Wednesday, July 05, 2006

"Youth" terrorizing ambulance staff

The Netherlands is currently experiencing a warm summer. People are living more on the streets and meeting each other. And these days this means that people meet people from other races and cultures. An enriching experience.

As Mayor Job Cohen foretold there would be trouble this summer.

The usual suspects are causing the trouble. Morroccan youths.

Moroccans (Dutch)attacked ambulance staff and a doctor that tried to help one of their friends who was incapable with drink after a visit to the municipal swimming pool.

Moroccans youngsters (Dutch)terrorize city cleaners.

Moroccans lads (Dutch) beat up a man on a bike and another man while stealing his mobile phone.

In public transport (Dutch) in The Hague, white female conductors are addressed as "whore" by eight year old Moroccan kids. It has become their first name, they say.

According to the police the cause of the violence is the "warm weather". There is of course a correlation. But how did the mayor know in advance that it would be Moroccans that would cause the trouble? And would other people apart from the mayor be able to speak out on the matter? Or is it still the High Priests of Western Civilisation who have the sole right to make pronouncements on race and ethnicity in general and Moroccans in particular?

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