Thursday, October 04, 2007

Days of Confusion

There is a lot wrong with this story of Somali Islam-basher Ayaan Hirsi Ali coming back to The Netherlands.

1. She is not in touch with her friends in The Netherlands, her friends have attested;
2. The American Conservative media are almost ignoring her leaving the US and
3. The fact that the US State does not want to guarantuee her security;
4. To top it off a civil servant has leaked a letter by the Minister of Justice Hirsch Ballin that she is not under any threat in the USA. There is a link to this letter in Dutch in the opening ("brief") of this article by Robin van der Kloor.

What is als becoming clear is that Ayaan Hirsi Ali has lost a lot of honour in the eyes of the Dutch population by leaving The Netherlands for the USA. Right-wing forums show the nationalist part of the population in anger against Mrs. Ayaan. This is not so strange as there is an impression that Mrs. Ayaan used our country as a stepping stone to a higher and mightier seat. And now she running back to make the tax payer pay for her protection in a foreign land.

I do not have any sympathy for Mrs. Ayaan and I have consistently recorded my distrust of the woman on this blog (See Hirsi and Sharia, enemy of the West and "Hirsi has to go"). But this must be very hard on her.

But she has left her tribe and when one leaves one's tribe or nation, one may find one day that all one's friends are good-weather-friends.

Going back to the beginning: why are the American Conservative media ignoring what is happening to her?

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