to their portrayal of Muslims as Goat Jockeys.

Alderman Aboutaleb is meanwhile mentioned ironically by newpapers and regional TV broadcasters for his assertion in the Amsterdam municipal council that he put his life on the line by heroically trying to smother the story of the death threats against those who diss Islam.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Alderman Aboutaleb's omission

The spokesman of Amsterdam mosque As-Soenah, Mr. Kabli, went on the record to state that according to Islam those who insult the faith have to be hurt and killed, to student paper Folia. Achmed Aboutaleb, the Labour Alderman of Moroccan descent quickly went to the mosque to quench the flames. Mr. Aboutaleb is the big Muslim vote magnet for the Labour party in Amsterdam, where Muslims are a big voting block.

After talking to the mosque's elders they came out with a statement that "Mr. Kabli was a passerby to the mosque and was not connected to the community in any official way".

Which is not far from the truth. Mr. Kabli was introduced to Folia's reporter as the spokesman / interpreter of the Mosque. One could say that Islam does not have such a position organisationally.

What Mr. Aboutaleb also knew, but did not say was that Mr. Kabli had been an elder of the Mosque during the 80ies and 90ies until the year 2000. Mr. Aboutaleb chose to hide that inflammatory fact and had to admit so in a TV interview broadcasted on regional TV station AT5.

He defended himself that he would have said so if he had been asked directly whether Mr. Kabli had been an official of the As-Soenah mosque in the past. He deliberately framed the facts, co-ordinating his story with the As-Soenah imam and the elders AND Mr. Kabli in such a way that it would create the impression that the damning statement by Mr. Kabli is not as serious as it is.

Mr. Aboutaleb is advancing a hidden agenda that seeks to strengthen the power of the Muslim community in Amsterdam and The Netherlands, at the expense of the other communities and the non-muslim taxpayer. In future Dutchmen would be well-advised not to trust the stories that Mr. Aboutaleb and the Labour party is telling them.

Clowns to the rescue!!

The saga of Ewout Jansen and Etiënne Kemerink, the comedians who received death threats from mr. Kabli, a former elder of the Amsterdam As-Soenah mosque continues.

Mr. Kabli said in a recorded interview that those who insult islam should be killed.

This understanding of Islamic law is identical to the understanding of Mohammed Bouyeri who assassinated Filmmaker Theo Van Gogh for making "Submission". Ewout Jansen's father, the orientalist Hans Jansen wrote a commentary on the letter Bouyeri left on Van Gogh's body explaining the teachings of these Muslims and I put up a translation here.

The core of this theology is that those who insult Islam must show their commitment to their denial of Islam by willingness to martyr themselves for their convictions, just as the Jihadi is ready to martyr himself for Islam. The relevant Quran references are 2:94 and 2:95. Click through to my translation of Jansen's commentary if you require a more perfect explanation.

Another example of killing those who make propaganda against Islam is from the Hadith (in the last paragraph of the article in Arab News). Abdullah Ibn Khatal is a Muslim who reverts to idolatry. He has two slave girls who sing funny songs questioning and insulting Islam. The Prophet Mohammed orders both the apostate Ibn Khatal and the comedian singing girls killed. One of the comedian singing girls is killed and the other later receives a reprieve from the Prophet.

"The Prophet’s instructions specified that the two slave girls should also be killed. The man was killed as he was actually holding on to the coverings of the Kaaba. Abu Barzah Al-Aslami and Saeed ibn Hurayth Al-Makhzumi killed him along with one of his slave girls. The other managed to flee until someone sought a special pardon for her from the Prophet, which he granted."

Ewout Jansen and his sidekick Etiënne Kemerink (Dutch) yesterday stated ("Dutch") that the threat as formulated by mr. Kabli is not aimed against them and is not a feud between the members of the As-Soenah mosque and them, but a general instruction to all Muslims who take their religion seriously and against all those who insult and question Islam. Because no comedian in The Netherlands can ignore the rise of Islam ("that would be hypocritical") and comedy consist among other things of questioning and making fun of social phenomena the threat concerns at least all comedians.

We have seen already how seriously Muslims take insult against Islam in the history of the Danish cartoons.

Despite the efforts of Amsterdam Alderman Achmed Aboutaleb for Labour to smother the story it would seem that this is another mine exploding under the Multicultural ideology.