Thursday, February 01, 2007

Alderman Aboutaleb's omission

The spokesman of Amsterdam mosque As-Soenah, Mr. Kabli, went on the record to state that according to Islam those who insult the faith have to be hurt and killed, to student paper Folia. Achmed Aboutaleb, the Labour Alderman of Moroccan descent quickly went to the mosque to quench the flames. Mr. Aboutaleb is the big Muslim vote magnet for the Labour party in Amsterdam, where Muslims are a big voting block.

After talking to the mosque's elders they came out with a statement that "Mr. Kabli was a passerby to the mosque and was not connected to the community in any official way".

Which is not far from the truth. Mr. Kabli was introduced to Folia's reporter as the spokesman / interpreter of the Mosque. One could say that Islam does not have such a position organisationally.

What Mr. Aboutaleb also knew, but did not say was that Mr. Kabli had been an elder of the Mosque during the 80ies and 90ies until the year 2000. Mr. Aboutaleb chose to hide that inflammatory fact and had to admit so in a TV interview broadcasted on regional TV station AT5.

He defended himself that he would have said so if he had been asked directly whether Mr. Kabli had been an official of the As-Soenah mosque in the past. He deliberately framed the facts, co-ordinating his story with the As-Soenah imam and the elders AND Mr. Kabli in such a way that it would create the impression that the damning statement by Mr. Kabli is not as serious as it is.

Mr. Aboutaleb is advancing a hidden agenda that seeks to strengthen the power of the Muslim community in Amsterdam and The Netherlands, at the expense of the other communities and the non-muslim taxpayer. In future Dutchmen would be well-advised not to trust the stories that Mr. Aboutaleb and the Labour party is telling them.

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