Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The value of the immigrants

Esther at Islamineurope quotes an observation by writer Zacharia Shore that European Muslims are not willing to support the European welfare state with its aging native population. Esther follows it up with a description of a Dutch TV program ("Tegenlicht") that follows some Dutch Muslims who are looking around to leave The Netherlands and even go back to the country of origin.

This is not surprising , the immigrants just came here for the money and opportunities they could not get in their own countries. Now that some of them have an education paid for the European taxpayer they show their true loyalty.

And it draws the rug from under the argument that immigrants will eventually pay back all that has been invested in them by supporting the welfare state, that needs to support the old. Naïve idiots.

People are only loyal to their own.

The welfare state is a dead end. It encourages people not to have children and thusly weakens nations. To bring in people from third world nations is financially unsound. Peter Lakeman has calculated that between 1970 and 1995 native Dutch workers supported immigrants with transfers of 70 billion guilders (35 billion Euros) through benefits and subsidies. Finally it is societally fracturous and politically extremely dangerous.

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