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"Your report is both interesting and disturbing. Does the average Dutch citizen care about this or is he passive? Is there any outrage in the Netherlands over the way Fortuyn's murder has been handled by the authorities? "

Not anymore. Immediately after the murder this was so. But right now there is little focus for a policy directed at the animal rights violent fringe in The Netherlands. On the other hand the cabinet has effected an anti-squatter law, in order to defend property rights of real estate owners.

Half a year ago there was a huge police action against "kraakpanden" or "squatter fortresses" in Amsterdam. Squatters from about 20-30 of these fortresses in the citywere evicted with some buildings having been occupied for decades.

The municipal authorities in cities with many squatter "fortresses" are trying to get the law scrapped and mounting a press campaign. Obviously they are collaborating with the squatter movement.

The Fortuynist movement was funded by real estate developers with a grudge against the violent extreme left squatter movement which conspire with bureaucrats and municipal politicians. There is a lot of overlap between the violent animal's rights movement and the the squatter movement. But the squatter movement is weakening and the animal's rights movement seems more lively, from what I can see.

Pim's Ghost:
"I can only wonder why Pim did not hire his own security, why would he have not taken this step? "

The Netherlands has for a long time been very peaceful, so people's minds are not open to such measures. There had been measures discussed with Fortuyn when he was with Livable Netherlands and often there were 2-4 bodyguards from a firm called HSC (I think) to protect Fortuyn from attacks. Also there was his chauffeur, Mr. Smolders who actually ran after and overtook Volkert after the assassination. Fortuyn also had no helpful attitude to be protected. He refused 24 by 7 protection.

The protection from the government that Fortuyn asked for was in my interpretation a call against the hate campaign the politicians of the cartel undertook during the elections, especially the dangerous and silly comparisons to the Second World War that people often use when they run out of real arguments.

Also Fortuyn had studied the campaigns of the governments sponsered extreme left (squatters) against anti - immigration parties in the 80ies, which culminated in the attack on a hotel in Kedichem in 1986. During this action squatters attacked a hotel that was hosting a conference of mr. Janmaat. Janmaat is probably the Dutch Haider, the leader of the CD (Centre Democrats). The hotel was burned down in broad daylight. The secretary of Janmaat, a mrs. Schuurmans, actually lost her leg which had to be amputated, when she jumped from a window on the second story of the hotel.

The government subsidized and cuddled the squatters and the "Antifa". The attackers of the hotel were never apprehended or imprisoned for their violence. There are still attacks on right-wing groups, by violent Leftists.

Winston Churchill said after the Second World War:
Future Fascists will call themselves anti-fascists.......

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Dutch police finds murderous connections to Fortuyn's assassin

Volkert van der Graaf, ideological killer

Dutch daily "De Telegraaf" published exerpts of a confidential police investigation report (Dutch), in which clues are put together adding up to a picture of Volkert van der Graaf's extra-legal activities as a animal rights activist. The report is remarkable because it is one of the very few police reports into the violent animal rights activists in The Netherlands. This report was composed by the Investigative Branch of the National Police (Nationale Recherche, Korps Landelijke Politie Diensten).

Volkert is the assassin of populist Fortuyn. He shot Fortuyn on 6 May 2002, at 18:00 hours in Hilversum, The Netherlands. Hilversum is a town near Amsterdam where most of the media have their national offices and their studios.

Not the first assasination

There have been suspicions that it is not the first killing Volkert carried out for a long time.

Chris van der Werken, a civil servant responsible for environmental policy in the North Veluwe, an agricultural part of the country, where both Volkert and van der Werken used to live and work. Volkert as an animal's rights and environmental activist subsidized by quasi-governmental organisations ("Postcodeloterij" and "Actie Kinderpostzegels").

Chris van der Werken was shot in the back when he was taking a stroll in a forest in 1996.

Volkert and Chris van der Werken had a conflict about a plan both their organisations were collaborating on. A plan to reduce the ammonia emissions of pig breeders. This was in 1995 and 1996. Chris van der Werken was a moderate.

The animal rights network, an infrastructure of the left

A bit of background: Volkert was working for the Environmental Offensive Foundation or VMO ("Vereniging Milieu Offensief"), a foundation he had founded himself and of which he was a administrator and paid employee. The organisation was funded by subsidies, alotted by sympathetic politicians. The organisation was a part of administrative bodies and councils that deal with environmental policy. A lot of his work consisted of lobbying provincial and municipal polities, in addition to starting up environmental complaint procedures against farmers who wanted to change or enlarge their operations.

Those were his legal activities. Volkert was also a member of a group called the "Furious Potatoes" (De Ziedende Bintjes). This is a group that carries out illigal violent actions against fur breeders, companies that carry out animal tests and firms that operate in a way that is environmentally unsound. These groups are connected to the extreme leftwing squatter movement. Their activities are again often subsidised directly and indirectly by sympathetic politicians. Politicians hinder and disband police units investigating violent activities of animal rights and environmental activists. The activists are known to terrorize police investigators and their families. Biologist Margreet Jonker, a researcher into cancer treatment using test animals, was one of the few who dared to come forward to testify about the violence and threats against her and her family, by these governments sponsored left wing terrorists. Dutch judges are full of sympathy towards the terrorists and let them off with minumum sentences.

The new facts in the police secret file

The Investigative Branch (Nationale Recherche) report mentions:

1. a "Farmer B." who told police that Chris van der Werken had come to his farm in a state of shock because Volkert had threatened to kill him. This was a few weeks before he was killed.

2. witnesses who were walking nearby the liquidation on country estate "Welna" saw a red Opel Kadett, the car Volkert used at the time.

3. Both Fortuyn and Van der Werken were bravely shot in the upper back by multiple shots.

4. The landlord of Volkert of the house where Volkert was living at the time of the murder of the civil servant has declared that he entered the house unannounced during the tenancy of Volkert van der Graaf and found a pistol on the attic were Volkert slept. He identified the pistol as a Walter PPK.

5. Volkert has no alibi for the time of the murder of civil servant Chris van der Werken.

6. A friend of Volkert spoke with Volkert about obtaining a pistol, to commit suicide. Volkert had said that he knew how and with whom to procure pistols.

7. Both murders involved the use of ammunition that does heavy damage to the human body. Both used heavy automatic pistols (in van der Werken's case a Walter PPK and on Fortuyn a Star 9mm) and rapid fire hitting with all bullets fired. Achieving rapid aimed fire takes practise.

International co-operation hardening the Dutch scene

The Dutch animal rights and environmental activists have a working co-operation with like minded extremist British organisations as SHAC (Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty), a violent British organisation.

Again support in high places

One of the most shocking attacks is the abduction of Ferry de Vries, a fur trader. He was bound and gagged and beaten up by 10 masked animal activists. Later during the court case against the abductors the judge shows all kinds of sympathy for the abductors who go off scot free, no jail time, just corvee, maximum 200 hours. A symbolic punishment. The activists got all kinds of possibility to propagandize during the court hearings and even to show a propaganda film about fur breeding.

Volkert van der Graaf is an example of the way these organisations operate. They create legal entities. They do not fund raise or appeal for money from the public, but are funded by chums in the governments, provincial and municipal administrations and bureaucracies. Their activities are encouraged by mainstream environmental organisations as Lekker Dier and Greenpeace. They gather information (maps, registers, notes of meetings) using their legal fronts and use the information for attacks by the underground organisations, such as SHAC and the "Furious Potatoes/De Ziedende Bintjes").

In case of investigations by police they use their contacts in the Leftist parties Greens, Socialist Party and Labour to disband the Investigative Teams. In case of prosecution due to theft, destruction of property and accounting ledgers of firms the judges show their sympathy and give the activists very light sentences.

And so the violent environmentalists scene grew throughout the 70ies, 80ies and 90ies. A hairtrigger gun, just lie-ing about.

The aftermath of Fortuyn's murder

Let us now go to Fortuyn's murder. During the 2002 election campaign Fortuyn challenged the establishment political cartel. He received broad political support for the party he had joined, Livable Netherlands. Three months before the elections the establishment manage to have Fortuyn thrown off the Livable Netherlands party list. The challenge to the cartel has been fended off.

Pushed by Van Gogh Fortuyn starts a new political party. Lijst Pim Fortuyn (LPF). Soon he is again dominating the polls. Support levels are as high as 20-30 percent of the electorate again. Due to the fact that The Netherlands does not have a two party system, this translate in real political power. Municipal elections show a landslide in Rotterdam, home turf of the Left since 1945.

The establishment panics. Especially the Left because their organisations are so dependent on subsidies. Subsidies that Fortuyn says he will end.

A killer from the animal rights organisations network kills Fortuyn. Co-incidentially there is a car nearby with policemen with bulletproof vests and guns. They arrest Volkert within 10 minutes.

But they do not go to his house, to search for clues and a wider involvement.


A politician of the Greens in a nearby town of Wageningen, a hotbed of Green and animal rights activism, an acquaintance of Volkert hears the news that Fortuyn has been assasinated. His name is Jack Bogers and he is a Green Aelderman. He makes a phonecall within minutes after the assasination to a friend of Volkert, Sjoerd van der Wouw, working for the same organisation as Volkert. Sjoerd van der Wouw enters the house of Volkert and erases the hard disk of Volkert's computer.

Obviously Sjoerd and Jack suspect or know that Volkert is the killer of Fortuyn. At the time the identity of the killer is not known and there is widespread speculation that it is a Muslim.

Only the next day the police search the house. They still found some clues, amongst other things plans and blueprints of buildings and premises of targeted firms.

It looks as if Volkert was a tool for other people who knew what he was up to and what he was capable of and did not want him stopped. Fortuyn was threatened and had asked the Ministry of the Interior for protection against assasination. This protection was denied by the Minister himself, Labour politician Klaas de Vries. Fortuyn had also said on TV that if he would be shot the blood would be on the hands of the politicians denying him protection.

In conclusion: Klaas de Vries was in charge of the police, which had the arrest team ready to apprehend Volkert as he killed Fortuyn, but which did not search Volkert's house until at least some of the evidence had dissappeared.

And Sjoerd and Jack, the Green aiders of Volkert were never prosecuted.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

A strengthening Anti-American coalition

The response to the terror attack on New York in 2001 was the US-led invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. Both countries were not able to resist the US military superiority and succumbed to occupation.

Both however are massive liabilities to the US, eating away resources.

The ruling elites of Non-Western nations looked on in initial alarm at the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq. Their fear was for their own hides in case the US might try something similar with their own nations, removing the elites from power and bringing Iraq-style disorder to their nations.

Already before the war in the Middle East there was concern in China and Russia about US-hegemonism. In order to strengthen themselves these nations, which are growing in economic and societal power and centeredness started to improve their co-operation.

Initially the co-operation took the form of weapons sales by the cash-starved Russians to the Chinese, plus the transfer of military technology to the Chinese military. Later the co-operation was solidified in the form of the Shanghai Co-operation Organisation (SCO), a formal alliance with a permanent secretariat and staff, based in the capital of China. Kazakhastan, Kyrgystan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan also became members of the alliance.

Important goals of the alliance is furthering trade between the member states and the fight against terrorism against the member states. China is a dynamic economic and monetary powerhouse and an increasingly strong competitor of Western Nations. Russia is also becoming economically stronger, while it also has technological and military production strength. It furthermore has vast oil reserves, which are increasingly becoming scarce, hence the rising price of oil. The other nations in the alliance are also strong in oil and commodities, underwriting the economic expansion of the more prosperous members of SCO.

Recently Iran, India, Mongolia and Pakistan became members of SCO. This means that the alliance now borders on US occupied Afghanistan and Iraq. Four members of SCO have nuclear weapons (Russia, China, Pakistan and India). The alliance gives Iran enormous strategic depth.

The US is under pressure of the Taliban in Afghanistan. And under pressure of Sunni nationalist and Islamic groups of fighters. These groups are fighting in a highly dispersed pattern, in order to nullify the US lead in firepower.

The US forces fighting the Sunnis in and around Bagdad, the core of the Sunni demographic in Iraq are depending on a long supply line to the port city of Basra on the Persian Gulf. Astride the supply line lie the Shia villages, towns and cities. The Shias thus control US logistics. Weapons, food, spare parts, re-inforcements, fuel, medical evacuation can be turned of if the Shia Mullahs. The Shia Mullahs have been put in power by the US organised elections. And by the dismantling of the old Iraqi Army and the nationalist Baath party, which left religious and tribal groupings as the only forms of social and political organisation in Iraq.

Iran is also able to cut off oil supplies to the rest of the world due to their ability to interdict shipping when it travels through the Hormus Straits, the bottleneck for transporting Iraqi, Kuwaiti, Iranian and most of Saudi Arabia's and Gulf State oil deliveries. Just threatening the flow of oil to Asia and the West would send the oil price sky high, slowing down investment in the US economy and hurting the US labour market, which is already under pressure from out of control Mexican immigration.

The US has a technological edge over Iran, militarily. It will be able to destroy Iranian air defense easily and defeat the Iranian Army in the field. However it will run in far greater trouble than it is currently in when it tries to occupy Iran's population centres and faces a new urban guerrilla from its 68 million population.

And then the Iranians will be able to pull the plug on the US Army in Iraq's logistics lifeline and deny the world economy of its oil in a market that has no swing capacity, as in 1973.

The threats that the US have uttered against Iran on Israel's behalf are essentially empty.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Coalition Catfight

Okay. All you watchers of the news in The Netherlands must have noticed that the government has fallen.

So what happened?

1. Leftist Nova television program broadcast a special on Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the religion basher from Somalia. Ayaan had been lying in order to obtain asylum status. Just as an estimated 95 percent of the asylum seekers. E.g. She had given a false name.
2. Iron Rita Verdonk revoked the citizenship of Ayaan Hirsi Ali. In 24 hours. This implied that Dutch parliament had a non-dutch national in its midst, which made void all its deliberations in the past 3 years. Totally radical, dude!
3. The political class went ape. The "Left" demanded the resignation of Iron Rita and the "Right", the government, frantically tried to find a way to get out of crossfire.

4. The government consists of 3 parties. Liberal-Conservatives (VVD), Christian Democrats (CDA) and the Democrats '66 (D66). This last party is both left and right and is in fact the rudiments of a party based on a personality, who has left the national political scene due to age, drink and general fatness.
5. D66 just had seen a leadership battle between someone who won (otherwise unimportant so I won't distract you with his name) and Lousewies van der Laan, daughter of a Dutch career diplomat. Lousewies is a VERY ambitious member of the international political class. She lost the struggle for leadership of her party and was already making plans to go back to Brussels to interfere in peoples lifes from the lofty heights of the European Parliament. She was full of spite and the spirit of revenge. Hell hath no etcetera etcetera etcetera.
6. Verdonk had just lost the leadership battle of the Liberal-Conservative VVD against Mark Rutte. She was breathing fire. As usual, only more so.

7. The economy is picking up in a big way in The Netherlands after a very bad crash in 2000. This is good news for the rightwing coalition. They now would enter the time to harvest. They want to stay in power.

8. In order to cover her behind Verdonk demanded Aayaan to eat humble pie and sign a statement to the effect that Verdonk never did anything wrong when she declared Ayaan not a Dutch citizen. The statement said also that Ayaan had not lied about the name she gave to the Dutch authorities, as had been alleged, because according to Somali Family Code Ayaan was entitled to carry that name. That is so rich.

9. In order to keep the pasport, needed to keep her job at the AEI in Washington, Ayaan was happy to sign a statement that the moon consists of green cheese and 2 plus 2 equal 97. Hence: she signed. Ayaan is one of the few winners in this story.
10. Then there was a debate over Verdonk and the government cabinet had to defend Minister "Iron" Verdonk against a motion of distrust.
11. The PM defended Verdonk like a lion, all through the day and evening. He has a reputation for clumsiness and not being in charge. He was going to show them.
12. Then at 3 o'clock in the morning he slipped while being grilled by the Greens (Femke Halsema, Green Leader) and admitted that Ayaan's agreement (about the lies and the name and all) had been agreed to by the government, because Verdonk would not want to be humiliated too much. I wonder where our PM whose name I will not mention in order not to further confuse my foreign readership got his reputation.

13. The "Left". The Left consists of Labour, the ex-maoist Socialist Party and the Greens. Labour is doing well (nice leader), so is the Dutch version of the Shining Path (nice leader). But the Greens do not do too well, because their pretty leader Femke Halsema has sex appeal but no voting appeal, which just goes to show these two thing are not the same.

Femke "Halsje" Halsema

14. This little mistake by the PM gave Lousewies van der Laan a chance to get her revenge on life and all those ugly people opposing her. She sunk her knife in the back of our hapless, unsuspecting PM and the cabinet was dead. She supported the vote of no confidence by Femke Halsema against the cabinet. And because her party supports the cabinet and is part of it, that was a thrust of death.

15. Nobody supported Lousewies van der Laan and Femke Halsema. Everybody kept his powder dry and looked on, while Lousewies and Femke battled on to remove the hated Verdonk. Catfight!!!

Now the coalition has fallen the Christian Democrats and the Liberal Conservatives have the perfect scapegoat. Lousewies of D66. D66 may well dissapear. Lousewies will somehow be parked in Brussels as a Europarliamentarian, it is a kind of Valhalla for national politicians who have not quite made it, but are a part of the political overclass anyway. And the salaries and perks are nothing to complain about.

Christian Democrats and

Femke Halsema the pretty Green girl leader
Lousewies van der Laan the diplomat's daughter
Lousewies' party D66 which may well dissappear (oh, delight!)
Rita "Rusty and Blunt" Verdonk

And as usual: the common citizen.

Labour and
the Socialist Party

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who found an exiting new sponsor, the American Enterprise Institute.

New elections will be held in November. Until then a provisional government will manage the political side of the country. If the economy keeps picking up the "Right" may not do too bad. Probably Labour will fare good as well and there will be a centrist government of Labour, Christian Democrats and Liberal Conservatives.

Nothing much will change. The days of political instability in The Netherlands are still not over. The country is not in a state of political chaos either.

Quandary, that hissing, restless state of the sea between ebb and high tide best describes our current situation.

Some astute commentators comment that according to the Somali Political Code, the Dutch coalition is still in power.

300 posts!

This blog just had post number 300!!!

"Youth" terrorizing ambulance staff

The Netherlands is currently experiencing a warm summer. People are living more on the streets and meeting each other. And these days this means that people meet people from other races and cultures. An enriching experience.

As Mayor Job Cohen foretold there would be trouble this summer.

The usual suspects are causing the trouble. Morroccan youths.

Moroccans (Dutch)attacked ambulance staff and a doctor that tried to help one of their friends who was incapable with drink after a visit to the municipal swimming pool.

Moroccans youngsters (Dutch)terrorize city cleaners.

Moroccans lads (Dutch) beat up a man on a bike and another man while stealing his mobile phone.

In public transport (Dutch) in The Hague, white female conductors are addressed as "whore" by eight year old Moroccan kids. It has become their first name, they say.

According to the police the cause of the violence is the "warm weather". There is of course a correlation. But how did the mayor know in advance that it would be Moroccans that would cause the trouble? And would other people apart from the mayor be able to speak out on the matter? Or is it still the High Priests of Western Civilisation who have the sole right to make pronouncements on race and ethnicity in general and Moroccans in particular?