Friday, October 05, 2007

More on "Ban the Quran"

A Dutch television program called Eenvandaag conducted a poll into the question how many youngsters in The Netherlands agree with Geert Wilders' silly idea to outlaw the Quran in The Netherlands. Earlier polls had shown that a small majority of 54 percent of ethnic Dutch youngster agree with Wilders.

It turned out that even Wilders' notion to outlaw the Quran was supported by one in five of Dutch youngster support this idea.

The Education Minister Plasterk had retaliated by suggesting that Hitler's "Mein Kampf" would be released from its ban for a day. Which is even more odd a notion than the notion to ban the Quran.

But two thirds of Dutch youth support the idea to lift the Dutch ban on "Mein Kampf".

Obviously a significant portion of the ethnic Dutch youth have left behind the Second World War as a main point of reference and regard themselves under the threat of Islam.

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