Tuesday, July 18, 2006


"Your report is both interesting and disturbing. Does the average Dutch citizen care about this or is he passive? Is there any outrage in the Netherlands over the way Fortuyn's murder has been handled by the authorities? "

Not anymore. Immediately after the murder this was so. But right now there is little focus for a policy directed at the animal rights violent fringe in The Netherlands. On the other hand the cabinet has effected an anti-squatter law, in order to defend property rights of real estate owners.

Half a year ago there was a huge police action against "kraakpanden" or "squatter fortresses" in Amsterdam. Squatters from about 20-30 of these fortresses in the citywere evicted with some buildings having been occupied for decades.

The municipal authorities in cities with many squatter "fortresses" are trying to get the law scrapped and mounting a press campaign. Obviously they are collaborating with the squatter movement.

The Fortuynist movement was funded by real estate developers with a grudge against the violent extreme left squatter movement which conspire with bureaucrats and municipal politicians. There is a lot of overlap between the violent animal's rights movement and the the squatter movement. But the squatter movement is weakening and the animal's rights movement seems more lively, from what I can see.

Pim's Ghost:
"I can only wonder why Pim did not hire his own security, why would he have not taken this step? "

The Netherlands has for a long time been very peaceful, so people's minds are not open to such measures. There had been measures discussed with Fortuyn when he was with Livable Netherlands and often there were 2-4 bodyguards from a firm called HSC (I think) to protect Fortuyn from attacks. Also there was his chauffeur, Mr. Smolders who actually ran after and overtook Volkert after the assassination. Fortuyn also had no helpful attitude to be protected. He refused 24 by 7 protection.

The protection from the government that Fortuyn asked for was in my interpretation a call against the hate campaign the politicians of the cartel undertook during the elections, especially the dangerous and silly comparisons to the Second World War that people often use when they run out of real arguments.

Also Fortuyn had studied the campaigns of the governments sponsered extreme left (squatters) against anti - immigration parties in the 80ies, which culminated in the attack on a hotel in Kedichem in 1986. During this action squatters attacked a hotel that was hosting a conference of mr. Janmaat. Janmaat is probably the Dutch Haider, the leader of the CD (Centre Democrats). The hotel was burned down in broad daylight. The secretary of Janmaat, a mrs. Schuurmans, actually lost her leg which had to be amputated, when she jumped from a window on the second story of the hotel.

The government subsidized and cuddled the squatters and the "Antifa". The attackers of the hotel were never apprehended or imprisoned for their violence. There are still attacks on right-wing groups, by violent Leftists.

Winston Churchill said after the Second World War:
Future Fascists will call themselves anti-fascists.......

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